I AM THE FIRE - open/intro


As she had been led along, Ember had scarcely taken a moment to breathe between her words. It'd been so long since she'd had someone nice to talk to, and even longer since they'd had something this interesting to tell her. Everything she heard about this strange group of cats in the pine forest stoked her curiosity and caused her mind to burn with more questions than before. "So, how many of you are there?" she asked Charcoal eagerly, meeting his gaze with bright eyes. "Five? Ten? Ooooh, is it more than ten? I hope it's more than ten." Despite her hope, she couldn't believe that it would be. She couldn't even picture in her head what that would look like. Then again she couldn't really picture anything else her guide had described to her either.

A group of cats this large living together in the forest? It was unlike anything she'd ever heard. Living together as kittypets, sure. That she knew about, but her mother had warned her to stay far away from that life. Though, once or twice she'd taken the chance of sneaking in just to chat. She wondered if any of the cats she'd talked to would be in this group. Charcoal had mentioned former kittypets among their ranks after all.

She blinked at the thought. Then she opened her mouth to ask if anyone had mentioned her.

Before she could, she saw it. Through the trees she saw pelts moving and her ear flicked as she heard their voices from afar. She had been so engrossed in her own thoughts she had scarcely noticed that they had arrived. She raced ahead of Charcoal without a word, weaving her way through the trees until she emerged among a sea of new faces.

A laugh escaped her, a breathless, giddy sound.

"Wow." She breathed as she looked around her, finally at a loss for words. It took her a moment to just soak it all in. This was beyond her wildest dreams. She had no idea how many cats were around her right now, but it was certainly more than ten.

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