i got sunshine -intro- on a cloudy day

When he was born it was in a dip alongside a noisy Thunderpath, the rain pelting overhead was chilling and the sounds of his siblings mewling were muffled in the downpour. It was the furthest back his memory went, a gray and dreary day and the sound of thunder in the distance. The next memory he had was pacing inside steel bars, watching and waiting for something to happen. Occasionally the cage opened, a hand went in to pet and a bowl placed with food and water but they were short bursts of interaction that blurred together.
He had been named Ozzy back then, the clipboard on the front of his cage listed that he was docile, friendly, but might need a tentative owner due to his missing leg and the extra work that might come from caring for him had detered many despite his chipper demeanor. He had no idea about the clipboard, only that it was there, he had no idea it told so much about him to any who would glance upon it and he had no idea it had what was essentially a countdown to the day he would be taken to the back room. All shelter animals knew of the room, of course, but not its purpose nor intent. Only that you never saw anyone again when they were taken to it. He wondered if they were set free elsewhere, he wondered what became of his cagemates and the cats who had been in here long before him.
Fortunately for him, he never had to learn. The door was left ajar one day, a careless mistake that lead to his freedom and he had taken it without hesitation to finally see the world. His early days out in the city alone were horrid and he would happily push them to the back of his mind but it was when he found the pine colony did he truly feel like his life was beginning. One of the other cats asked his name when he joined and he had politely told them it was Sunny, because that day the sun was bright and so was his future prospects. It was a name that suited him, though while he learned to hunt and defend himself he was most well-known for his social skills and politeness; prefering to discuss things rather than fight and having a knack for nest building that was rarely rivaled. The division of cats after the great war was something sudden and unexpected but he happily followed the group that would be called ThunderClan without hesitation.

Establishing a clan was a task in itself, the new rankings and their new territory was all a little overwhelming to adjust to but he liked to imagine he was doing fine. Most sought the hard work, the hunting and the patrolling about, but Sunfreckle (as he was now called) had opted for a little more tedious but no less important task. The Nursery.
One would expect a queen nursing kits to take the reins there but he had settled in quite comfortable and enjoye providing: whether it be prey, bedding or a distraction for ThunderClan's newest little members so their mothers could have a break.
Sunfreckle enjoyed it, adored every part of this new little niche he had formed for himself and today he was redoing the bedding in places where kits had grown to be apprentices and moving to their new nest so that it was ready for the next queen to take over. Later, if he could find someone to go with him, he might fetch fresh moss and sweet scented plants to line the den with. He would need to prod Cinderfrost on which ones would be okay to have near kits just in case. He expected a daisy or two to get eaten but a foolish little furball.

Meadowflame has never liked kits. She remembers being only a few moons old, looking with disdain at the wriggling tri-colored nightmare that had been her sister, worming at her their mother's flank like some otherwordly beast. Hazel had never improved, either, though their mother had refused to see it... always whining, always needing.

She's come away from her youth imagining all children are like that. Leeches. When there's a nursing queen, Meadowflame steers clear. When kits are tumbling and playing nearby, she decides all of a sudden that the fresh-kill pile looks rather empty.

She can almost understand the instinct to care for kits, but for a tom who's never had any -- what's the point? She eyes Sunfreckle warily as he goes about gathering supplies for the nursery. Her every instinct screams at her to run, but it's too late. She'll look callous if she doesn't approach. With a forced smile, Meadowflame pads closer to the ginger tom. "Cottontail's kits are almost grown now. There's no need to pamper anyone," she chides in a faux-gentle tone. "You're sweet, though. Maybe we can help someone else out instead." Anything to get her away from the damn nursery.


"Cottontail's might be almost grown, but there are other queens still expecting," Flycatcher pointed out in a not unfriendly tone as he walked up alongside Meadowflame. There were at least two queens that looked as though they might give birth at any day now and soon the nursery would once again be filled with mewling kits.

