border I COULD BE SO BRASH, I'M GOING TO CRASH — prey stealing

The sun has begun to set, lighting the tops of the pines aflame with scarlets and pinks. Moist forest undergrowth has dried into dust and scattered pine needles underpaw. Raccoonstripe is silent as he traverses through ThunderClan’s territory, and he uses his tail to signal to his patrol to remain as quiet as he is. The stand-in deputy lifts his head and parts his jaws; kittypet reek settles on his tongue, sap-layered and stale. “Their late patrols haven’t been by yet,” he announces, whisking his tail to and fro. He turns to Thistlepaw beside him, nodding as he speaks. “Can you tell? They’ll be by soon, but we should have time to hunt before they get here.

He flicks an ear, twisting to address the rest of his patrol. “We’re here for the good of the Clan. We will hunt until we can feed queens’ and kits’ bellies, no more and no less. If you spot a SkyClan warrior, give a signal to the rest of us. We will guard our catches, but otherwise, we will not instigate.” His voice is steely, firm with determination, with conviction that against all odds, he is doing the right thing. Flamewhisker’s kits, Roeflame’s kits, Moonwhisper’s kits, the newest additions to the Clan, the influx of strays Howlingstar had permitted to stay… they would feast tonight.


    patrol members: @THISTLEPAW
    @FALLOWPAW @BRIARPAW - @luckypaw! @WRATHKIT @Smokepaw
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  • Raccoon . Raccoonstripe, he/him w/ masculine terms.
    — “speech”, thoughts, attack
    — 37 moons old, ages realistically on the 5th.
    — mentored by n/a ; mentoring Thistlepaw ; previously mentored Wildheart, Moonwhisper
    — thunderclan lead warrior. gray wolf x howlingstar, gen 2.
    — currently mated to Nightbird.
    — penned by Marquette.

    lh black tabby with white and dark brown eyes. charismatic, charming, calculating, ambitious, shallow, manipulative.

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So let's pretend we like each other

Despite Skyclan's border scent being stale, the reeking scent of kitty pet made the young warrior's nose wrinkle in disgust. How she wondered could the ones born within the forest walls deal with such a smell without gagging the slightest? Blue-brown gaze watched the stand in deputy awaiting for the signal and once given, he wasted no time to leave his hiding spot, fluffy tail flicking side to side with a slight nod to note she understood the instructions.

Yewflame wasted no time, their gaze spotting a blue bird nonchalantly picking at the ground and he was quick to go into a hunter's crouch. Being quick on their paws Yewflame snapped their jaws lunging at the bird, its blue wings spread in panic yet it was too late, its neck was in the warriors jaw, limp. Lifting her head they looked back at their peers with a look of pride in his face. Easy catch, perhaps due to Skyclan having so many kitty-pets around their prey has grown soft...lazy even.
𓍊𓋼 As they cross into SkyClan territory, the feeling of unease that prickles at the back of Falconheart’s neck only continues to grow. In the dying sunlight, Raccoonstripe stands tall as he reminds them what they are here for—they are here to feed their clan, not to disrupt SkyClan. Not to drive their neighbors to starvation. They are here to do what must be done for their clan, to feed their queens and kits, including his mother and siblings. They are breaking the code—all but shattering what it stands for—but still Falconheart tries to convince himself that he’s doing the right thing. What kind of brother would he be, what kind of son, if he didn’t do everything in his power to bring a meal to his family?

With a dual-colored eye trained on the unfamiliar territory around him, Falconheart is quick to spot the shuffling of paws across the needle-laden ground. A squirrel scurries away from the patrol and starts up a tree—but it doesn’t make it any further than a few tail-lengths. His claws sink into flesh, and both he and the squirrel drop back to the ground. His prey hits the dirt with a thud, while the warrior lands cleanly upon his feet. The prey’s life is ended with a swift bite, and he takes his fresh catch into his mouth, ears pricking up to listen for the sounds of further rustling or the snapping of twigs.

