I see trees of green - p, howling

Another day, another hunt. It was a cycle that repeated every day, occasionally broken up by wandering his new home, or busying himself in the new camp. Yet again, Fly found himself in the trees, looking for signs of something to catch and bring back to camp. He could hear birdsong around him but it was either too high up for him or in another tree. Either way he wasn't having any luck so far.

A snap from somewhere below catches his ear, and he peers down below, taking a moment to spot a figure amidst the bushes. He chuckles to himself when realises who it is. Howling Wing. And yet again she has found him up in a tree. "Hello!" He calls down to her. Fly wasn't sure of the she-cat had known he was there, but she certainly would now. "So, I know what this looks like, but I promise you I don't do this often."


So far on the day's hunt, she's empty-pawed. A sigh of irritation leaves her as she stalks through the undergrowth, crossing nothing but stale scent trails until a call from above alerts her. Pricking her ears, she lifts her head to peer up into the leaves of an oak tree, gaze wandering until she spots green eyes staring back at her. His cheery words draw an amused purr from her, and with whiskers twitching she calls up, "Are you sure you're no SkyClanner?"

She looks around her briefly, and within a moment decides this hunt is a bust. She may as well join a clanmate in the sky and see if they have any luck with birds or squirrels. Attention returning to the tree that Fly is on, the tabby approaches the trunk before ascending. She isn't a graceful climber, not nearly as talented as some of those cats over in the pine forest, but she is practiced. Steadily, she climbs up the branches until she's a few fox-lengths away from her clanmate. "Alright, Fly, where to?" She trills, eager to see what his young tom will do next.

Fly also begins to purr seeing Howling Wind's reaction to his statement. Her question did make him think, if only for a moment. His spur of the moment decision to follow Emberstar had weighed on him a lot in the days following the move here, but he felt certain he had made the correct choice in the long run.

He watches with interest as Howling Wind gives up her previous hunt and joins him in the tree. It's not a grateful climb up, but who is Fly to judge, when his skill level is just the same. When she is safely up, he gives her an approving nod, glad for the company regardless of it was a surprise or not. When she encourages him to lead on, he blinks in surprise, before looking around. "I was trying to follow some birds, but they're too high up for me so I'm hoping I'll have some better luck chasing after a squirrel," He quickly explained., before tilting his head to some distance in front of him. As he paused for a moment, a little came to Fly's head, and he hoped Howling Wind would be up for the challenge. "I'm going to jump ahead and see if I can get closer. See if you can keep up," He gave the brown tabby a playful wink as he said that. Without lingering to see what the other's response would be, Fly took over, jumping to the branch of a nearby tree.

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Howling Wind nods along, following his gaze further into the trees. It makes sense. Squirrels happen to be a specialty of hers, and so she's eager to follow the young tom's lead on this one. Until, he issues his challenge. The tabby lifts her chin, gazing at him with faux arrogance as a smirk crosses her face. "Oho, now it's on, pup," She shoots back. While she may not be as young and spry as she used to be, she's not nearly ready to join the elder's den for many more seasons. A playful purr leaves her before she's off, crawling along the branch she was on before leaping to the next tree. White claws dig into the bark, bracing herself as the limb sways and dips under her weight.

There can be no denying that Howling Wind is the superior climber in this situation. Although she had some moons on him, she was not to be discounted, for she kept pace with him easily. Admittedly, Fly was a little surprised to see her so close behind at one point, thinking his smaller frame would have given him the edge, only to turn his head and see her right on his heels. In an effort to try and win, he pushed himself a little hard, and on what should have been a clean jump, he lands messily and takes a moment to regain his balance, allowing Howling to take the lead.

She beats him to the branch he had been leading them to, waiting for him to join her, and their prey awaits just ahead. As Fly safely makes it onto the branch he gives the brown tabby an approving nod. "Heh, you're not so bad at this are you?" He purrs, tilting his head to the side as he spoke. Fly is a little disappointed to have lost, but the joy that he got from this impromptu competition is enough to sweeten his mood. It feels like too long since he's had a moment like that and he is determined to savour it while he can. "I think the squirrel is just ahead," He mewed. He lifted his head a little to scent the air, confirming the squirrel was indeed nearby. "Do you see it at all?"
As soon as Fly slips up, the senior warrior takes her opportunity. Launching herself ahead of him, her claws grip the bark with practiced precision before she makes it to the very last limb. She catches herself and turns to look over her should at the young tom, a proud smirk upon her face. "Not so bad yourself," She chimes, tail flicking. "You can climb better than most. Keep the skill up or you'll lose it." After all, it was a skill she herself has had to maintain or she would have let her talent slip as well.

He reaches her and in an instant his mind is on the hunt. Ears rotating forward, she follows his nose, searching the leafy branches until she sees a twitching tail. "There," She murmurs low, jutting her chin out to point towards the prey. With a glance towards him, she whispers, "I can climb around and chase it towards you. Are you ready?"

He dips his head a little in embarrassment at Howling Wind's compliment. Fly appreciates her commending his skills at climbing, it was not something he heard very often from his own family when they were alive. His parents had been superb climbers, leaping through the branches with such ease and lack of fear, that Fly often thought they were more birds than cats.

When the brown tabby points out the squirrel somewhere ahead, Fly follows her gaze. It takes him a moment but he too sees the twitching tail. She informs him of her plan and he nods in agreement. "Sounds good to me," He mewed, before gesturing for her to move. "I'll follow your lead."