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Aug 1, 2022

it's a long way forward, so trust in me

Ash has been collecting rocks. She's been clinging close to her mother and playing in the stream. She's been doing as Cicadastar told her to, staying within the boundaries of camp, being a good kit. She doesn't want to hurt everyone again. She doesn't want to make Cicadastar snarl, make Pumpkin scream and spit and sob, make Beesong cry. She doesn't want to do that again, so she's being as good as she can.

She wants to say sorry to Beesong, too. That is part of her Brand-New Better Ashkit agenda. She thinks he might still be upset, though, so she'd better come up with something really good if she wants to prove that she's being better now.

She's spent alllllllll morning in the stream behind the nursery, splashing in its gentle waters and pawing through rocks in the sand. They're always smooth and often pretty, some colorful or even sparkling under the sun. She's got to find the best one if it's going to be her apology present. And at last she has, under the hot midday sun, uncovered a rare beauty-- the green of Ash's own eyes, clear ocean glass tumbled smooth by decades underwater. Ash takes a big deep breath and dunks her little orange face into the shallows, taking the green river-glass in her mouth, gripping it tight enough that the current won't take it back.

She leaps onto the sandy bank, giddy with excitement, the perfect gift for Beesong held victoriously between her teeth. She really really hopes they'll like it.

Ash takes a second to shake off the water, then wastes not a moment more, darting from the medicine den where she hopes to find them. As she approaches, her pawsteps slow down, fear sinking its teeth into her scruff and tugging her back. What if it's bad? What if he doesn't like it? What if he yells again, or she makes him cry again?

She creeps closer, peering in. You have to be brave, Ashkit tells herself. You're a good kit now, remember? So be brave.

So she takes another deep breath and steps inside, gently depositing her find in front of her, sunshine glinting off the little glass stone.

"Um, B-Beesong? I came to say I'm sorry. For making you cry and being bad and stuff. And I brought you a present to show how sorry I am. I thought you would like it, 'cause it's pretty, like you." She nudges the glass closer with one orange paw. Please like it, please like it, please like it!

i'll give them shelter like you've done for me

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  • - three moons old
    - will bite you
    - will put nettles in your nest
    - latches onto anyone who shows her affection
    - she's trying her best, i swear