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Emberstar practically vibrated with excitement as she led Flamewhisker along toward the sandy hollow. For so long, her leaderly duties had occupied all her time, allowing for little else. Now that Howling Wind was taking over more of her duties, that was no longer the case. Even if she still felt a twinge of guilt at having someone else doing stuff in her stead. That someone was her deputy though, and she had insisted on it.

Besides, this was training. Even if it was fun training.

With a glance about her to survey the clearing, she nodded. "This'll do." Emberstar stated simply. Then whirred around to face the other molly with a wild grin. Slowly, she settled into a fighting stance, one learned over many long nights with her mother. It was those times that she recalled every time she practiced, with no small hint of nostalgia. It had been honed in the many moons since, into something that came to her almost by second nature. Though it had lost a touch of the sharp precision her mother had drilled into her, it had gained a comfortable ease that made it almost more dangerous than if it were perfect.

The leader of Thunderclan was an experienced fighter, and that much was writ across her body. In the numerous scars she had gained in the great battle, and the few smaller ones she had earned before then. She was, perhaps, a little rusty. It had been over a two moons since she had been in a real fight, a privilege she had never known in her time as a loner. It would take longer than that, though, for her to forget the skills she had learned over a lifetime.

Emberstar wasn't certain how skilled her opponent was, and she was eager to take the measure of one of her warriors. Flamewhisker had merely been available at the moment when she had been looking for someone to spar with. "I'll let ya have the first move, whenever you feel like it, come at me." She challenged with an easy smile. That would let her get a feel for how good the other molly actually was. She didn't want to go too rough on her if she wasn't that experienced, after all.

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( ) She had to admit, when Emberstar had asked her about sparring, a hint of nervousness fluttered throughout her belly. Her shoulder wound had just recently healed, and she was just now starting to get back into hunting. She wasn't worried about reopening it, but she was more worried about not being quite as skilled as her new clanmates were. Her mother had raised her to be a hunter, and the only time she had to actually fight was when the dogs had attacked. If Emberstar were prey, she would stand no chance, but in one on one battle, she was sure the other Molly had the upper hand. Her mother had taught her the basics of defense and some offense, but the rest was just moves she had picked up here and there. She had sparred a couple times with some kitty pets and passing loners, but this was a trained, skilled, leader.

Flame watched as Emberstar settled into a fighting stance. The ginger she-cat took in a deep breath, then did the same. Her tail lashed behind her, and she nodded in acknowledgment as her leader gave her the first chance to move. Just imagine she is a big mouse, but fighting back. You got this..

Seconds after Emberstar's words left her mouth, Flame shot forward as if she were going to make a direct attack. She looked to the left in an attempt to confuse her leader, but at the last moment attempted to land a blow on Emberstar's right shoulder, hoping to knock her off her balance.

Sparring was not always Berryheart's favourite activity to perform, but as with most things there was much that could be gleaned from observation. No apprenticed had learned under his teaching just yet, and observing the spots that mentors brought their apprentices. He was in no shape to spar himself, regardless... not with the heaving wheeze of his breaths, relentless and as scraping as pebble-fall. He hoped they did not mind him watching... he had no intention to irritate, only to learn.

Sparky was a fantastic fighter, so he had heard; in watching her spar, perhaps there would be much for even he to learn. As much as he desired to eventually be the supreme educator, he was still young despite his breath-shortness- others had countless techniques to teach him, unique entirely to them, and he was here to witness it. Perhaps even Sunset may pull some surprises from that bushy tail of hers.

There was a small moment where he heard the sounds of fighting, bodies striking one another and paws hitting the ground hard, and he felt fear lance through him like an arrow. When he had just escaped the two-leg cages, he had been pummelled by a group of rogues and chased off into the forest after wandering into their territory-the results were the scars on his right flank crossing one another and the two prominently on his face. Sunfreckle didn't like fighting, Rabbitnose had taught him some self-defense but he didn't want to use it anytime soon. It all seemed so barbaric and it scared him, he wanted to live peacefully and happily but he knew that was naivity and foolishness speaking. Fighting would eventually be required of him and he would do so to the best of his abilities, especially to defend his kits. He was a softhearted tom by nature but he knew on instinct he'd kill to keep them safe, he just needed to hone those some instincts for his clan; he liked them all but they were all so capable on their own. Did they really need him?
Padding over with his awkward wobble of a walk, the red tabby sat down next to Berryheart with a smile in greeting, "Wow, they're really going at it..."


