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Sep 25, 2022
Saying he was skeptical was an understatement. Walking alongside his sister, he’d look over at her with a skeptical glance. She can’t really expect this to work out can she? Weird.Ay, uh sis? You really expect this to work out? Tu hermano here ain’t exactly cut out for living life on the wild side you know.” Admittedly, he was rather nervous about the whole deal. To live with wild cats during the day and return to their people at night? It sounded like something out of a story.

It had been odd, seeing his sister disappear for full days at a time, only coming home as the sun was starting to set on the horizon. How long had it taken? How long had it been before he finally spoke to her about it? Inquiring as to where she’d been going. Initially, he didn’t believe her. A clan of cats? Who lived together and fought against other clans? While warming up to her offer had taken him some time, he figured it was worth a shot. He could always quit and come home.

So how exactly is this going to work? We just walk in their home and everything is fine? Or-” Words cut off by a tail across his maw, he’d stop at his sister’s signal, curious as to why they were stopping. I suppose this place can’t be that bad. We’ll just have to see how things work out I guess. What a shock the Cloudclan or whats it would be in for once they discovered he was a practically worthless cat. He couldn’t hunt or fight. He’d never had to do those things before, so why would he have to know? Surely they wouldn’t expect him to do any of that.

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Churro is as happy as can be, happier than happy, shes ecstatic and everything beyond- theres carefree laughter as she skips alongside her brother, curled ears perked as she bounces along. "Relajarse, they won't kill you! It's actually quite fun, I have a bunch of friends- oh, I should bring Redstorm to meet you!" chipper, ever-present grin, she stops to shake out her pelt as a chirp leaves her mouth. She knows hes skeptical, but at this point this has been a second home to her, shes helped them, gone on patrols, she even has an apprentice of her own! Little Greenpaw, awh, she is so proud of the kid!

She flicks her tail, a sign to stop and she only grins at him in response to his question. 'Don't worry, stay here' she mouths before disappearing in to the camp, practically vibrating with excitement. "Hola, Skyclan!! Blazestar, Red- Come meet my big brother, hes come to join!" pride laced her voice, she loves her family more than anything, and to have him come join her was something that practically melted her heart- oh, she just knew he'd love it come time!
Churrodream's greeting is particularly high-energy this morning, her excitement palpable even from across camp. Blazestar regards her curiously, if not a little warily. "Come meet my big brother, he's come to join!"

Another warrior, he muses as he pushes himself to his paws. He smiles at Churrodream before dipping his head to her - lead the way. He's thankful she hadn't brought him into camp yet, at least, though as he exits the brambles, he realizes she just barely stopped short of it.

"Welcome," he mews, eyes rising and lowering from ear tips to paws. "Churrodream says you are her kin. She's a valuable warrior. Were you planning on doing as she is?" He surveys the cat, whose soft life hangs off of him, speaking for him. Soft pelt, soft belly. Soft. But Blazestar had been once, too. "By that I mean... are you intending on going back to your housefolk when the night comes?" He questions, sitting and wrapping his tail about his paws.


Figpaw isn't sure if Tallulahwing wanted her out... but was it bad if she was merely following her leader? Sticking close to the large tom-cat, Figpaw would eventually lay her sights on who was apparently Churrodream's brother. Huh! She didn't even know Churrodream had a brother, and this cat was joining? Cool!

"You live with twolegs? Can you take me to see the inside? I've always wanted to see one." She asks without even thinking, casting the joining tom a big grin. Tallulahwing certainly wouldn't mind? Would mom...? She doesn't know... maybe it was best to not tell her about her curiosities.
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Deersong had going to speak with Snowpaw about some training when Churrodreams' chirpy voice graced her ears and the cream and mocha molly would turn her head to see Blazestar and Figpaw hurrying after her back out of camp.

Oh? A new joiner was it? Catching her apprentices gaze, she would motion with her tail for him to follow her as she moved to leave the camp as well to see who this new face would be. Her face was smiled by its usual ethereal calm as her aqua eyes settled on the unfamiliar chocolate point and she moved to stand at Blazestars' flank, dipping her head in greeting.

"Well, it's stellar to meet you, brotha'. The name is Deersong and this here is my apprentice, Snowpaw." She would nod to her charge to say hello before falling silent so as to wait for his response to Blazestars' question.

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" no-furs eat cats they don’t own " he lies fluidly toward Figpaw as he approaches, dead-pan and grey optics observing the brother and sister duo. The piebald’s muzzle lifting to consider their differences or similarities rather as he sidles up to Deersong and her apprentice. Shoulders rolling as he waits for the newcomer to answer Blazestar. " Thistleback, I’m a daylight warrior too. Like your sister " he introduces himself in turn. ’ but i’m not owned like some sort of toy ‘ he mentally adds. His junkyard no-fur cooed to him sometimes, but there was no cozy house. Thistleback slept under the stars but in the trash and sandpits he was used to. Feasting on rats and dog-food at times.

