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Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - As much as the molly had been enjoying getting to know all of her new clanmates, she had only just made the realization that she hadn’t really interacted with the youth of Thunderclan yet.
The realization had made Wildflower frown in the moment, she adored children- how could she have ignored them?
Today, she had decided to approach Milky, one of Cotton kits.
She knew little about Cotton and the children, but was determined to change that.
As she approached the child, she flicked her tail in greeting, putting the warmest smile on her face that the jovial feline could muster. ❝ Heya Milky! I have a question for you ❞ Flow prompted, taking a seat in front of the kitten, ❝ Would you like to come pick some flowers with me? ❞ She asked once she was sure she had captured Milky’s attention, though if Flow had to admit, she was a bit nervous! While it was somewhat easy to ignore the judgement of most, a kittens judgement was the most important of all, and Flow was striving for the best first impression, hoping that Milky couldn’t sense her faint anxiety. ❝ We could invite some of your friend’s too, if you want! ❞ She then added.

[please wait for @MILKYKIT ]
❝ Speech. ❞

Milky had been content to stare up at the sky poking through the foliage. Clouds peaked into view and transformed into shapes. Like that one! That one looked like a cute little bunny! And then that one looked.. like a log? A branch? Wait, no. That was an actual branch.

The grass next to the kit ruffled, gently tickling her sides. Daydreams washed away as reflexes kicked in and she jumped (as if trying to ascend and become a cloud herself). Fluffy fur puffed out like a ball, Milky carefully turned to look at what caused the grass to move. It hadn't been the wind because she would have felt that. Then again, she had been quite intently staring at the sky so maybe she had...

Nope! Nope! A cat was there. Her tail curled around her eyes: if she couldn't see them then they couldn't see her, right? Eventually, baby blue eyes poked out from behind the white feathery curtains and recognition struck her. Oh! It was the molly from when they had first arrived. And her lips were still loose.

Milky tilted her head to the side, confusion evident by her furrowed brows. Something.. Something.. Something about flowers? And then maybe something that mentioned friends? She straightened up, unblinking eyes staring up at the older molly, as her tail quizzically curled at the tip into a shape reminiscent of a question mark. A lifted paw batted at the air once, paused for a second, and then repeated the same action. - "Can you repeat that?".
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✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Wildflower felt her confidence begin to waver as she was almost immediately met with a tail-veiled gaze.
Though, after a moment, sapphire hues eventually peered questionably up at her, and Flow felt her shaky confidence returning.
She watches curiously as Milky’s tail curled, and her lifts, batting the air. Then repeats the same gesture.
Wildflower tilts her head, her mind churning until the realization clicks- repeat.
❝ Oh! I’m sorry ❞ she apologized, red pooling at her fur-covered cheeks. Reminding herself to pace her words, she begins once more, this time gesturing to the camp exit as well, ❝ would you like to go pick flowers with me? We can invite friends as well ❞ she prompted, admittedly a bit guilty that she had not been more accommodating for the kitten in the first place.
Now, she looks to Milky with a hopeful glimmer in her eyes, hoping they hadn’t gotten off on the wrong paw just yet.
❝ Speech. ❞


Picking flowers...Blaa, such a girly thing to do!. Sand who was this clan tomboy disliked anything that made her come out as feminine. She was the molly who battled and fought with the other toms in the mud much rather then seating of to the side grooming herself pretty. What made it even more annoying was that she had this typical feminine features that many she-cats in this clan was jealous of. She had that soft fur, pretty features and if only putting time into grooming herself would have looked very stunning. Apperance like she was many tom's dream girl but to Sand she only found it annoying. She would much rather have been born with a less attractive face just to avoid that unwanted attention.

" Do you want me to come with you?." She asked Wildflower not exactly thinking they where friends or anything so wouldn't fit in there but she figured it might be difficult for Wildflower to look out after a deaf kit all by herself. Sand wouldn't mind helping to keep a eye on the kit to keep them safe even if she wouldn't say she was a fan of kits. She wouldn't say she disliked them but she didn't like them either. What she cared about though was to look out after those who couldn't look out after themselves.

" Count me out on the flower picking though. " She would hurry herself to add, narrowing her orbs momently as she cringed on the inside just thinking about her picking flowers and putting them in her fur...ugh. If anyone of the toms saw her doing that...they would laugh at her and tease her forever!.

Glancing down on the kit while waiting on Wildflowers answer she suddenly felt a bit awkward, having no clue on how to interact with a kit who couldn't even hear her. Sand ended up just waving her tail to them as a greeting. Maybe that would work.


Would it ever be rare that Berry was sat relaxing in camp, warmed by the smiling sun? The lopsided tom was nothing if not set in his ways- having lived this routine for eighteen moons of his life, he certainly did not intend to change it. When whims wove their way between his ears and beckoned him with silvery whispers would he rise to his paws, olivine eyes falling upon the source; flower picking, and Berry immediately deduced that attending would likely be good for him. He had not completed many chores today- for as much as he enjoyed his rest, it would indeed be ever-improved with the addition of flowers.