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    FALCONHEART ❯❯ he/him, thunderclan warrior
    shorter than average cream tabby with white spotting. seems gloomy and has few friends, but is a hard worker and never neglects his duties.
    son of flamewhisker and flycatcher ; brother to stormfeather, scorchedkit, mothkit, sunkit, squirrelkit, sparrowpaw
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted
    penned by foxlore
𓆗 . ° ✦ He drops into a crouch on the mention of SkyClan's patrols taking a bit to arrive, leaving them plenty of time to hunt for the multitude of queens and kits in the nursery. Luckypaw feels weirdly vulnerable without the protection of ThunderClan's undergrowth, however. So easy to spot.

Like the vole he notices scurrying through the forest floor. His eyes narrow and he licks his lips expectantly, already tasting it in his mouth. The apprentice leaps, his paw landing on its tail and holding it down, letting him bite its neck before it somehow squirms out of his grasp. The chimera holds it proudly in his mouth, bouncing back to the patrol with a puffed out chest - part of him wanting to be praised by his mentor.

speech thoughts
 ° .  . ° 
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    brown & black chimera tabby tom with sage-green eyes.

I THINK I'LL TAKE MY WHISKEY NEAT — Saffronpounce follows the rest of the patrol with both of their ears angled forward as he keeps alert of his surroundings especially when the stand-in deputy mentions that a patrol hasn't been here yet. They would have to act quick if they wished to fill the bellies of those back at home, he presses forward carefully with caution and lowers his body when he catches the scent of a small creature. Saffronpounce staying still and silent for a heartbeat before leaping forth with paws outstretched. His claw hooks onto a plump vole which he brings closer to his jaws to deliver a swift and clean killing bite. He glances over to his apprentice giving a curt nod waiting for her to catch something of her own to bring back to their clan and he watches through narrowed pupils.

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    a longhaired seal lynx sepia w/golden eyes and low white
    afab trans masc ; goes by he/they pronouns
    saffron's not a very friendly cat, has low tolerance, and no space for mistakes. he has a distaste for kittypets, both within his clan and outside of it, and he isn't shy to show it. all his opinions are IC only.
    25 moons old; ages the 21st of every month
    homosexual homoromantic ; currently interested in no one
    currently mentoring briarpaw / relies on his swiftness, small size, and stealth to overcome an enemy
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    peaceful powerplay allowed
"Don't leave my side, Wrathpaw. Tonight will be a true trial of what it means to hunt, especially when our failure will see bellies left empty. Now follow your nose, keep low, and listen to your surroundings. Prey is on the ground, and SkyClan... they like to creep above." Wildheart could only hope that his new apprentice would heed his instructions. Though now that the air of bravado had begun to wane he began to realise just how foolish he had been to bring the youth along with him. However it was too late to turn back now. This had become a trial by fire.

Crouching low, he decided to stick close to the border lines as a way of ensuring a quick retreat if things turned sour. A scent soon reached his nose and it prompted him to stoop even lower to the ground with his eyes trained on the base of a pine tree. The sound of snuffling reached his ears easily, and sure enough a shrew came into view shifting bedding about. On light paws he closed the distance whilst keeping downwind until he was finally able to pounce. He despatched the shrew quickly. Turning to his apprentice he then nodded his head. "Like that."

Skyclaw follows dutifully, however he keeps silent with his thoughts. For all the whining he does about codelaw, he feels eerily alright with breaking the rules this time. It's for the better of their Clan, their young - and maybe, in his bitter, bitter chest, he feels SkyClan unworthy of whatever measly sparrow or mouse they may catch. Like someone said: if they're still hungry, they can run off to their twolegs for a meal. Eugh, he grimaces at the mere thought.

