Jul 11, 2022

This was, Kestrel decided, the worst idea she had ever had in her life.

Her fur wouldn't lie down straight as she marched toward the Windclan camp. Her tail lashed behind her unconsciously at the thought of what she was about to do. Nerves prickled in her belly like the little claws of her prey, all attempting to tear her open from the inside out. Ruefully, she wondered if she should be hoping they succeeded. It might be a mercy, given at the moment she was padding straight into the foxes' den.

The alternative, unfortunately, was to be run out of the territory she had lived on all her life. Which wasn't something she could bring herself to choose, however much she tried to convince herself to. There were benefits, of course. Namely the food and safety she would be afforded. That was all outweighed, however, by the thought of spending her days trapped inside a camp with a bunch of strangers. Any one of which could decide to gut her in her sleep.

The little claws in her stomach dug a bit deeper at the thought.

She was such a stupid goddamn idiot, this was a terrible plan. Just join the cats trying to kick you out, what a wonderful idea! All of this just because she liked the moors too much. If she had any sense she'd turn around right now, but no! Instead, she was going to get herself killed for her dumb sentimentality. Ridiculous.

As caught up in her own anxieties and self-derision as she was, the molly didn't notice how close she was getting to the Windclan camp.



There was nothing friendly-looking about Dusk as he appeared from the tall grass before the shecat. Green eyes narrowed, copper-gold fur bristled at the shoulders, muscles stiff, it looked very much as if Kestral had come across a cat who would sooner claw her face than listen to what she had to say. But that was to be expected, was it not? She was well passed the borders and halfway to their camp, and there wasn't a scrap of windclan scent on her fur. He didn't expect that Soot or Hyacinth would have greeted her kindly, and so he didn't bother to either.

"Your tresspassing." he stated bluntly, tail giving a ssmall lash behind him. "I'd suggest leaving if you want to keep all your fur- Soot doesn't take well to cats that ignore her border."

Sootstar was a commanding presence, expecting nothing short of excellence from her cats. Dusk could tell she took pride in making sure they were among the strongest of the wild cats, and she seemed to take little interest in outsiders aside from making sure they stayed the hell away from her territory. He couldn't imagine it being any different with this one. At least the others -himself included- had been smart enough not to just walk right in. Dusk didn't want to hurt someone that hadn't done anything against him, but he knew the rules and he would do it if he had to. It wouldn't be the first time he had blood on his claws.

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It feels as if a fire had been snuffed between Soot's paws but shes not energized enough to fight it. Her livelyhood had been taken away from her, just like her love, her life, everything she had known. Honey had lost everything, everything, everything.

She has resorted to stumbling around Windclan territory, trying her best to get acquainted with the way it felt, spots she could go to, all of that- it all felt so empty still, without Tugger, without her cats. Shes walking along aimlessly now, shoulders slightly slumped forwards as she kicks a rock. Theres voices and Honeytwist finds herself wandering towards them with slightly narrowed eyes. Fire is spit from Dusk and her brows furrowed. "Sacré bleu, no need to be mean." she tries to say it humorlessly towards Dusk, but her tone is flat beyond a dry chuckle. "Hello." she turns her head towards Kestrel, tilting her head slightly. "What are you up to, ma chérie? What brings you here?" she forces her tone to be polite despite the emptiness she felt, offering a kind but forced smile.

Damaskrose by no means wanted to be a cat who judged another cat to quickly without even knowing them... but would it be that heartless of him to admit he found Dusk very intimating....His cold and harsh words towards this stranger even made him feel nervouse, and if he already didn't live here he for sure would have run of by the threat of losing his own fur otherwise. Swollowing he attempted a weak nervouse smile towards the stranger, an apologic look even like he was trying to ask for forgiveness for his clanmate's hostility. Honeytwist was honestly a rolemodel to follow here by having the courage to tell of Dusk like that without any hesitation. That was pretty cool. He wished he could be like that sometimes to care less what others thought about him. Sadly that was far from the truth here. Damaskrose had never been good at speaking up for himself always letting him get pushed around by other cats and with that he meant his own littermates.

Shaking these memories away from his memory for the time being tried to keep his focus on this loner. Hopefully Soot would be nicer towards this cat than what she could be to others....This one looked nice enough if not a slight bit insecured which was something he could relate too. Damaskrose tried to change his previous nervouse smile into a more warm one hoping it would help this one to feel a slight bit more comfortable around them. He knew if he had been in thier fur right now he would have felt so small and scared. Actually he would have started to cry breaking down by pure pressure. Aha, that would have been so embarrassing. Hopefully he would never need to go through something like that. He wished to die here on the moors. No more moving around. His heart couldn't take it a second time.


Her head whipped up toward Duskfire as he addressed her, eyes narrowing. Kestrel's hackles raised and muscles tensed as her gaze swept over him. Everything about the way he approached her had every instinct she had screaming at her to turn tail and run. Only her desire to see out her plan stayed her paws in indecision long enough for her mouth to spit back a retort. "Oh, what mouse-dung! I've been living around here all my life and suddenly I'm trespassing because you bunch of mousefodder decided you liked the look of the place, you-"

She was prepared to continue her little tirade when another cat arrived, chastising the first and greeting her. Reminding her what she was here for. "Right." She exhaled, forcing her hackles to lower. Pointedly turning away from the tom she had berating to face the cinnamon tabby. "Hello. Before I got sidetracked, I was going to try and join your... Windclan." The molly explained flatly. Despite herself, she couldn't resist a glance back at the tom. "Idiot." She sneered at him.

As she spoke, another cat arrived on the scene. One who smiled at her nervously as she glanced his way. She didn't return it, nor did she pay him much mind whatsoever. The only thought she gave to him was to worry that the presence of a third cat might make it harder to make a run for it if she needed to.


Sootstar doesn't appreciates Honeytwists manners. Loners who roamed their hills did not deserve WindClan's mannerisms until it was assured they were no threat. As she arrives at the scene her tail momentarily rests on Dusk's shoulders in praise and support. He said all the right things...

"It's not wise to seek shelter in my clan and then in your next breath insult one of my trusted warriors." She growls with fangs bared in warning to the stranger. "Why do you want to join WindClan? What can you offer us?"


Ah, the beloved leader that the idiot who first accosted her had spoke of. Who was apparently on his side. Great. Wonderful, even. This was perhaps the quickest that Kestrel had come to regret her own choices in her entire life. Which was really saying something.

Still, for once she bit her tongue.

"I want to join because it's better than being run out. I can hunt as well as any of your trusted warriors," she began gruffly, with a glance toward the idiot. "And I know the territory better than they know their own-" In the nick of time, she caught herself. Her eyes went to Soot's again. Shit. "I know it well. That good enough for you?" she asked bluntly.