Picking his way toward the trio, he dipped his head toward them all- though he recalled only one name, and that name was fabricated by his own mind. Bumblebee- he knew her, so offered her a nod of greeting. His presence was hopefully evidence enough that he was prepared to attend. Not only could he do with a bigger selection of flowers to weave into nests, but there was something serene about flower-patched that brought great comfort to his should even when stood up. Dull eyes moved to study those who may be coming with; a molly who turned her nose up at the idea of flower picking, despite the choice to coma along (strange), and the kit whom Bumblebee was originally addressing, with eyes as bright blue as a jay's wing.
Whisker follows after... after... Well, they can't recall his name nor his nickname, so they decide to call the tortie who'd been dozing in the dappled sunlight Dozy for the time being.

They follow after Dozy over to... Bee's wax, they've forgotten her name, too! They'll call her Flowers for now, since she'd been asking a young kit to go flower-picking. There's a glimmer in Whisker's eyes, leaning forwards slightly. They love picking flowers! "I can come with, too?" Whisker blinks at Flowers, before a horrifying realization crashes down on them as their gaze drifts to the kit at Flowers' paws. Oh, what if she didn't want anyone else to come with her? What if this was supposed to be a one-on-one thing between her and... What had she called the kit?

What if this was supposed to be a one-on-one thing between Flowers and Ghost? They assign the nickname hastily for her stark white fur and quiet demeanor. Whisker squeezes their eyes shut, shaking their head. Stars, they couldn't do anything right! You're such a screw up! "I- Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude! ... Am I intruding?" They risk a peek, opening one eye to glance in Flowers' general direction. Their ears burn, their tail tip twitching uncomfortably. "I mean, I could go... If you, y'know, if this... If this is an activity in which... You would have me?"

Whisker huffs, and their eyes cut over to... They don't know her name, either. She extends an offer to accompany Flowers as well, but says that she won't be picking flowers. Huh. Well, that's... bizarre. Why would she want to come flower-picking if she didn't want to pick flowers? Whisker doesn't say anything, of course, not wanting to rub her fur the wrong way... But internally, they dub her as The Kinda Weird One.
She waved Wildflower's apologies off. The kit hadn't been offended. As her mother said, not everyone would understand at first. Non-verbal communication existed in the cat world but not to the extent that their family used it.

"Pick flowers." Ohhh. Though unable to hear, her ears pricked up at the idea. Her head quickly bobbed up and down. Milky adored flowers. They smelled so nice, especially to her keen nose. Not to mention how gorgeous they are! And she was able to bring along a friend! Not that she really had any of those but she did have Violet which was just as good - if not better!

Unfortunately, the sociable molly seemed to naturally draw a crowd. Sky blue eyes widened, overwhelmed by the visuals, as one, two, three cats joined. Where in the world had they even come from? On the bright side, all of them seemed to be addressing the grey she-cat and not her. Which was 100% a-okay considering Milky still struggled with crowds.

Maybe.. maybe she should just make a quick getaway? However, her enlargened eyes landed on Berry. The pretty nest-making guy. Milky offered him a shy smile. If they managed to find flowers then maybe he could teach her how to make something so beautiful!

She'd counted her kits' heads one by one every night, making sure Violet and Milky were nearby at all times. She had told them both that leaving camp wasn't allowed, very firmly so.

Cotton's head pounded as she roused herself from a deep sleep, blinking away her blurry gaze. She stretches her limbs, feeling bones pop beneath her fur as she does so. With such a good sleep, it was hard for her to tell where she was at first. She looks around, noting that she was in her nest back in camp. That's right, she wasn't with her twolegs anymore. She was merely a wild cat just like the others, who lived in the forest protected by the shade of the trees. She smiles, before glancing down to check if her kits were curled up to her stomach like usual.

But neither of them are there.

And Cotton panics on instinct.

She quickly jumps to her feet, glancing around the other nests before finally leaving the group of nests in favor of roaming the camp to find her kit. They weren't exactly hard to spot, being pale white like herself. She pushes through grass, nose stuck high in the air to scent for the smell of milk and chamomile. She'd always make sure her nest had it weaved in, just in case she lost her kits. Her sense of smell was intensified, after all.

In the distance, she spots a bundle of white fur and rushes over, a soft symphony of chirping and chirrups leaving the mother's lips worriedly. Deaf ears twitch forward as she moves around the kit, making herself known without scaring her- before she leans down and licks her daughter's cheek with worry. There's a sniffle that leaves the worried mother, and soon enough she realizes that there's more people here with her daughter. Her tail instinctively moves to curl around the little bundle of snowy fur, but she halts the movement.

Dipping her head, she gives a nervous yet serene smile to the group before turning back to her daughter.

Her tail moves steadily, gesturing to the group of cats and then tilting her head.

Are you going to play with them?

She asks her daughter, lips moving to accentuate her words. She had to teach her to live in both worlds. The hearing world, and the deaf world. If they wanted to be treated equally, they had to learn.

And learning meant she had to give these cats a chance. For her daughters.