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Sep 13, 2022
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Who are you really?

After all that had happened, Forestkit had seen Cicadastar more as a father than his own, and he was not sure if that was because the tom would constantly visit him and his siblings within the safety of the nursery or that he just...looked up to the pretty tom. He wished to be like that, to stand tall with pride and joy over his clan, and those he cares about. Slender small legs followed after the leader as Forestkit began to attempt to copy the confident strides of his leader, stumbling slightly over his paws as he hasn't yet grown fully into his tall legs. His bobbed tail swished in irritation as he struggled to keep up with the other

He puffed out his fluffy chest while he lifted his head slightly in the same way Cicadastar held himself, mimicking the other as best he could despite tripping here and there. He had tried to be quiet, truth be told but he was sure his own clumsiness had perchance alerted the leader to the tiny black fur trying to follow and mimick the movements of the other. Spiderfall's mini-lookalike, despite this though Forestkit was nothing like his dad. Hazel eyes burned with determination to keep up with Cicadastar, even attempting to look at those to that Cicadastar has given warm glances. Some seemed amused at the kit's antics of trying to copy their leader but...Forestkit wanted to be like the tom. Graceful, confident, and an overseer of the clan, someone the clan could rely on.
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