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Deputy. Second in command. Soostar's trusted confidante. Lavender - ahem, Lavenderstorm - had to admit that she was a bit disappointed on behalf of her love. Hyacinthbreath would have been an excellent choice as Sootstar's second, but it meant very little. Hya got her title - lead warrior, very becoming, despite sharing her achievement with Sootstar's play-thing... - and Duskfire had his, solidifying Lavenderstorm's choice. They had decided to start a family and so they needed a worthy donor.

Duskfire, with his new title, his long legs, and his loyalty to WindClan, would be that donor.

It was with this mindset that Lavenderstorm marched right up to the newly-christened WindClan deputy, a hardened glint in her ghostly gaze. Less than half his height and not even close to his face, the little cat grimaced before standing on her back legs to make her statement.

"Congratulations on your promotion." Yes, it's always good to start such serious matters with a little praise. "In light of this, you're going to be my kittens' father, got it?" @Duskfire
she smells like lemongrass and sleep



To put it bluntly, today hadn't ended how he thought it would at all. It was actually kind of fucking insane if you thought about it, but Dusk wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. From the day he'd arrived in Windclan he'd been searching for some form of acceptance, a sign that he could truly belong here and have a life, and now Sootstar had gone and given it to him. Out of all the cats in the clan she had chosen him, and while his instincts told him there was no way the stubborn shecat would have chosen someone outside her circle without a damn good reason, he allowed himself the naivety of believing she had chosen him on his own merit- that maybe he just good enough.

Besides, what was he supposed to do? Tell Sootstar she'd chosen wrong and question her judgement? She'd hang him from her tail, and he had no interest in becoming a scratching post for seeming ungreatful. So he'd accepted, and now the meeting was over and he was left trying to process it all. Half the clan kept shooting him dirty looks while the other half kept coming up to him to congratulate him, and when he caught site of Lavenderstorm heading his way he honestly began preparing for the worst. He didn't know her well at all, only that she and Hyacinth were a couple, and when the shecat set her sights on him he half expected something cruel or harsh to leave her mouth.

So, imagine his fucking surprise when she stood up an informed him that he was going to be the father of his kits.

Ears flicked back, and the first thing he did was blus beneath his fur because who was that forward about something like that??? And it wasn't like he wasn't flattered because Lavender was a nice shecat and all but- "You- I-" his brain proceeded to short circut for just a second, and then his senses seemed to come rushing back to him.

"Are you insane?!" he hissed, voice low and edged with panic as green eyes hastily looked around for any sign of a certain shecat before landing back on Lavender. "What about Hyacinth? Aren't you guys together still? Not to mention she's pissed that I was just chosen as Deputy over her. If she finds out we had kits together they'll be the last ones I ever have!"

And quite frankly, Dusk wasn't okay with that. Call him crazy, but he wasn't interested in having his balls ripped off for knocking up his rivals(????) girlfriend.

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