The hunting patrol begins with success, voles, birds, and squirrels being gathered in the name of their nursery. Skyclaw keeps a wary eye out for the eventual patrol - if Raccoonstripe is right, then they'll be here soon enough to mark their border. He doesn't pay mind to Luckypaw immediately, however as the mottled tom approaches with his own catch, Skyclaw offers a half grin. "Nice one. Leave it on our side of the border and find another," two would serve a few kittens a nighttime meal. His ear twitches as he takes his time to find something - and almost just as quickly he does. A pigeon is located and brought down within minutes, feathers scattering as the beast panics shortly before its demise. He says nothing, simply bringing his catch over to settle it beside his apprentice's.​

☆⋅⋆ ── briarpaw followed eagerly alongside the large patrol, it was not the thrill of a hunt that hastened her paws. this was against the code, thunderclan would be looked down upon if caught. if. a clan so dense with kittypet's had little chance against the forest born warriors creeping past their stale borders. if they thought they could make thunderclan pay for this, briarpaw was happy to spill their blood despite orders that said not to escalate.

she splits from saffronpounce in search of a bounty, the growth is far less dense here. it feels strange to hunt without the feeling of thorns and vines catching her limbs, but she adapted quickly. two moons from her warrior name, it would be an utter embarrassment to return to thunderclan camp with empty jaws. luckily, the pines seemed plentiful. with the patrol behind her, she stayed low to the ground and searched for an easy kill.
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  • BRIARPAW she/her, apprentice of thunderclan, ten moons.
    a well built solid black longhair with white markings narrowed yellow eyes.
    NPC x NPC / / apprentice to saffronpounce
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking ↛ battle info
    penned by vayle@vayl3 on discord, feel free to dm for plots.

An cold orange amber gaze shifts over the border as a unexpecting bird catches her attention, and she stalks along the shadows of the trees. She slowly slinks down into a hunting crouch and shortens the distance between them, powerful hind legs pushing her off the ground as she collapses on the bird and sinks her fangs into the neck. Blood stain her teeth as she raises from her hunt with a bird in her jaws, dropping it as she yawns boredly. " I'm sure if they were to come, Skyclaw would be able to tell. " She states nonchalantly towards the kittypet halfblood.

" I'm sure a halfbreed kittypet could tell his family easily. " The dark warrior states as she smugly lets out a chuckle. Imagine sharing blood with a kittypet of all things. Her tail twitches as she glances at her apprentice to study his form if he was still hunting or if he's caught anything yet. Her gaze grazes the surroundings of Skyclan and her nose scrunches at the scent of kittypet, her ears pinning back slightly in disgust. " They smell disgusting. " Ravenstrike would state coldly as her scarred features show absolute disdain and disgust at how a clan could willingly accept kittypets.

ˏˋ*⁀➷ Fallowpaw's worries are distant as they cross the border. It'd exciting, getting to see the other side. Freeing. She cares far less for the code than she does the threat of going hungry - yet she seems to be too distracted by the mere act of being here to catch anything. Her claws sink clumsily into a tree, alerting the thrush she'd been after near immediately. She watches the flighty thing flutter away with a pang of frustration; she never has been good at following Stormywing's climbing lessons, and without underbrush it's all she has to rely on.

Her ears flicks. Worse than losing her catch, the chatter of the patrol is making it hard to focus. "Quiet down," snaps Fallowpaw, shooting a glare in the direction of Ravenstrike. Her haughty laughter grates on its nerves, and it lets out a huff. "Your complaining's scarin' all the prey off." Nevermind that the other cats seem to be catching prey just fine... She grates her teeth and turns away, eyes scouring the kittypets' territory for something to go after. She'd hate to walk away empty-pawed.

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  • FALLOWPAW ⁀➷ she / it, apprentice of thunderclan, nine moons.
    a scarred, pointed brown and white molly with shaggy fur and golden eyes.
    standoffish and solitary, always seems to have a dark cloud hanging over its head.
    baying hound xx npc, littermate to antlerpaw & doepaw.
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking
    penned by SATURNID ↛ saturnids on discord, feel free to dm for plots.

When his mentor agreed to join the patrol to Skyclan, Smokepaw had been thrilled. Flamewhisker would have never proposed this...but at least Howlingstar had filled her position (even if only temporary) with someone who would take action when necessary. Their camp was quit literally overflowing with kits, and unfortunately, those little creatures couldn't hunt for themselves. When he was their age, he had been apprenticed and tossed out to learn how to survive. Blazestar's new addition to the Warrior's Code was absolutely ridiculous, and it only caused overcrowding in the nursery.

