camp i'll be good-or maybe NOT



Apparently, APPARENTLY, it was frowned upon to play with your food. Something about it being disrespectful but he had never met a fish who cared much for equality when it came to cats. Most of them, he found, did not talk much and only stared unblinking even when gnawed upon. Disrespecting fish was hardly a big enough reason to punish him and in his defense he was not playing so much as he had simply weaponized it. The fish became a tool, a means to an end. The kitten had taken advantage of Robinkit's dropped guard and attacked in a manner which would surprise her so much she would not have any chance to retaliate. What actually happened was he dragged a fish and flung at her hard enough to knock her over and sent her tattling to the nearest adult. His carefully calculated plan to become the only cute kitten in the clan foiled by large authority; his one weakness. Puddlekit gave a shrill cry of tiny outrage as he was carried away from the middle of the camp back to the nursery. Told to remain there until he had 'learned his lesson' while outside he could hear the other cats going about their days and unbothered by his pitiful plight. It was enough to make one cry, but he was much too strong for tears and he would give them no satisfaction in knowing they had broken his spirit. His next plan had to be more intelligent, more intense, perhaps he pushed her into the river next. Perhaps he bribed another kitten to bite her.
The cinnamon and white tom kit sulked in his corner, stubby tail twitching in irritation as he faced the wall and the cold stone remained his only companion for the time being.
They would rue they day they dared imprison him this way.

"I HATE it here." The flop-eared child declared with mewling venom.


Crappiepaw hadn’t gotten to spend much time in the nursery; when his parents disappeared, he’d begun avoiding the den. And besides, with his sniffles and hacking coughs, he’d spent much of his short kithood trapped in the medicine den. And that’s worse than being trapped in the nursery, he thinks. They’ve found that they do prefer the nests of the medicine den to sleeping alongside their fellow apprentices, though—they aren’t sure who, but one of the other apprentices keeps kicking them in their sleep.

The mewled complaint reaches the dappled cat’s ears and Crappiepaw ducks inside the entrance of the nursery to see what the fuss is all about. It’s nothing bad, of course, just a kit sulking about and staring at a wall. "You should leave, then," they say with a shrug. Where the other would go, Crappiepaw isn’t sure, but surely there’s some other spot in the camp that Puddlekit wouldn’t hate as much. "Maybe you can find a good playing area. Or go on an adventure." Their tail swishes playfully, still every bit a silly kit despite their apprenticeship, and their bright green gaze floats around the camp in search of something that the other kit might enjoy.

A S H P A W.

Ashpaw tilts her head, green eyes narrowing at the white-splashed kitten.

"RiverClan is the best, so you should stop hating it I think. You should be a 'prentice," she advises, possibly misunderstanding what he means by "here". "Then it'll be more fun. 'Prenticing is the best." She tilts her head further, ginger brow furrowing with confusion. "Aren't you big enough?"

Puddlekit isn't as big as her but he sure does look about as big as Fernpaw. And Fernpaw's a 'paw. Not a very good one but he's still a 'paw.

Ashpaw crouches down and crawls closer to whisper, "Are you still a kit because you're bad? I was bad and got stuck being a kit." Sometimes she's still bad but Spiderfall has been fixing that.

The orange kitten purrs a greeting to Crappiepaw when he approaches, nodding along at his very good ideas. "Maybe we could go on a adventure together!" she says. "I know some awesome adventure spots."

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "



"Going on an adventure without me?" a teasing voice came from behind Ashpaw as her bi-colored gaze loomed on the three. Would look to be that the trouble gang was growing in size (poor Cicadastar), however, she wondered what Puddlekit had done to get him in timeout, and if she had known the little one had slapped on of his denmates with a fish, she would have laughed as she never had the slightest thought to pull a move if an apprentice had pulled something to warrant being hit by a fish.

"Soooo why are you sitting here and staring at the corner Puddlekit? Get into Beesong's stash of herbs? Or...snuck out?" Frostpaw's words were light hearted as she clearly had not heard the complaints and whines of the little one or Crappiepaw encouraging the kit to run away. However, she heard the suggestion of an adventure which was what brought her about to join them, and besides if they did leave camp there was three apprentices and one kit so surely three apprentices made up for one warrior, right? Well she hope so as she did not want to get in trouble with Smokethroat (not that it matters, he'll probably lecture her and then make sure she owes up to it in the end anyways). Her tail flicked in amusement, today feeling in a much better mood now since things seemed to be looking up for the better.

"I heard he whacked somebody with a fish!" Kelpie playfully cheers, striding over with a bright grin. She doesn't see the issue either - every kit plays with their food after all, and when she was a child she'd done much worse - she can recall a time where she'd stuffed a small fish inside of a bigger fish inside of an even bigger fish, and then tried to pass it off as having caught it like that. "Are kits even allowed to go on adventures here?" She asks in honest confusion. The rules here are something she's still getting used to after all. It seems like a boring life, being confined to the camp all day. What do they even do?