Jul 11, 2022

The moors had been her home since she was young. Vividly, she could recall countless sunrises seen from over its rolling hills and countless cool evenings spent stalking through the grasses. Her paws could lead her to the streams that cut through the territory without a thought and her eyes knew just where to look to find the plumpest prey. In all that knowledge, never could she recall it being more infested with other cats as it had been of late.

It seemed she couldn't turn around without bumping into a new face anymore, and it was starting to unnerve her. Too many paws on the same territory were likely to run it dry. If things kept up at their current pace she worried there would soon come a day when she had to fight for her every catch. Which was to say, given her lack of talent for combat, she wouldn't be able to catch anything at all.

She'd have no choice but to abandon her home all because a bunch of idiots moved in.

Lately, however, she'd begun to pick up on something. A bunch of these new cats had the exact same scent. Not just the particular scent of the territory either, but a more specific one. They were a group, or something. It gave her hope that this was a problem she might actually be able to solve. She had no hope of running a bunch of individual cats off, but if all she could convince the whole group to leave then everything would be fine!

So, bright and early in the morning, she stalked the moors. Hunting not for the scent of prey, but of that strange group. It caught her nose quickly, and she followed it until a fawn colored tom came into sight.

"Hey! You!" she called to him from a safe distance, rising up out of the grass she had been hidden in. "You're a part of that..." For a moment, she hesitated. What was she supposed to call it? "...band of assholes," her mouth supplied eagerly, and she rolled with it reluctantly. Whatever, it got her meaning accross. "right?"

// @HARE
Hare nearly jumps out of his own fur when a cat springs up from the grass, hollering at him. "My stars!" His heart threatens to pound right out of his chest, but after a few moments, he finally manages to get his fur to lie flat again. "Ya just about scared me slap tah death!" He hadn't gone out for a walk to have a heart attack.

But his attention is drawn away from his racing pulse. She asks him if he's a part of... that band of assholes. The wording catches Hare off-guard, and he chuckles. "Well, that's one way tah put it fer sure," he blinks at her before helpfully supplying her with the word she's looking for. "Ev'ryone calls these here assholes WindClan." A paw taps the ground in an erratic rhythm, clearing his throat. There must be a reason she's asking, right? "What're ya lookin' fer us fer?"

The tom she had addressed gave a start at her call, and she just rolled her eyes. "Oh, you're fine." Kestrel stated dryly with a flat look. If all these cats scared this easily it'd be a simple task to run them off the territory. All she'd have to do was be sneaky and loud, two of her particular specialties.

Windclan. Apparently that had been the name she was looking for. It sounded silly to her ear, like a name a kit would come up with. Simplistic and pretentious. Her opinion of this group was plummeting rapidly. If this conversation was any indication, even she might be able to fight off these cats.

Now though, it seemed he had a question of his own. "It's less that I'm trying to find you and more that I can't stop running into you." She told him reproachfully. Her tail lashed behind her. "I swear, every day there's more of you idiots. What, are you holed up somewhere breeding like rabbits?" Her sarcasm was poisoned by her frustration. "So tell me, what in the stars name is Windclan and why are there so many of you?"
She rolls her eyes at him, and Hare purses his lips. Is that any way to treat someone who'd nearly keeled over? But he's not here to start any fights... He listens to her rant with a quirked brow, huffing at her sarcastic inquiry about them breeding like rabbits. "Well, if that's th' case, nobody invited me tah th' party." Hare shrugs, then. "Ah reckon we're just... big." It's about the only response he could offer for her frustration over their size. It's the only answer, isn't it?

Although, it does bruise his ego when she refers to him as an idiot. How rude of her... It isn't true, is it? He likes to think that he has a bit of common sense rattlin' 'round in his head.

She asks what WindClan is. Hare chews the inside of his cheek as he fumbles for an appropriate answer. "Well, we're... It's kinda... It's this new gimmick that's been spreadin' like wildfire. Lotsa cats livin' together, workin' together, all that stuff. From what Ah've heard, WindClan split off from some other doojiggers... ShadeClan 'nd... CloudClan, or somethin' of th' like."

"Real helpful." Kestrel muttered, with a scoff. She could have told him that his group was big. He might as well not have said anything at all.

His whole spiel about living and working together was a nice sentiment, at least. The thought of being a part of such a group appealed to her, if only for the safety and food it would offer. Even though the thought of staying with so many strangers made her fur stand on end.

Her eyes widened at his mention of other groups.

"There's more of you?!" she asked incredulously. She glanced away from him, taking in his words. One of these clans was far too many cats for her taste, two or three was just inane. Even if this Windclan moved out of the territory, nothing was stopping the others from taking their place. She wasn't sure she could put up much of a fight against a single cat, never mind a couple groups worth.

Her ear flicked as she considered what she was supposed to do, worry writ across her features. Her eyes narrowed and found his again. "Alright then, what you plan to do about the loners that were already on this territory, huh? Going to run us all off, or wait until the prey starts to run dry?" she questioned agressively. There was no doubt in her mind that the prey would run dry. The clan already had a lot of cats, and if they just let whoever take from their territory then they'd be out of food real quick. So it was just a matter of how quickly they decided to make the smart decision for themselves, the one that'd take her home away.
Real helpful, she spats back. Hare frowns, offering another weak-willed shrug. "Ah don't know what else tah tell ya, mighty sorry."

She doesn't seem too thrilled about the prospect of more clans. Hare blinks at her, nodding hesitantly. "Yep; pretty crazy, ain't it?" He hadn't believed it himself when he'd learned that there were more clans out there. WindClan already seemed huge.

He can see the worry written across her face, and he wishes that he could offer some reassurance. But he knows they would be false, especially after her next question. He flinches against the accusations, his tail flicking. "Well, Ah'm not gonna do anythin' of the sort," he responds evenly, admittedly a little offended that she would think he would. "But our leader, Sootstar, she's a real piece a work... Ah can't control what she does, all Ah can offer ya is tah join us if ya don't wanna risk bein' ran off." Hare gives her an apologetic look. "Ah don't agree with all this territorial doohickey. Mighty sorry Ah can't offer more." If he could do more, he would.