The sleek tom followed their patrol across the boarder, and his nose wrinkled in disgust. It reeked of kitty pet over here...and prey. His stomach growled ravenously, but he knew if he were to sneak something for himself his ear would be chewed off. "How can they catch anything anyways? the kittypet stench probably scares everything off before they can get too close." he hissed silently to Ravenstrike, before slipping away from her side.

It didn't take long before he caught the trial of a mouse. He lowers himself into a crouch, and slowly rounded the corner around a bush. Movement catches his eye, and as quickly as he spotted it, he launched himself forward and swiftly killed the mouse. The tom clamped it in his jaws and started carrying it back toward their side of the border. A mouse wouldn't fill a warrior, but it was plenty for the kits. As far as he was concerned, when they started helping hunt, then they could eat something bigger.

With a surge of pride that nearly makes him grin, Thistlepaw does smell just what his mentor had meant. Was it good that their patrol had not passed by? They could argue it was a mistake, right? But– they were more likely to get caught the longer this takes. For a moment, this is only a hunting patrol. They are near the border but not breaking the code. And then they step over it. A delicate hop-skip through SkyClan's faded scent, as if he worries it may trip him up. Does it always come with this surge of exhilaration? Then comes determination. With cotton-soft paws he shifts through the undergrowth, prickly fur slowly lowering to the earth. His clanmates have spread far, and though Thistlepaw doesn't move far from Raccoonstripe, he is the one that sees it.

A mouse in the soil, its paws clasped around something. A nut? Seed? Its whiskers twitch. The apprentice's breath catches. He had worked on his crouch with his mentor, but lowering himself into it still feels like bending rusty hinges. His muscles are intentionally clenched so tightly his bones might snap and it keeps each step careful and light and slow as snowfall. Was his mentor watching as he crept forward? Thistlepaw pauses at that thought, one tufted paw held in the air for several heartbeats. He's close to the point where he had stumbled last. The gathering of his paws beneath his body before he leaps. But this time his prey doesn't run. One paw, then the other, his legs bunched like springs.

And he leaps, eyes wide as saucers. A bundle of grey-brown fur squirms and squeaks beneath one of his paws before he can lean clumsily down and kill it. That, at least, is swiftly done. His first catch, and it's on SkyClan's soil.

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  • 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐋𝐄𝐏𝐀𝐖. HE - HIM. YOUNG APPRENTICE OF THUNDERCLAN. ————— the son of an ex-kittypet has spent most of his life confined to the medicine den. bad circumstances and worse healing left him in a limbo between life and death which he only just escaped. there's still recovering to do before his clanmates see him as anything more than a weak, sick kittypet.   PENNED BY REVELATIONS

    a prickly-furred chocolate and slate cat with amber eyes. though with a blocky, nearly bulky frame, thistlepaw has been softened, rounded, and stretched thin by his uncertain life. without work or play to thicken the pads of his paws or add strength to his limbs, his skin plays like canvas stretched taut over its frame, his fur a hazy cloak to cover the sickness. he seems soft and unwell in equal measure. certainly not an apprentice to be. . .
*+:。.。 Wrathpaw is determined to do good on his first patrol as an apprentice. Head held high, he hurries after the rest of the patrol, keeping his pants and wheezes quiet lest they send him back home for being too easily exhausted. His still too-large ears perk up as Racconstripe's teachings drift through the breeze. Although not specifically directed at Wrathpaw, the boy does his best to strain his ears to catch every word from the stand-in deputy. The patrols haven't been by, how'd Racconstripe know? Wrathpaw studies him, but only catches the whisk of his plumy, striped tail. Eagerly, Wrathpaw tries to replicate the movement, assuming that by doing so he'll somehow also be able to identify the time in which the last Skyclan patrol had passed through here.

He only manages to smack Wildheart with his tail instead. "A-ah! Sorry!" he gasps, quickly shoving his tail between his legs.

