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    weasel for his brown and white pelt; claw for his ferocity in battle
    — male; he/him; heterosexual
    — lead warrior of windclan, fiercely loyal to only windclan / detests all other clans; formerly a horseplace loner
    — created 1.1.2022 at 16 moons / ages every 1st
    — died 9.22.2023 of yellowcough
    — currently 36 moons
    ↳ penned by Marquette; HEARTCHART ; PINTEREST ; PLAYLIST
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    Weaselclaw is a bit taller than the average cat, but he has almost no bulk to him. He has somewhat narrow shoulders, long legs, and a build meant for speed rather than endurance or brute strength. Weaselclaw has a short, thin pelt, easily ruffled by the wind. Most of his body is a light earthen color, and his tabby stripes are not black, but a darker shade of brown. Creamy white interrupts the pattern from his muzzle and throat, all the way down his undersides. Each of his paws has the same white coloring. Weaselclaw has stark, strange blue eyes that are almost tinted gray in some lighting. His left ear is torn from battle, and his chest dons a slash scar.
    gen 1 / carrying longhair, dilute, solid
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    Intelligence ●●○○○○○○○○
    Confidence ●●●●●●●●●○
    Charisma ●●●○○○○○○○
    Creativity ●●○○○○○○○○
    Empathy ●●●○○○○○○○
    Humor ●●●○○○○○○○
    (+) loyal; stalwart; courageous; steadfast (/) blunt; careless; oblivious (-) xenophobic; misoneist; quick-tempered Weaselclaw is a warrior who is dedicated to following the rules and working hard for his clan. The warrior code is his bible, and he'll follow his leader's orders to a T, regardless of what they are. Weaselclaw is quite traditional, preferring the 'old' way of doing things, and change is hard for him to adapt to. He is not a humorous cat, or one who even gets most jokes, but when he does attempt banter it is usually poking fun at someone. He is blunt to a fault, and rarely considers someone's feelings before speaking, though he does not intend to be mean-natured. Weaselclaw is quick to fight; spending precious time solving problems makes little sense to him. Strategy is not his friend. Once Weaselclaw makes a decision, he knows it's the right one, and he'll follow through on it. Weaselclaw can be easily tricked, and becomes quite angry once he finds out he has been deceived by someone. Outsiders are bad, and that's as far as he cares to think on it. Those who betray WindClan's leader are betraying WindClan themselves, and, by extension, StarClan, as Weaselclaw believes they are the closest to their warrior ancestors and therefore the most blessed.

    — mannerisms: gruff voice, expressive face
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    Dusty xx Layla sibling to Vole | mentoring Hollypaw, mentored Sparkspirit
    Mate to Sootstar | Parent to Moorpaw, Addervenom, Harrierstripe, Bluepaw, and Cottonpaw
    ──── Close friends with Sootstar, Juniperfrost
    ──── Friends with Tigerfrost, Sunstride, Scorchstreak
    ──── Likes Wolfsong, Firefang, Bluepool, Mintshade, Sparkspirit
    ──── Dislikes Vulturemask
    ──── Loathes Smokethroat, Cicadastar, Smogmaw, Chilledstar, Blazestar
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    strength ●●●●○○○○○○
    stamina ●●●●●●●●●○○
    agility ●●●●●●●●●○
    hunting ●●●●●●●●○○
    swimming ○○○○○○○○○○
    climbing ○○○○○○○○○○
    grace ●●●●●●○○○○
    in a relationship; heterosexual / / taken by Sootstar
    Weaselclaw's trust is earned by devotion to Sootstar in particular. He is also impressed by those who are courageous and would sacrifice themselves for their Clan. Does not make true friends easily but is generally amicable towards Clanmates.
    — physical health: [ 90% ] | mental health: [ 70% ]
    — will start fights / will not flee / will (sometimes) show mercy
    excels at hunting, long-distance running, sprinting, combat
    poor climbing, swimming
    — sounds like: voice description / voice claim if u have one
    — smells of wheat and sunshine
    — speech is #CBA271
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    [box=57%][justify][font=Helvetica][color=#c4c4c4][glow=black]TEXT TEXT TEXT.[/glow][/color][glow=black] “[b][color=#CBA271]QUOTE.[/color][/b]”
    [tab=INFO.][fleft][bimg width="165px"]https://i.imgur.com/CYUjQAd.png[/bimg][/fleft]— [s]weasel[/s] . [b]weaselclaw[/b]
    — he/him ; lead warrior of windclan
    — heterosexual ; taken by [b]Sootstar[/b]
    — short-haired chocolate tabby with white and blue eyes
    — “[b][color=#CBA271]speech[/color][/b]”, [i][color=#CBA271]thoughts[/color][/i], [u]attack[/u]
    — penned by Marquette
    — chibi by Oliver[/tab]
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    BATTLE STYLE. Weaselclaw is a moor runner of WindClan, and his greatest skill is his speed. Weaselclaw is a whirlwind on the battlefield, easily dodging attacks and specializing in quick blows. He wants to draw blood, even if it's small amounts or stinging scratches at a time. He's not especially cunning and is a reactive fighter. He wants to tire you out and send you home wailing. Despite his reputation for being a battle-hungry WindClan lead warrior, Weaselclaw has not killed another cat before. He has an explosive temper and can be easily provoked. His anger fuels him as much as his lust for battle does. Weaselclaw isn't physically stronger than any other cat, so a well-built cat with a focus on strength training is a great match for his speed and slashing claws.
    strengths \ speed, quick blows, will not run
    weaknesses \ easily provoked, not physically strong, not especially cunning

    EXPERIENCE PRE-ROLEPLAY. Weaselclaw was a loner who lived on the Horseplace. He did not fight much before WindClan, though he'd likely had a scrap here or there with other cats over prey or territory.


    MENTORED BY no one. Weaselclaw grew up a loner and taught himself to fight and hunt, likely with some help from his mother as a young kit.

    HAS MENTORED @sparkspirit; mentoring @HOLLYPAW.

    SPECIALTIES AND FOCUSES Weaselclaw is a moor runner, and he takes great pride in his duties. He often preaches to his apprentices (and his kits!) that being a moor runner makes you WindClan's protector. It is a moor runner's job to secure the borders and chase out intruders, after all. Weaselclaw is very particular about ensuring his apprentices know each Clan's scent by memory very early on in case there are intrusions or attacks. Weaselclaw is also quick to indoctrinate his apprentices about WindClan's superiority. Weaselclaw's biggest thing is endurance; rabbits run long distances before tiring, and the moor runner makes great laps about their territory while still needing energy to hunt and fight. He will also focus on battle, as WindClan tends to get into a lot of skirmishes with their neighbors (and beyond).