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Jun 26, 2022

Hey there! I'm Spencer, but I usually go by my penname; Sae. I see some people doing their introductions, and while I'm not necessarily new to most of the people here, I'd still like to introduce myself to our newcomers on-site.

I'm a transman that uses he/him pronouns, and I'm 23 years old. I currently work full-time as a Night Auditor for two Hilton hotels at the moment, so my activity is kind of funky at times due to me working overnight. You'll most likely see more of me during the weekdays, but you'll catch me every once in a while during weekends if I'm lucky to have that opportunity. Currently, I'm engaged to my wonderful girlfriend of four years (almost five this september. holy shit!), who I also live with.

Not exactly important, but I'm Deaf- and I'm pretty open about my experiences. You'll often see me participating in voice calls and using a subtitle app to assist me better, along with specialized headphones that have very loud audio for me to hear a little bit easier with assistance from my hearing aids. It's a very nice little system I have going for myself.

As for my hobbies.. I absolutely love playing Dungeons & Dragons. I currently DM my own campaign, and I am apart of another campaign that my best friend @Angelkisses DMs. I've got major brainrot when it comes to this game, guys- so do forgive me. I'm also an ex-criminology major that dropped out due to my mental health. I've always been obsessed with criminal psychology, but when it comes to the topic of serial killers; I'm known to ramble.. Just a bit.

I have a nine year old golden retriever named Oakley, who's a retired service dog that aided me up until recently, due to an event that led to me deciding on his retirement for his own health. He's a very good, yet goofy boy- and enjoys cats way, way too much. He's very fond of them.

If I'm not on Tabby Tales or my own website The Wildlands, then I'm usually on Steam playing dating simulators or visual novels that intrigue me. So if you've got some interesting game recommendations, feel free to hit me up.

Anyways, I think it's about time I stop rambling. My brain's a mess, lol. If anyone ever wishes to chat, you can hit me up on Discord at saeyoung#6593 !

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