Then, Racconstripe speaks.
He...he's so cool Wrathpaw thinks, eyes balloons of pure deep blue awe. He speaks like a true hero, determined to keep the kits and queens safe from hungry nights, no matter the cost! Having been a kit himself not a few weeks ago, Wrathpaw feels particularly spoken to, his chest swelling with gratitude knowing he has such a cool guy like Racconstripe as his clan's stand-in deputy! Maybe, when Flamewhisker is ready to take back the rank, Howlingstar will let Raccoonstripe stay as like, a second deputy!

Although Wrathpaw feels like he could stare in wonder at Raccoonstripe forever, the second coolest tom in the whole patrol catches his attention. Stick close to me Wildheart says, making Wrathpaw jerk and stiffen to attention, intent on being a good apprentice. He listens closely to every word his mentor says, deep blue eyes splashing upwards toward the treetops. In - in the canopy? awesome...Shaking his head, he forces himself to refocus. Y'know what isn't awesome? Letting his clanmates go hungry! The sudden weight of responsibility makes his stomach churn, dragging into focus his all-too tight chest. He doesn't want to leave the kits hungry!

So he pours all of his attention onto Wildheart. Skyclan above, prey below, trust your ears and use your nose! Right!
He sniffs the air.

It's so unlike the nursery. No milk or familiar kitten-down to ground him, instead he's assaulted by the wilds of flora and fauna, scents that he'd only caught glimpses of perfumed on the pelts of returning patrol cats. The scents were so much stronger in real life. So much more alive! He flicks his long tail over his missing hind leg and sets his expression into one of determination. He'll ensure he makes his clan proud!

Wrathpaw hasn't yet learned the importance of borders - the bigger importance of not crossing them. Though he does pause to consider why there's a scent line here, he figures it was important Wildheart would've said something. Instead, Wrathpaw happily tramples the line, bounding after his mentor before dropping into a crouch, carefully mimicking everything Wildheart does. Although the cream boy winces when the shrew's life is expunged, he can't deny the watering in his mouth at the smell of food. He'd never known before what it took to fill up the prey pile, suddenly all his memories of complaining about taste or refusing to eat any of the cold ones made his heart twist with guilt.
Thank you, Starclan, for this shrew's sacrifice he thinks to himself, sending a prayer to the stars for this shrew's specific arrival to a peaceful afterlife.

Now, it was Wrathpaw's turn.

First step - follow your nose.

Wrathpaw sniffs the air, opening his mouth to allow every minute of chemical stimuli to reach the right scent glands. It smells like dirt and unfamiliar cats, ageless trees and yet-to-be-named prey and plant life. Amongst it all, he smells the shrew's blood, then the shrew itself. Searching the air, swinging his head left and right, he pushes through everything to find that shrew's scent again - this time, a little ways ahead, and a lot more alive.
"I-I've got something, Wildheart! I've got something!" he hissed excitedly, shooting his mentor a beaming look, seeking permission, before he pushes through the undergrowth to trail after the prey's scent.

Second step - keep low.

He almost forgets this step, nearly running full-sprint into the unknown wilderness ahead. Instead, he quickly drops onto his belly and stalks forth. His pose is a bit wonky, a bit unbalanced. He has to pause every few moments to wiggle his rump and shoulders, sore and stiff from lack of experience holding this pose for so long. But he remains determined, shoving onwards, looking back only to make sure Wildheart approves and follows. He remains unaware that he's padding deeper and deeper into enemy territory.

Third step - listen to your surroundings.

His long ears swivel back and forth. The rustle of leaves, the crunch of them underpaw. He does his best to ensure the noise he produces is minimal, mostly so he doesn't miss out on the tell-tell sporadic whisper of quicker paws on the same materials. There, just ahead, popping in and out of a patch of long grass - another shrew! Wrathpaw shoots Wildheart one final, eager look, before training all his attention on the prey item. He pulls the image of Wildheart's crouch, his tensed hind legs, and his quick pounce, and does his best to replicate it all despite missing one of those hind feet.

With a mighty shove of his back leg, Wrathpaw sends himself flying after the shrew -

Only to miss it entirely and smash his face onto the dirt, having tripped on his front paw before he'd even lifted off the ground!

