private i miss the person you used to be .. inky


There's a pained look in her face as she watches Inkylotus in the distance, limping with his fresh wound on his chest. She clenches her teeth, and wills herself not to call him out for being an idiot during the coop raid, for going in when he knew he couldn't see. When he could have gotten killed.

Duskfire would end me if I was there and didn't help keep him safe. She reasoned with herself internally, squinting at the tom as he walked over to talk to a few passerbys. Then, as if he had scented her lavender-filled smell on the wind, he lifted his head and called out to her questioningly. She flinched, caught staring at him, and the cats next to him gave her an unsure glare. As if she was wrong for staring at him. Bullocks, she'd say.

"What do you want, Inkylotus? Don't you know I have better things to do?" She asks hotly, feeling the fur along her spine bristle.
Everything Stays

Nestled comfortably beside that of Duskfire, Inkylotus had been resting for the most part. Newly adorn cobwebs across his chest for the cut he gotten in the raid. It wasn't so bad for someone who couldn't see for the most part. He thought it went rather well and Duskfires' help in fighting was certainly paying off too. Though as he laid there, a soft scent reached his nose. For a moment he thought it was Lavender, but the scent was a bit different than that. "Hyacinthbreath?" He questioned curiously, what did she want? The molly always seemed to dislike Inkylotus, for whatever reason, so it was odd of her to approach him. Had she been there the whole time?

"You where nearby, I figured you'd wanna join us," He answered her prickly question rather smoothly and gestured with a paw, "We're sharing stories of travels and things like that" Then amusement pricked at his maw in the form of a smile, "Plus I felt you staring at me, so I figured you wanted something from me," As now that he thought about it, he had felt eyes on him but he figured that was from kittens. They had a knack for staring at someone, espeically with no eyes.