Little Wolf loves all her kits really and truly, but she has to admit her first litter had been a paw full. 5 kits had not been too hard to manage with the experience shes had with her brothers and sisters but still, these two kits were a lot easier to look after. She didn’t feel like she needed more legs, more eyes, in order to keep them all under control and know that everyone was safe.

Sometimes it feels as if time moves so fast. Her kits were blind to the world, wriggling at her belly with eyes and ears closed and now all of a sudden they were up. Wobbly legs taking them about the nursery, small squeaky voices asking her questions about the world around them which she would happily answer. She loves watching them learn about the camp, their family, their world. She loves telling them stories of Lion Clan and all the other ancient clans that her mother had told her, no matter how many times they ask to hear the same story and she loves watching them play together.

That is what they are set out to do now. Little Wolf can tell it’s a gorgeous day outside from the sunlight that filters in through the den and so she urges her kits out. "Go, play, but stay where I can see you please" she gives them a knowing look that says ‘I’ll be watching you’ for good measure before she settles down in front of the nursery. Content to watch for right now.

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It feels like moons ago since she and Little Wolf had a proper training session (and maybe in the bounds of fluid time it had been). Ragwortpaw missed her, but she didn’t have the emotional capacity to find jealousy in the attention she placed on her children or resentment for her leaving to the nursery to begin with. Ragwortpaw typically, was always just happy to be alive. Always looking forward.

Big, thunderous paws move to stand in front of two kittens. Her shadow engulfing them both, and the giant looks down unto them with a tongue slipping out the side of her mouth.

”Lets play.” She suggests to them, her tail rising in the air and waving back in forth.


( secondary character / "speech" / ic opinions )

· RAGWORTPAW, female — she / her
╰ ‣ named for her health & strength at birth .
╰ ‣ 6 moons . ages on the first
╰ ‣ thunderclan apprentice . loner born . believes in starclan

· DOMESTIC FELINE, oak and maple trees , status — 100%
╰ ‣ blue furred . long-hared . a very furry head, chest, and tail

· ESTJ-A ❝​
EXECTUTIVE ❞ , Hufflepuff, Lawful Good
╰ ‣ Kind-hearted . Honest . Loud .Justice-seeking . People-pleaser . Gullible . Empty-headed . Humorous
╰ ‣ Though she is all brawn and no brain, Ragwort tries her best and carries a bleeding heart to all whom surround her. She takes the role of "big sister" with her siblings and friends, never failing to have their backs, take care of them, and defend them when needed (sometimes even jumping the gun). While she doesn't offer the best emotional support (not due to a lack of trying) she gives the best hugs and is great at giving cats distractions with her shenanigans.
╰ ‣ finds minimal difficulty relating to others . wears a bleeding heart

· GRIME x CINDERFROST, sister to toadpaw, prowlingpaw, hollypaw
╰ ‣ unknown sexuality.
╰ ‣ poor fighter . poor hunter .
╰ ‣ will start fights . unlikely to flee .
╰ ‣ attack in underline . penned by user @ava.
Ooh, maybe she could sneak out on one of the patrols! She can see a group of familiar pelts beginning the trek out of camp and stands up, orange-tipped ears pricking. She's bolstered by Little Wolf letting them out of the nursery, which she's very excited about, but Skykit looks back just in time to catch the pointed look that always means Little Wolf would be keeping a close eye on the sisters. Aw. Skykit screws up her face.

Ragwortpaw promptly foils her plans further by calling them over to play. Skykit's head swivels, attention snapping towards the apprentice as she looms over them, and her mood immediately brightens once more. Yeah, playtime! Mismatched paws take her in an excited circle, tail lifting in a friendly greeting and brushing at Duskkit's flank.

"YEAAHHH! Can we play mossball?"

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    skykit. tags.
    — she/her, thunderclan kitten.
    — under little wolf's care.
    — attack in #54ACD2. entirely unexperienced.
    — penned by mercibun; @ me in any official tabbytales discord for plots. :]
    — lines by ridraw :]

Stormkit could remember the first day Flycatcher let she and Falconkit out into the world. There had been so many cats that Stormkit had rushed back to the nursery, overwhelmed with the stimulus presented to her. She watched curiously as Little Wolf sent Skykit and Duskkit out into the world. She wondered briefly where their father was. It was not her father, Flycatcher. Things were strange like that.

"Mossball is boring." Stormkit piped up with a smile, trying to be lighthearted and funny. It was good to be funny, wasn't it?


Stumbling over his own overly large paws the tom makes his way out of the nursery after the other small kits that had been born not too long ago. He remembers the day easily especially when his Ma ushered both he and his sister out of the nursery when it was happening. Then when he was able to see tbem he kind of recoiled because that had been what he had looked like when he was born. Tiny and weird! But know he follows suit after his sister to meet them and be able to play. His short but super fluffy tail waves eagerly and hearing his sister's words he scoffs quite loudly. "Nu-uh! Mossball is really fun and you can do so much! Wanna play with me, Skykit?" He beams brighty as he circles around the new kits who he hopes will be his friends. Truly he is so excited and he shifts back and forth on his paws.
It would have been so fun to sneak out on a patrol. Of course the others have to foil that. With eyes shifting between a meaningful are you thinking what I'm thinking? at Skykit to a small frown at the camp floor, the young kitten tries to reconcile the already-failed adventure with her daily plans... Only to be immediately bolstered by the opportunity to play. As Skykit accepts the offer, her older littermate launches herself over Skykit's back, resting her chest across her sister's spine with her forepaws dangling across. With a warm grin and her ears pulled playfully back, she nudges her muzzle out towards Stormkit. "You only call it boring 'cause you can't play well! We can teach you to be really good at it. Right Skykit?" Her brother, too, seemed eager to play, and part of her wants to say no way, girls only to be funny with him, but that makes her stomach feel funny.

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  • ──── duskkit. kitten of thunderclan. she - her - hers.
    ──── blazestar x little wolf, older littermate of skykit.
    ──── does not know of her father / skyclan heritage.

    ──── an undefined kitten with long, dark brown fur that fades just slightly near the chest, throat, and ears, while the tip of her tail burns with the bright orange tabby flame. eyes are a deep, rich amber-brown, seeming red.
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