ICARUS FLEW TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN — staring at the sun

Jun 7, 2022

It's not every single day that Basil stops to admire his surroundings. Usually, the monochrome colored tom is too busy worrying to stop and admire his surroundings. He hated being an apprentice. Everything about it sucked. His bones ached, he was tired all the time, and he had a sniffle that wouldn't quite go away. To put it shortly, he was miserable.

Today though, there was a change in the air, it was a little less hot, the air held a cooler breeze to it and the leaves swayed softly in the wind. He is headed back to camp when he notices it and he stops, tilting his head back, enjoying the cool air.

That's when he sees it.

The sun.

It hangs low in the sky, a ball of red and orange surrounded by pink and purple and it captivated basils attention instantly and completely. He cannot tear his eyes away from it. He stares so long his eyes start to hurt. It's a confusing feeling, why does looking at something so pretty start to hurt. Finally, when he cannot bear it any longer he looks away, starting to tear up as he puts his paws over his face, covering his burning eyes. "Ow ow ow it hurts it hurts why?!" He cries out loudly burying his face into his paws.
He remembers the first time he'd stared at the sun.

Trial and error, again and again, he would try as a youngling, eternally drawn to that bright ball of flame. That light greater than that of any star. The light that warmed his bones and seeped into delicate flesh. Better than any odd upwalker let's or artificial sun. No, only this, this was deserving of his undivided attention. Living and breathing through the day, sleeping through the night. How could something so small produce such warmth?

...When it felt to. Ugh, when in the mood. That light was dishonest in the cold seasons. It shined above as it always did, luring bright-eyed and bushy-tail outside, only for that little one to tumble into the snow below. Now that should be nigh impossible, and yet this blasphemous thing..." It makes the fur along slender spine raise in it's frustration. A downtrodden whelp of a thing, scheming, grueling, unnatural...

What was he doing here again?

Kitten. Whelp. No— er... understandable, valid, certifiable, veritable, just...

"Fickle soul and fickle starlight, it is not in the mood to be looked at,” Dawnglare explains with a scoff. Not aimed at this little one, but instead, this very star. "It's aware of it's sins, and refuses to be judged for them,” he grumbles.

[ "first time?" dawnglare asks, taking a drag from his cigarette ]
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Twitchkit, because apparently he was sane in comparison to these two, had never set eyes fastened upon the sun. Because he'd been told once not to do so- or maybe had glanced it through periphery- he'd learned that it wasn't wise. Apparently neither of these two had that sort of sense though- one whimpered about the pain and the other spouted stupid, nonsensical words that he studied not but sounded runaway, as if they meant nothing and went nowhere.

"Rrrrrrghhhhh-" Twitchkit growled, pin-teeth clamped over a white paw, snout wrinkled up to darken his vision. "That makes no sense!I don't even understand- why would you look at the sun- UGHHHHH you sound like my dad!!" His voice was shrill and annoyed, but not yet a panicked screech; their eyes would have to melt out of their heads for that to happen.

Claws sprung to grip the earth to keep himself from swivelling their heads away from the sky-star by force, tail sweeping to one side. Irritated, his left eye twitched tight shut for a few moments, another grumble rumbling in his throat. His father always said friendly things that meant nothing and went nowhere- were all adults like this? Was he going to end up like this, staring at the sun and talking about it as if it had a mind and a vendetta?
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"What... the fuck?" Is the brilliant response that the cream cameo utters between incredulous laughter. What else could he say about... this? His apprentice, crumpled on the ground and crying over how it hurts to stare at the sun. The amadán who calls himself a medicine cat declaring that the sun burns with it's sins; the one that's been entrusted with a position of power. And Twitchkit... throwing a tantrum. Nothing unusual there.

Harpyfall groans, one paw coming to rest on the bridge of his nose.

"That you may choke on your breath... Dawnglare, go fill another's apprentice with foolish ideas." He's already got a lot of work to do with Basilpaw; they don't need any further setbacks like the ramblings of a lunatic. With a sigh, Harpyfall's paw falls back to the ground, and he looks towards the whimpering apprentice. "Basilpaw, mate, you're gonna go blind if ya keep that up."