" Don’t look so nervous lad, you have no enemies here " he adds, noting the wary state of the man.

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Though he doesn't quite understand why his mentor leaves every night, only to return in the morning - surely it was a long walk back to the twolegplace? - Greenpaw does know that it's part of being a daylight warrior. Some sort of ceremonious ordeal, going back to the twolegplace, to sleep in twoleg nests, rather than SkyClan's nests.

The young apprentice doesn't think he'd ever want to be a daylight warrior, but, Churrodream is one. She was still just as much a warrior as everyone else - one of the best, even, in Greenpaw's eyes. Churrodream being a daylight warrior just meant having to wait a little longer to start whatever training he was meant to do for the day as she took the walk from one home to the next, such as he does today. Waiting is boring - it always is - but Greenpaw knows she'll show up eventually.

Ginger ears eventually perk up at the sound of a familiar voice, already bright eyes brightening further.

She's here! Churrodream is finally here! And she's brought someone, too!

Greenpaw bounds forward to meet his mentor, trailing not too far behind Blazestar. He nearly runs right into Churrodream and the newcomer, pawsteps staggering to a clumsy stop just in front of them.

"Hi, Churrodream!" he greets his mentor, before looking up at the new face beside her, "Hola, amigo!" Greenpaw still isn't sure what the phrase means, but he hopes it means 'welcome.' Churrodream did say it while they were welcoming the Sherrif, so it must mean that, right?

"I'm Greenpaw, Churrodream's apprentice!" he continues on, before tilting his head, "What's your name? Have you come to stay with us? Or, are you gonna go away like Churrodream does?"
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Nodding, his sister would slip into the camp, excitedly announcing his arrival. What an entrance! And it was all for him! Allowing himself to relax ever so slightly, he'd watch as a flame point came into view, flanked by his sister and several other felines. “Hola!” Greeting them politely (much like he'd been thoroughly taught prior to accompanying Churro today) he'd listen as each cat carefully took a turn speaking. Everything moving so fast, he assumed the best point of action would be to start in the order of being addressed. That was a good idea, right?

Yes! I plan to be just like 'er!” He chuckled, frowning slightly for a moment as he was inquired if he'd be returning back to their den each night. I forgot she said some of these cats sleep OUTSIDE. Weird stuff.Churro told me that would be fine. Is it not?” Should his tone be interpreted as rude, it would be anything other than his intentions. Difficulty understanding what this tom wanted would play a major factor in the potential issue.

A goofy grin would slip across his face as a younger cat, likely between his and Churro's own age was the next to speak. This kid wanted to see inside their den huh? He didn't see what the problem was, but had a gut feeling that would likely cross a line he didn't want to cross should he agree. “I uh- don't think I'm supposed to agree to that....” A wink would be cast in her direction, attention briefly pulled away with mentioning of the up-walkers eating strange cats.

Laughter would fill the air, whiskers twitching alongside his amusement. “Doesn't sound like you are with those rumors.” He'd tease, feeling himself settle more with mentions of not having any enemies. That was enough for him, and he felt little need to challenge the statement any further.

Once again, his attention would be divided between a woman and her apprentice. Offering them both a smile of greeting, he felt the need to greet them verbally as well. After all, it would be rather rude if he didn't, wouldn't it? “Ah! Greetings to you both. It's wonderful to meet you as well.

Finally, Greenpaw would arrive. “So you are the famous Greenpaw I've heard so much about? My name's Flan. I'm hurt my sister hasn't spoken about me as much as she's spoken about you.” A paw would be placed over his heart dramatically, casting Churrodream a teasingly hurt glance. “I go where she goes!” He'd followed her here hadn't he? What reason would he have to not follow her home at the end of the day?

What a strange cat, he had followed along dutifully behind Deersong but the newcomer made him instantly wary for no particular reason. He wondered what it was-perhaps the scent of two-leg place was a bit too strong on him and it made Snowpaw uneasy. He didn't mind the Daylight warriors, but they at least also smelled like SkyClan. He smiled politely though, listening in to the brief discussions going on and grinning wider at the mention of his brother, but something else in the conversation caught his attention and it occurred to him he didn't know many things but among them was, "What's a flan? ....and for that matter what is a churro?" Some of the Daylight warriors had names with words he wasn't familiar with at all, perhaps of strange prey or two-leg things from their home? Snowpaw was not aware of two-legs naming their cats, but if he was he'd have been mortified by the idea of anyone but his mother picking his name.