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I’ll leave a flower for you in one of our meeting spots, that’s how you’ll know I’m back. The words rang through her head when she should be hunting and those moments played behind her eyelids when she should be sleeping. She had finally said it, she had finally told him she loved him and now he was gone. He was gone and she didn’t know if or when he was coming back and it was driving her nuts, not being able to be with him every night like she was growing accustomed to.

It was most noticeable in her hunting though, when she would normally excel she now pounced and missed nearly everything on this patrol. “I’m just not feeling on top of my game today, my mind is with someone else” she says when one of her patrol mates ask her what’s up with her “sorry”. She’s sheepish, this isn’t like her at all. The black she cat lets out a loud sigh and scuffs the dirt with her paw, the cat she was with frowns at her but begrudgingly continues on, shooting her a perplexed glance over his shoulder before he does.

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Retro to the fire

Please wait for // @HOWLING WIND also please no one but howling wind is supposed to know just yet that the cat she is in love with is Blazestar
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Howling Wind always has been an attentive mother. She knows her kits well, but she doesn't even need to try and figure this one our. She's on the patrol, watching @Sloepaw track down a squirrel's scent when she peers over a bramble bush to see her daughter miss yet another catch. What is going on with her? She thinks incredulously, almost worried. Little Wolf is such a talented hunter, but that was the third pounce she's completely missed on this patrol alone! Her ears flick; she catches onto what she says to their clanmate.

My mind is with someone else.

Is her eldest daughter in love? Green eyes light up, and she makes her way through the undergrowth to get closer to the rest of the patrol, a smile on her face. She begins to wonder who it could be, who is around Little Wolf's age within the clan. Blinding Star? Perhaps Kindleheart? Maybe even Sunfreckle? So many eligible cats! She tries to think of who she has noticed the ebony molly getting close to, and halts immediately upon a realization. Blazestar....She recalls with horror how excited he had been to call out to her, how she could hardly take her eyes off him. She had believed at the time that they had just been old friends, but could it be that...? No, not that kittypet. Not a rival clan's leader. Instinctively, her jaws part, as if about to ask her, and then she remembers they are surrounded by the hunting patrol. She clamps her mouth shut. The tabby won't be seen outing her daughter for such feelings. Let everyone else believe it's a ThunderClanner she's fallen for.


The scent of prey, squirrel he'd been told, had occupied him for much of the patrol. He had kept up with it, even spotting it a few times but the crashing weight of his pursuit chased it away. His ordinarily sleek coat grew more and more ruffled between each attempt. It was annoying above all else, he knew where they were but getting within ten strides was near impossible. The ache of his paw pads unsettled him, the blunting of his sense growing.

He hadn't been alone however, as Little Wolf seemed to have bees in her brain. It was a surprise, Sloepaw assumed all warriors were honed to catch prey with ease. A little bit of relief was pressed into him knowing even they have off days. Catching sight of her latest scuffle, the apprentice couldn't help but ask, "You good?"

A huff escaped him at her reply, talk of 'someone' distracting her. "Exciting." Tone dry, the tom looked to the sky briefly. He couldn't deduce what she referred to, platonic or romantic distraction, but the thought of the latter quickly switched him off from the topic. That kind of thing was not his domain. Taking note of his beaming mentor, Sloepaw turned away from the pair to continue searching- no doubt in vain- for more prey. One char ear would still be twisted to them though, a begrudging curiosity pushing him to listen.