Watching spars could be fun, depending on who was fighting. Emberstar being in the ring most certainly made things interesting by nature due to her title. He watches both the flame-colored cats go back and forth, both making their own moves, making and taking blows.

However, sometimes adding certain elements could make watching such events more fun... To Berryheart and Sunfreckle he says, "Any bets? I bet a dawn patrol that Emberstar will win." Would he have any biters?

Emberstar liked having an audience, she found. It was a new sensation, having so many eyes on her when she sparred. It made her heart race a little faster in spite of herself. Everyone was watching her and the idea of impressing them all was one she liked. This little exercise felt a little more exciting as a result.

All of a sudden, she felt like holding back like she had planned to a little less.

Her opponent sprung into action and her eyes narrowed. The glance to the left was a convincing act, except, she observed, the orange tabby's body didn't move with her eyes. Still though, to be careful she'd dodge in a way that would avoid either direction the swing came from.

All those thoughts came in a moment. Flame was fast, impressively so. Unfortunately for her, agility was the one area where her leader excelled. Before either molly could even blink, Emberstar had lowered herself to the ground, using her shout stature to her advantage. The attack aimed her way instead went sailing over her head. Then, she sprung forward, attempting to headbutt Flame's forepaw while her other was still in the air, aiming to knock her off balance instead.
( ) It didn't take long for their spar to begin to grow an audience. The she-cat was a little weary about her clan-mates watching her fight, but that simply sparked a new flame of determination to grow inside her. I'll show them that I belong here. she thought to herself as she sailed towards the flame point. Her thoughts apparently seemed to distract her though, as her attack missed, and she felt Emberstar headbutt her out of the air. Flame let out a Hmph as the leader made contact, and she was flung into the dirt below.

Treating this as if it were real combat, the moment she hit the ground, the tabby would raise to her paws, and dart to Emberstar's side, attempting to get a quick blow to her leader's side.

Nifty's out-loud notation earned a hum of agreement from the fire-speckled tom. Idly did Berryheart wonder whether having an audience might throw them off somewhat... but from his observations such concerns were soon put to rest. There was blue fire in Sparky's eyes, an eagerness flittering about her that suggested she might enjoy the display- her swiftness meant such a look was easily missed, however. Sunset was butted to the ground, making a quick turnaround, and went charging... she did not go down so easily. There- that too was great spirit. Scrappy then made an interesting proposition, lifting Berryheart's half-lidded gaze to meet the other's patchy pelt.

"Alright." He was not sure he agreed with the side he was betting for, but the punishment for erroneous judgement was not terrible. Sparky was a gifted fighter, having attempted to teach the entire Clan at one point in her life. If she won he would at least be right, if only on an extra patrol. But if Sunset won- well, no dawn patrol. It was a win-win, really.
As expected, her attack flung Flame into the dirt. Pride bubbled up within the leader, she still had it. She shot the crowd a winning smile. This was so much fun!

"Good try!" Emberstar encouraged warmly. Her stance loosened as for a moment, she slipped into teacher mode. Her gaze drifted upward as she considered how she would amend her warrior's technique. "You're pretty quick, but ya gotta pull you're paw back as quick as you swing it, or-"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a blur of movement. Her head whipped around to face her opponent, and she dropped back into a proper stance, but it was already too late. She had been right about one think, the other molly really was quick. A blow landed on her side, staggering her, but in a blink she turned on her assailant. Flinging her body at Flame in an attempt to knock her off balance and pin her.

"-or you'll leave yourself open and off balance!" Emberstar exclaimed dramatically, in tandem with her attack. Not even waiting to find out if it had landed to deliver her line. She wanted to give her friends watching a fun show.
( ) Her attack had hit, but nearly as fast as she had made contact with the leader, the other Molly retaliated, and within seconds Flame found herself pinned against the ground. Emberstar was definitely a more skilled fighter, but Flame counted more on speed than strength. She had gained some weight while staying in the clan, but she was still on the lighter side, built more for running and agility.

As she lay beneath her leader's paws, Flame pinned her ears against her skull, and lashed her tail back and forth. Reluctantly, she would lose up her muscles, suggesting that she had given up the spar. She would wait to see if Emberstar had eased her grip any, and if she had then Flame would attempt to explode upwards, her forepaws extended in an attempt to knock the flame point backwards, in her own attempt to pin the leader. If she was successful, she would push her muzzle forward, baring her teeth at the leader's throat. She didn't make contact of course, but if this were a real fight she would have.. If Emberstar hadn't loosened her grip, she would remain to lay beneath the other she-cat's paws.