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Friends with the monster under my bed ~
Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - She had been called names before, whether it be from wary loners, barn cats… you name it.
It had never been too much, “weirdo” or “odd” had been the worst of it- and Wildflower never let it bother her. She accepted herself before anyone else- and that was the most important thing, right?
She had just finished chatting with someone, a new friend she liked to think, and now it was lunch.
Routine was essential for her, her dizzying mind often could go every which way without it. Especially now, she could acknowledge the fact that being apart of a clan only reinforced her routine, and the need for it.
Happily, she skips over to the prey pile, yet as her fore paw goes to touch the ground, it is blocked, and she is sent toppling face-first into the ground.
Her nose stings and she is left blinking away the dust before she can assess what happened- but a faint snickering behind her let’s her know that it wasn’t a pesky rock.
“I’m soo sorry! Total accident!”
Wildflower recognizes that voice, and quickly sits up, lifting her paw to rub the stinging away from her nose.
It’s one of her peers, though when Wildflower had first try to approach them only a quarter-moon ago, they had brushed her off. Flow took the hint, and had left it at that.
Now, her optimism is her weakness, and she truly does believe it was an accident- after all, why would they trip her for now reason?
❝ Oh, heh. That’s okay! Mistakes happen- ❞ She begins, but the other is already walking off, perhaps they were busy? Nonetheless, Wildflower cannot help but feel a bit hurt by their rudeness. Blinking the last of the dirt from her gaze, she attempts to shrug it off. Mistakes happen.
❝ Speech. ❞


Sand had watched what had happend with a bemused expression upon her face. That had clearly not been an accident, and if it had been well, that was really a clumpsy one who needed to check thier own sight. It was disappointing to see how Flow just took that half-hearted apology like it was nothing. Seriously, why would she let herself get pushed around like that for?. If anyone had dared doing the same to them Sand would have smacked them over thier head. Sand hated it when cats like that foxheart got away with something like this. But what was she suppose to do about it?. She was too young to get taken seriously that was for sure. Interfering with other adults didn't seemed like the wisest decision for a young she-cat like herself to do. The adults always thought they knew best. That was just how it was. Why else would they have split up into five clans for. Only adults made stupid decisions like that.

" Why did you let them get away with that for?." Sand approached Flow but throw a glare at the back of the cat who had walked away from thier own crime scene, annoyence flashed through thier orbs for a good moment. " It obviously wasn't an accident. You know that right?." For sure they couldn't be so naive and stupid to believe that foxhearted lie. It had been written all over thier face. Tch. To think she had left the pine group to become a Thunderclanner, and yet she still was surrended by douches.

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Starling liked Wildflower. She reminded her of Ember, both of them were kind and exerted the same energy. Wildflower was also one to greet her as she joined and so Starling was always grateful. And always watching. She rushes forth with spiked fur and a scowl on her face, hackles raised as she hissed after the perpetrator. “Run back to your pathetic hole in where you came from! No one wants your attitude around here, coward.” she spits after them, scoring her claws against the earth below her.

Sand is talking to Wildflower and Starling only hums in response. “Don’t let them push you around like that.” Starling turns to face Wildflower with a half smile, half look of annoyance. Wildflower was too soft for her good, being soft in a world that was so unforgiving- it was kill or be killed at this point. Though, true innocence was better left protected and Starling vowed she wouldn’t let anyone push anyone else over, literally and metaphorically. She closes her eyes and breathes. “Are you okay?” she’ll ask flatly, tail still lashing from the cat before.