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Jun 10, 2022
An ear-splitting wail erupted from Sagepaw's throat as she watched Twilightfall die. Her stomach twisted. Her paws felt heavy and wobbly at the same time. Her head hurt. The apprentice clamped her jaws shut and stood like that for a few moments before turning and stomping back in the direction of the camp. Bonejaw had sat there and watched. Clawed what medicine they had to shreds and then watched as her mentor had begged the medic for help. Told her to go somewhere else.

Sure, Bonejaw was still grieving the loss of Briarstar. But that was no excuse to allow her clanmates to languish and rot because of it. It was cruel. Shredding the medicine and putting them all in danger was cruel. Refusing to do so much as offer anything to comfort an ailing cat was cruel. And it wasn't going to bring Briarstar back. It was just going to kill them all faster!

She barged through the camp entrance, her seal and white fur bristling with unbridled anger and grief. The apprentice charged at the medic with unsheathed claws and leapt, aiming to pin the ebony she-cat and strike her across the face. It was an act she had told herself she would never do. She would never attack without a reason. But she had plenty of reason. Bonejaw hadn't even tried to give the only cat in ShadowClan who had ever made her feel cared for even a little dignity to die with.

"You killed her!" Sagepaw shrieked, continuing to pummel at the medicine cat--if she could even be called that anymore. "She came to you for help, and you
sent her away!"

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The woman has been listless, sitting just outside of the medicine cat den. She hardly finds herself sleeping there anymore. The warrior den is more of a comfort than sleeping alone. Still its a mess and she thinks about cleaning but what would be the point. Sighing she lifts a paw to rub at her muzzle for a momemt, trying to clear her head. Trying to think properly. She can and does hope Twilight got the care she needs from someone who is more competent than she is. Someone who is worth the title of medicine cat. Yet as she tries to ease herself into a better sitting position the entrance to the camp rustles. A cat appears but there is anger and malice. She can see it in the other's body and it is aimed at the dark huntress. Her eyes widen as the apprentice lunges for her and there body's collide but the grown woman does not go down easily. Instead she twists her body, paws flashing with claws for a brief moment as claws strike against her face.

Blood drips and she hears the angered words. Twilightfall is dead. A sadness waves over her but she hisses sharply, aiming to throw her weight forward and push the younger cat down against the ground. "And what would you have me do?! Shove random plants down her throat in the hopes that I killed her regardless. I said no because I could not help her! I didn't know how to treat her ailment so I sent her to get help elsewhere. But oh, oh, I'm the miraculous Starclan forsaken medicine cat. I KNOW EVERYTHING!" Her eyes are wild, blistering pools of lava as she snaps her teeth mere centimeters from Sagepaw's face, spittle flying before she jerks back and turns to face the clan. To meet them head on.

"All of you listen to me and listen well. Do not! Do not come to me for anything! Not even the tiniest of scratches! If you want someone to treat you go to Thunder or Windclan. I am not your medicine cat, I am not your mender. Starclan was wrong! Starclan is a lie!" She viciously snarls out the words with such a venom and hatred that it is almost palpable.

Commotion erupts.

Ribbitpaw's hardly had time to grieve.

He's hardly been back long from their incomplete trek to the thunderpath. And, already, Bonejaw's trying to knock over an apprentice, bullying the kid, yelling in her face - another kid, grieving the loss of Twilightfall. Grieving the loss of someone Bonejaw should have been able to save. Should've known what to do. Should've not refused to treat.

He sees red at the sight.

A growl erupts from him as he jumps in front of Sagepaw, an attempt to make room between the two to keep the slightly younger apprentice out of harm's way as much as he can.

"Then, maybe you should have done your job and learned what to do, instead of wallowing in your den," he growls at her, green eyes dark, claws unsheathed just in case, "Maybe you should have done what a medicine cat does and gone with to try to get help. Apprentices are expected to learn, why can't you?"

The apprentice stares her down, tail lashing behind him as she continues speaking, as she refuses yet again to do her job. As she rejects her role as ShadowClan's medicine cat. Ribbitpaw's anger continues to rise.

Twilightfall could have lived, if it weren't for her.

"StarClan should have let Cinderfrost stay here instead. She would've learned what to do," he continues, snarling back at the black and white feline. Words spat, despite his anger towards the star-pelted cats for their part in this.

"We're all going to die because of you."

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Frostbite watched the scene unfold with conflicted feelings. He understood how both of them felt and chose to remain silent at first.

Bonejaw didn't want to be a medicine cat. Okay. He can understand that. He wouldn't want to be one either. He didn't have the personality for it, honestly. But.....

The clan had to have someone.

Without someone to heal their wounds and help the sick, other clans would view them as weak. Vulnerable.

He didn't want that.

"Choose a successor to train then." He spoke finally, to Bonejaw, in suggestion.

" Someone willing to care for the clan. Teach them what you know. We cannot be without a healer." He continued.

Reflecting, he realized he may have implied Bonejaw didn't care for the clan. Not his intention, but.... He would keep it to himself. He will take his error like a man.
Bonejaw shoved Sagepaw away, and Ribbitpaw leapt in front of her. Sagepaw stood, pelt fully bushed out as she hissed at the ebony she-cat. "You could have done something!" Sagepaw yowled. "You could've at least tried! Given her something to relieve a bit of her pain, gone with her to find help! But instead of doing that, you sat here and shredded the medicine we had left!" She gestured wildly to the pile of shredded herbs.

She was crying now, eyes full of angry tears. "It's getting colder. The plants will wilt and die off! We cant go the whole leaf-bare without medicine! More cats will die for nothing! You don't want the job? Then train someone else that does!" She trailed off, glaring at Bonejaw through narrowed eyes.
You didn't even try.

This was madness, and Tendriltail was too old to keep watching her clan-mates attack each other. Soon enough ShadowClan would be no better than her birth-group, vicious and vile rogues who turned on each other in the blink of an eye. Bonejaw should've done more, yes. She could've tried, yes. But apprentices attacking her? Disrespecting her? Sagepaw was grieving, but you don't attack your medicine cat. Ribbitpaw was grieving, but his words were as sharp as owl talons. They were being cruel.

So the senior warrior lets out a warning growl, "Huh. In my youth, they strung appren'ices up by their tails for the assault and disrespect of ay superior." She scolds, the fur on her tail bristling as she gives the youths a pointed look. "Neither ye wield the power to pass punishment," she is specifically looking at Sagepaw now who had attacked the now warrior medicine cat, "Tis' Pitchstar's job. Do ye both wish to undermine him?"

Frostbite at least was civil... but these youths? Out of order, Tendriltail could not let them get away with it. Perhaps her words wouldn't be enough to silence them, but the older woman at least tried. Though that doesn't mean she is fully supportive of Boarjaw's actions, and now she turns to face the possibly former medicine cat.

"What does Pitchstar think of this, Bone? Have ya spoke to em? StarClan called ya to 'dis position, spite yer feelin's toward 'em, they and Pitch the only ones who can dismiss ya from this role." Surely this was not a position anyone could just relieve themself from? Like a leader, Bonejaw was meant to be their medicine cat until her death. That was her destiny. Perhaps the stars had taken their dear Briarstar away because they knew deep down this is what ShadowClan was. A mess, a group of cats who abandoned each other and threw claws and insults the moment things went awry.