i really, really, really, really, really, really like you - crushing/100th post oneshot

Sitting by himself, Flycatcher was enjoying a tasty meal of a blackbird. As he was eating, the sound of nearby laughter reached his ears, and he turned his head to see Marshfoot and Wrensong walking not far from where he was sitting, completely lost in each other. Flycatcher only knew the two in passing but like many in the clan, he was a little too aware of their blooming relationship. The pair had recently announced they were mates and seemed to have no qualms about showing their affections for each other in front of everyone. It was a little over the top perhaps but also pretty sweet. It was nice to see that in the wake of the fire and the loss the clan had felt that new love could spring from the pain.

Flycatcher would be lying if he said their announcement hadn't made him reflect on his own romantic life as of late - which was to say it was non-existent. There were cats that had caught his eye before, mostly in the past and a few in the present day. There wasn't anyone recently he had crushed on recently though except for maybe...Flamewhisker. Even thinking of her name in regards to romance made his cheeks warm. Friends sure, but beyond that? Well, that was something he couldn't give a straight answer to. He was fond of Flamewhisker and had felt protective towards her ever since she had first appeared in his life, a shoulder injury in tow. They had become fast friends, of that fact not even Flycatcher could deny, but developing feelings for her was not something he had anticipated and was perhaps even a little resistant to...at least for the moment.

Despite his reservations, Flycatcher had to admit it was nice to think about his growing feelings and what that could potentially mean for the two of them moving forward. All the while he got lost in his thoughts, he had no idea that he was sitting there, with an increasingly lovestruck expression on his face.
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