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The birds were singing, a light breeze was blowing, and the sun was just beginning to peek its bright head over the horizon. The sky was painted pink and periwinkle, announcing to Sunshine that it was time to wake up. A long yawn spread her jaws wide before she blinked around the hollow from within her own heather nest. Already, her eyes glittered with cheer as she got to her paws and leaned back in a glorious stretched. A low rumbling caught her off guard, a surprised look was swiftly tossed towards her belly. Oops! Hoping she didn't wake anyone up with her starving stomach, she quickly skipped over the sleeping bodies of her new clanmates to the fresh-kill pile.


A pout formed on her face, but no matter! There was no time like the present to get to work hunting so a full meal could be had! But she needed a partner. Determined eyes scouted the hollow until they fell upon a stirring form. There! A clanmate was waking up! With an eager grin, she slunk towards him, remaining at his back as he sat up and stretched. Not until she was standing directly behind him did she give a hushed yet excited, "You!"

Flashing him a smile, she continued to whisper, "You're gonna come huntin' with me! It'll be so so so fun. Have you been hunting yet? You're a kittypet, right? So you probably haven't been hunting yet? Wanna come now? Come on - let's go!" This was so exciting! Not only was she going to get her jaws on some breakfast, but she'd be making a new friend while doing so! Already, she was corralling him towards the gorse tunnel, tail waving enthusiastically in the air.
Jenko had just risen from his makeshift nest, his mouth parted in a yawn, when a cheery voice whispers behind him.


The blue point startles. He whips around, his wide eyes meeting the vibrant green of a calico. He recognizes her as one of the most recent joiners... But he couldn't recall her name. "Me," Jenko states flatly with a tilt of his head, a brow quirking as he waits for her to clarify. And she does so by telling him that he's going to come hunting with her. Jenko's grown accustomed to being bossed around, so he simply nods. But when she asks him if he's a kittypet, he huffs. "Was," he corrects with a flick of his tail tip. She is half-right on the assumption that he hasn't been hunting, though; while he's been on hunting patrols, he's only ever watched and observed the experienced warriors. He's never caught anything in his life, other than that lifeless fabric mouse the twolegs used to toss at him.

Jenko does not argue as she begins to corral him towards the exit, following along. "Where are we going?" His ears pull forwards, angling his cross-eyed stare towards the calico. He still isn't too familiar with the territory, so he's eager to explore more of it today.

As soon as they pushed their way out of the gorse tunnel, Sunshine set off at a chipper trot. She picked her feet up high over the tall grass and her tail flagged out behind her in the air. "Hmmm," She hummed with a tilt of her head, eyes glancing skyward in thought. "We could head closer to Fourtrees? Check that area? I haven't hunted those hills for a few days!" She glanced over her shoulder at the tom, smile ever-present on her face. "You ever chased a hare before, Jenko?" Her paws were already itching to run, but she'd wait. Surely the poor kittypet didn't have the same stamina nor the speed as her!