1d20 = [1] yIKES

    DMAB— He/Him
    Thunderclan — apprentice
    6 moons — Ages 1 moon every month real-time
    Brother to Lovepaw, Joypaw, Gigglepaw
    Mentored by Wildheart

    Physically easy | mentally easy
    Attack in bold #191961
    injuries: None currently

It's shocking enough when someone steals the prey you've been shocking right from under your nose. The scent of the vole had drifted to Wrathpaw's nostrils, but Figfeather has been slowly following it as it scurried along the forest floor. Easy prey, she had thought, only a twitch of her whiskers and she'd be back with her patrol.

Rear wiggling high in the air, her limbs tensed in preparation to dart forward and hook the rodent with her claws. 'One... two... You're mine!' Swift as lightning she springs forward, but on the opposite side of the wood someone else does too. Huh?!

As the tom-cats face collides with the dirt, Figfeather skids to a halt as the shrew retreats to the roots of a pine. She stares at the apprentice expecting to recognize them as a SkyClan cat, but this is no clan-mate. Their pelt stinks of oak sap, it's a ThunderClan apprentice. Anger ignites behind amber eyes and the orange warrior bolts toward the apprentice, when she meets them, she aims to slap an unsheathed paw across their ear to reprimand them for the crime and lost prey.

"What do you-!...????" Her scolding hiss cuts off as more figures become visible through the trees. Pelts of brown, red and orange- ThunderClan colors, ThunderClan pelts.

The warrior's ringed tail bristles and curls while ears fold against her skull. Defensively she hobbles a mouse-length back from the apprentice in an attempt to prevent or delay a fight. Opening her maw, she lets out a hiss, a warning to the ThunderClanner's and an alert for the patrol that had been traveling mere fox-lengths behind her.
  • TLDR; attempted minor harm on @WRATHPAW . Then notices the presence of other ThunderClan cats in the near distance and backs up to alert the nearby SkyClan patrol she accompanies.
  • » Figfeather
    » SkyClan Lead Warrior
    » She/her . AMAB
    » Sire to Sangriakit & Coffeekit
    » Mentoring Daisypaw
    » A red tabby she-cat with a mangled leg.
    » ”Speech”thoughtsattack
  • » A foe in battle whose ability to strategize can shift tides.
    » Excels in strategizing and pre-planning her battles.
    » Fights defensively and to aid her clan to victory.
    » May powerplay minor harm. Can powerplay healing
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It should have been a simple hunting patrol. The weather was warm but not unpleasant and the prey had been running well the past few days, certainly enough that they weren't worried about food.

Howlfire had initially began her hunting trying to catch a shrew. However, she had been in the wrong position and the little shrew bad spotted her, darting into the undergrowth before she'd have been able to catch up with it. Howlfire let's out a frustrated sigh but is determined not to give up, certain that there will be more prey ahead, or if not on the ground then up in the trees.

The chocolate torbie had seen Figfeather stalk ahead but was not concerned. It was only when she heard the warning hiss, that her ear pricked and she was alert. "That sounded like Figfeather," She mewed to the nearest cat. Without a further word, she moves forward to catch up to her friend. Just as she steps out beside Figfeather she is aware of the strong ThunderClan scent, though does not immediately assume anything was wrong. "Figfeather, what's..." Howlfire's attention had been on Figfeather initially but her gaze is soon caught by the ThunderClan apprentice nearby and then the lingering patrol nearby. No wonder the scent was so strong...

This wasn't just a young apprentice who should have known better this was a whole patrol.

Immediately the anger in Howlfire's belly is ignited, her fur raises, ears flatten, and eyes narrow in suspicion. The fact that a whole patrol of warriors and apprentices were here indicated that this was no mistake, they had come here intentionally. "You're hunting on SkyClan land! You're stealing our prey!" Howlfire hissed venomously towards the apprentice nearby before her eyes snapped up at the rest of the ThunderClan patrol. "Leave now before we make you leave. You won't be told twice." Howlfire certainly was in no mood converse with this patrol any further after their brazen thievery.

