I didn't ask // Eventide


Whiskers On Kittens!
Aug 21, 2022

A small shape moved along the moorlands, pale body nearly the same color as the heather behind them. Bright blue eyes gave away their spot on the hillside and they crouched almost playfully. There had been talk of Sootstar sending cats to the badgers den. Why? They were not sure as to why, but it was rather exciting! Outsiders of the clan, just like themselves and Flaxen! Were they nice cats? Is that why Sootstar turned them away? She did seem like a cat who had a poor nights rest, every single night for like four years. So, couldn't be terrible cats right? They where hoping so as they got up from their crouched spot on the hillside.

Small, cream tabby paws moved along the ground quietly and expertly. Blue eyes trained on something before them as they neared the badgers den'. It still reeked of badger, but also had the scent of cats within it as well. The newly named, Sunnypaw, perked up their ears as they got closer and their curiousity got the better of them. They gave a little giggle and padded to the open mouth of the den, "Hello? Anyone in there?" They called with widen blue eyes. This was going to be great! Maybe they could convince Sootstar to let them join! Afterall, a few more cats wouldn't hurt right? They could always use more warriors!
More sleeping, more rest, the chocolate mink was laid out, scrawny belly now noticeably full from eating the last two days straight, a peaceful contentment on his face as he snoozed, his body doing alot of the healing while he laid there, looking almost dead save for the occasional ear flick and tail twitch. His sleep lacked dreams, consciousness in limbo while his den-mates were out and about doing whatever it was they did during the days. The set was cool in comparison to the rank, hot hole he had called home before, even the ground here was more enjoyable to lay on and without gorse thorns digging into his pelt and ears, he could really stretch out. The rabbit, despite eating on it when he could, was still mostly intact, a few portioned bites being taken out but nothing more.

A voice called at the mouth, jolting the chocolate mink awake with panicked eyes. Instinctually, Eventide's paws flew to his rabbit, dragging it close and eyes darting around as though expecting something to leap out and take his food from him. But, eventually, he spotted a shape at the entrance. He squinted, trying to get a better look while his heart rapidly beat in his chest, breathes wheezy from the near heart-attack he'd been given. One of those other... clan cats, he presumed. Great. More cats to call me diseased and look down on me, He thought bitterly, ears drooping a noticeable touch with disappointment before he shook it off, shuffling closer to the back wall to protect himself and to hide his rabbit to the best of his ability behind him. “H-here,” He called back, his voice cracking which made him wince. As though he already didn't look horrible, now he sounded just as bad, huh? Wonderful.

Ah! A voice! Pale ears perked up at the sound and their tail waved behind them, "Hello!" The chirped from the mouth of the den. Should they enter? They couldn't see much besides quick movement and blue eyes staring back at them from the back of the den. Though they seemed to think better of the idea and quietly stepped into the den, their own blue eyes glowing with the fading light and they offered a sweet smile, "Hi! I heard there was cats out here, and I feel like it was lonely so-," Pale shoulders shrugged and they gave a meek grin, it was better idea in their head than in practice.

Still, they stuck to their guns and settled down a few pawsteps from the chocolate mink point and swished their tail behind them, "I'm Sunnypaw! You've made quite the impact on the clan, and they don't even know your name!" A giggle came from the cream point cat and they put a paw to their mouth as they did so, "Though you don't seem as bad as they did. Ya just skinny and scared," They went on to say and gestured with their paw as they spoke. Everyone had been calling him horrible names, disease and crowfood, but he didn't seem like he was that. Sure he was dirty but who knows where he came from! Ones background usually protrayed how they looked and he must've had it rough for someone so ratted in apperance, "I figured you could deal with someone who won't judge you cause you're a bit sticky," Sunnypaw gave a shrug and couldn't help the smile that played across their lips.