I’m bouncing, flouncing {intro}


Soft words and Gentle paws
Jun 14, 2022

Chamomile was so beyond excited to start this new chapter in her and her sister's life. Riverclan! Surely this new step in their adventure was going to be a positive one, and no cat could convince Chamomile otherwise. It hadn't hurt her to leave the marshes, after all, she had joined to be with her sister, so if Willow had decided to leave then why would she ever stay?

Today, as the sun rose high in the sky, the pretty cream tabby would be seen leaving her nest and stretching with a content purr rising in her throat. Today was going to be a great day! The look of pure determination in her pine green gaze was almost infectious, and yet almost as if the universe had different plans for her, Chamomile seemed to trip over her own paws and scrambled to catch herself.

Her ears flatten slightly in embarrassment, but she tries her best not to let it get her down before walking toward a group of her clanmates and chirping happily, "Good Morning! What are we all doing today? Anything I can help with?"



Some things Frost had noticed from when she joined Riverclan, is how awkward, clumsy and unfitting majority of the clanners were and made her question to ever why to come to a place where they just... stood out, not that she minded it, she was sure majority of the more older loners who have agreed to join within the clans-traitors is what both Buck and Spider called them, but Frost saw it as a new opportunity, an adventure full of change and a new path, she wished the two could see it.

Frost had been lounging on the side when she noticed one of the more... Clumsier clan members and let a soft snort come from her maw before she got onto her paws and slunk over, her bi-colored eyes showing a slight interest in what was going one, her tail swaying slightly while she perked her curled ears towards the small group with a warm smile on her maw. "Mind if I join?" the young she-cat would asked in curiousity.
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