/ Obligatory apprentice tag @Hawkpaw
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The alliance between Thunderclan and Skyclan had been strong for moons, none would assume their neighbors would be thieves. Did their relationship mean so little? He had learned all the rules and respected them, yet here these shameful Thunderclanners were, breaking one of their codes. He was no moron. There were times when leaders allowed other clans to hunt on their lands, but it would be discussed. Orangestar would have told them that Thunderclan would be hunting in a certain part of their forest, yet no such information was told to them. He had followed behind Howlfire, equally enraged at the sight before him.

However, unlike the older warrior, his gaze focuses towards the ever familiar Skyclaw. Howlfire and Fireflypaw's brother. Unfortunately. The matter of Blazestar breaking the code is not important in this moment, what is, is the very fact that he can sink his claws in that filthy black and brown pelt. I'll never forgive you for saying that to Fireflypaw. He may not be happy if I do this, but you disrespected him. Mocked him in front of everyone. The memory of his step brother in anguish has replayed for countless nights. He's never seen his brother so rattled. As for Howlfire he is unsure. The pair have never been close, despite the fact their families were now linked.

Venom drips his maw towards the Skyclaw, "For someone who spoke so high and mighty about their father not caring for the rules he enforced, you're worse than he ever was." The black smoke does not stop there. He knows that Skyclaw abhors his blood. Wants to dissect all of which is Blazestar from him. Wants to pretend that he has no family in the pines who are hurting from this decision. Knowing this, he strikes Skyclaw where it hurts most. "I hope you enjoy dragging your mother's name through the mud," he hisses as claws unsheathe.
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  • — crowsight / skyclan warrior / masculine pronouns / 12 moons
    — undecided / polyamorous / padding after oddpaw and owlheart
    — long haired black smoke with hazel eyes and polydactyly
    — may powerplay minor harm / can powerplay healing
    biography / @ on discord for plots
    — penned by velou
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Anger was not something Sorrelsong felt often but times, it seems, were changing.
The chocolate molly's tail tip flicks, the dying sun dying the brown hues a warm orange. "At least us kittypets have the decency to stay in our territories." Each word felt like fire in her throat as she faced down a raven-colored molly. Her blue eyes met their amber ones. It took everything in her not to bristle.
It was very clear now that this was a full patrol, which, fine alright. Sorrelsong was sure they had their reseasons, greed and stupidity always do, but doing so and insulting the cats that live here? At least we can hunt well enough not to steal.
The pine-scent was strong with these cats, almost a stench more then a smell. It seemed to invade everything, pollute everything. She wouldn't want the prey they caught, it was already sullied by their stench.

  • interacting with Ravenstrike :)

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    A chocolate point tabby molly with icy blue eyes and a slightly uneven pelt. She has small scars on her back, her shoulders and a slightly crocked tail.
    44 moons old; ages the 1st of every month
    aro/ace. ; currently not looking
    child of NPC and NPC :: sibling to Duskpool, Shadowfire and Smokefang
    Mentoring Flora
    Sky Clan; warrior since 3/11/24 ; loyal to Orangestar, Flora, and Duskpool
    Not hard to befriend ; trusts easily
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    peaceful powerplay allowed


"Thieves! growled Johnnyflame, golden eyes narrowed to slits at the blatant show of fucking thievery he was seeing. The stocky bobtail prowled forward to stand with his clanmates, fangs bared as he tried to wrestle with the shock and sense of betrayal tumbling within him. Thunderclan weren't meant to be their enemies, and yet here they stood, robbing Skyclan mouths of food.

"We lent you our medicine cat, so you feel entitled to our prey as well, is that right? Or did you come here thinking Skyclan would be the easier clan to rob because it's filled with kittypets?!" he hissed, hackles rising dangerously.

He couldn't see the Thunderclan leader among the massive hunting party, and he hoped to Starclan that she hadn't okayed this- that is was just a misunderstanding. If thunderclan needed food why wouldn't they just ask? Why not steal from Windclan? Or the river? The implications that they'd gone for Skyclan as an 'easy target' made him see red when he otherwise might have shown sympathy.

"You can leave behind the prey you've plundered on your way out- we won't be feeding any snakes tonight." he added sharply, a silent signal sending an NPC back toward camp to alert Orangestar and the others.