Flywhisker was quite neutral towards kits. He hadn't really grown up around kits in his youth and did not recall many in those few weeks he and his family had been part of Rain's group. He supposes that one day he would like kits of his own, sons and daughters to tell stories of his past to and teach lessons about life to. His parents had been good to him growing up, raised him to be the cat he was today. They hadn't been perfect and had made their share of mistakes raising him but he would try and raise his own children by their example when the time came.

The blue tabby turns his attention to the decorating Sunfreckle has been doing. "I'm sure the queens will appreciate what you've done," Flycatcher told him. "I can't say much for the kits, however. I think they're more likely to chew up all your hard work."

Berryheart did not think he would ever find it any less than enthralling how naturally marsh and pine had become one within ThunderClan. He knew WindClan and ShadowClan's ranks were bolstered mainly with marsh-cats, while SkyClan naturally held those who had always called the pine forest home, but ThunderClan seemed a fascinating cocktail of both and then some. This ginger tabby he knew hailed from the pine forest, though as he ambled up to stand beside Peachy and Blue he barely considered that fact. They were ThunderClan now, and it mattered not where they hailed from. Especially when the nursery was kept up so nicely- though, naturally, Berryheart found his critical gaze falling to the nest-weaving.

From here, there was no fault- and the dappled tom found himself impressed. Though it was subtle and near-indecipherable, a smile tugged upon Berryheart's jostled jaw, protruding fangs showing a little more of their shambolic nature than normal. Mottled ears flicked to attention, his expression statuesque as Blue spoke of kittens devouring chore work. It was likely true... kittens were often prone to causing mischief, loving to indulge in chaos. Clamours, his young niece, had been living tumultuous proof of that.

Berryheart himself had been a much more grateful child. He found no use in adding anything for now, simply offering the ginger tom- who was now forever labelled Nifty for his neatening of the nursery- a nod of wordless approval.

His one deft paw paused in his moss spreading, claws sheathing slowly back as he looked up and both green eyes landed on Meadowflame with a curious stare to her approach and words. He highly doubted that proving basic nesting material was pampering, he hadn't even gotten to the frivolous decorating nonsense he was sure to be considered a waste of time but he smiled in greeting to her all the same.
"Ah, well-" He had started to speak, inform the molly that it never hurt to be prepared in advance but Flycatcher's sudden presence both interupted and answered for him in one neat remark. The red tabby turned, body swaying slightly at the offset of weight on one side that was his missing foreleg before he sat back down proper to address the gathered cats who had come to chat. It was nice having others pause for a friendly hello now and then, the clan had been so busy and was still so new that it seemed every feline present had been moving a mile a minute. Sunfreckle had not had much time to even introduce himself to many either with the ongoing hustle and bustle and he was pleased to be able to do so now at least.
He laughed, the sound softer than what he looked, a cat his sized appeared like they might have a deeper voice or a growl of a tone but his was an almost hushed and airy affair without much grit or force. "I'd expect no less than a completely destroyed den from a new ThunderClanner, kits are a pawful and I'm prepared to replace quite a lot of bedding when the next litter rolls in." Maybe one day he'd have kits, it would be nice but that also implied finding someone to have kits with which was where his daydreaming stopped. Sunfreckle was more interested in being a father than a mate.
"While I know most everyone's names-" He had good ears and paid attention, "I don't think we've met properly before! I'm Sunny-erm-well it's Sunfreckle now. I kinda like it. Emberstar knows how to name a cat."

There was another cat, mottled pelt and blue eyes, politely watching from the side and he turned to offer a paw up in a wave that was quickly stopped when he realized he needed that paw to remain upright so he planted it back down firmly on the ground before he could lose his balance.


Flycatcher chuckled a little at Sunfreckle's remark. "I don't doubt that the future members of this clan will live up to their nest-destroying futures," He purred. The blue tabby cast his eye over the den in an appraising manner. "No doubt you'll have your paws full keeping this place looking presentable with the queens when the next litters roll around. Are you certain you're up for the task?" His question was asked with a hint of humour.