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The promise of potential was there, but alas success was not to come from Wrathpaw's first attempt to catch prey. Wildheart found himself wrinkling his nose as he stared at his apprentice. Admittedly they were beginning to remind him somewhat of Shallow, a three-legged wretch that had been introduced to the clan by the now disgraced Sunnyday some time ago. "I wonder what became of him?" Shallow's final fate was a mystery to him, though he knew that they were traitor to the clan given how easily he had abandoned ThunderClan in the end. Pathetic.

Naturally he stepped towards his apprentice and words of wisdom and scolding danced on his tongue, ready to be spat. But that's when Figfeather appeared. Wildheart stopped in his tracks and he stared at the SkyClanner with uncertainty. Then it happened, she dared to slap his apprentice. The tom saw red in that second and a guttural snarl erupted from him before he could stop it. Bolting forward he then attempted to stand over Wrathpaw protectively to deter others from targeting his apprentice. "Keep your filthy kittypet paws off of him!" He bellowed with bared teeth.

Nudging his earlier catch towards his apprentice he then leaned his head down towards Wrathpaw in order to whisper instructions to the youth. "Take that shrew and head for the border, quickly. I'll gut anyone who dares to stop you." His priority lay with keeping his young ward alive and safe, but he hadn't forgotten Raccoonstripe's instruction either about warning the others when faced with SkyClanners. "The SkyClan patrol is here!" He hollered to help alert the other ThunderClanners to trouble.

//Attempting to defend @WRATHPAW from further attacks, plus giving him instructions to retreat with prey.
Attempting to alert the other ThunderClanners to danger.

𓍊𓋼 The moment of pride over his catch doesn’t last long—it’s quickly interrupted by the harsh words of his clanmates. Ravensfrike has always been needlessly cruel to her clanmates, but her words to Skyclaw make his hackles rise. He may be Blazestar’s kit, but he’s also Little Wolf’s kit. He was born and raised in ThunderClan, and he’s no more a kittypet than any of the rest of them. Falconheart considers speaking up in his former friend’s defense—but he thinks the mottled tom would probably just find a way to be upset with him for trying to help. So he remains silent and takes a few steps back toward the border to deposit his catch.

The sound of something shifting in the distance draws his attention, tan ears pricked in the direction of the disturbance, but before he can pinpoint the cause, a SlyClanner appears from the forest. Brightly-furred and seemingly unsteady on her paws, the SkyClanner hisses out a warning. A few more cats appear from her patrol, some of them leaping at his fellow ThunderClanners—and now, what Raccoonstripe had said about defending their catches comes to the forefront of his mind. One of the SkyClan cats, one of Skyclaw’s kin, warns them all to leave before they’re made to leave, and Falconheart is okay with that.

A quick glance at Raccoonstripe, and then he’s stopping in his tracks and wheeling around to leave. "We’ve gotta go," he says as he passes by Fallowpaw on his way back to the border. If the younger cat got hurt because of this, he’d surely feel guilty about it. Similarly, Wildheart shouts at his own apprentice to run, and the cream tabby looks around for Wrathpaw. "Come on!" Behind them, with the rest of the patrol, he sees a dark-furred warrior speaking to Skyclaw, and for a heartbeat he feels a flash of the protective spirit he so badly wishes he could channel—but he isn’t his father or his mother. And he needs to feed his mother and his siblings. He can’t step in, not when it could mean losing the squirrel he still clings to.

He spots a warrior wearing a red collar before he rushes off; the SkyClan tom tells them to leave behind their catches, but the cream tabby is already heading for the border. As soon as he crosses, he’ll be up a tree in an instant. He’s got a family to feed and a clan to look out for; he can’t risk a fight here.

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    FALCONHEART ❯❯ he/him, thunderclan warrior
    shorter than average cream tabby with white spotting. seems gloomy and has few friends, but is a hard worker and never neglects his duties.
    son of flamewhisker and flycatcher ; brother to stormfeather, scorchedkit, mothkit, sunkit, squirrelkit, sparrowpaw
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted
    penned by foxlore