I'LL SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE (leaving the nursery)

// In this thread, the kits are one moon old! This is their first time leaving the nursery and formally meeting most of the clan outside of family and friends who would have visited in the nursery <3 @Steepkit @DARKKIT @FERNKIT @iciclekit @ICESPARKLE @LILY.

All any of the clan can see if Mud's rump sticking out of the nursery, his stumpy tail flicking back and forth. Inside, he's excitedly helping to groom the four kits. Already one moon old! Their eyes are opened, all pale blue with youth. Their tiny ears stand up, their tail stick in the air for balance, and their stubby legs are barely strong enough to allow them to walk (or stumble, depending on how quickly they take to it). As soon as they're ready, he waits for Icesparkle's word and he backs out of the nursery, gingerly inching forward as his youngest children toddle out of the nursery. Head craned down towards them, he helps to guide them a bit outside of the den. "Okay, say 'hello' to your clanmates!" He trills, lifting his proud gaze to beam towards any RiverClanners who decide to come greet them.
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On wobbly legs, Darkkit stumbles after his dad, fuzzy tail stuck up straight in the air. He falls over a pawful of times, tumbling in a tangle of legs and tail with undignified oofs. But each time, he would scramble back up and toddle after Dad.

Wide eyes flicker over the camp, the super-duper large camp. That's what Momma and Dad call it, camp. Darkkit could not believe how big it was, nor how many cats filled it! He knows Uncle Clayfur, and his other Uncle Clay. He knows his Momma and Dad and his siblings. He knows Beesong, too, with his funny face that's all shiny and smooth on one side. But everyone else, he does not know.

A bunch of new faces turn towards them. Darkkit smiles. Completely distracted, he doesn't notice the pebble that lies in his path. His paw catches on it, and with a surprised yelp, he tumbles to the ground once more. The boy lies there for a few heartbeats, strangely still, before he pushes himself up into a sitting position. A foreleg raises and his head pops beneath it, staring at the strange object that'd tripped him.

Within an instant, the pebble is in his mouth, drool dribbling down the toddler's chin as he teeths. Only when his Dad speaks up does he stop, awestruck gaze glancing over the new faces. Say 'hello.' Darkkit coos and squeals, rocking back and forth on his rump. Words are still new, and hard to remember. But, with a smile, he looks up at the new faces that Dad calls clanmates. "H-Hell!" Darkkit giggles, thumping his forepaws in a strange rhythm on the ground, unaware of the curse he'd just uttered.
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Steepkit had been waiting for moons! At least- that's what it felt like, the kit unable to comprehend that she had only lived through a single waning of the nighttime sun. The camp outside just looked so big! Huge! And so the instant her dad began to inch out of the entrance Steepkit was right there, ears up and dark rear wobbling with excitement. It was just like those games she'd play, chasing paws and tails at every opportunity.

A slice of blue emerged to the left of Mudpelt's wide flank. The salt and pepper kit rallied- shoulders set, fierce grin carved onto her young face. In a flash she was rocketing out of the nursery, stride strong and awesome. She bet she looked like the next coolest warrior and that everyone would want to hang out with her. Beneath that powerful imagination was a stilted sprint that had her skittering into the clearing.

"Woah'hoh- s-o bigger than the-e s'sury" Steepkit cawed, amber eyes snapping to every object of interest. Dimly she was aware of her father asking to make introductions but she didn't care. A small, shining red stone a few paces ahead snagged her attention so the kit pounced forward. Suddenly the stone fluttered, its shell splitting into wings. With a squeal she fell back, paws wafting at the sky as the ladybug escaped her clutches.

A lengthy laugh followed, piquing in pitch when she swung up to stand once more. Ignoring the dust that now coated her pelt Steepkit lanced back to her family. "Da' come see, come-" Her thrilled retelling was cut off as Dark-kit's puffed cheeks came into view. Sucking in a hefty breath Steepkit tried to emulate him, air wheezing from between her teeth as she exhaled. One eye squeezed shut, the confused kit bumbled forward. Spotting the pebble between her brother's jaw the giggles bubbled back up. He looked so silly!

Lily could remember the first time she stepped out of the nursery back in the pine forest. How big and fascinating the world had seemed to her then; she, who was a gangly, awkward kitten with no concept of the world yet beyond her parents and the walls of the nursery.

When Mudpelt leads her four siblings out of the nursery for the first time, Lily puts aside whatever task it was she was doing to come and greet her parents and siblings. This wasn't the first time she had been with her siblings of course, but this was the first time they had all been outside of the nursery together. She skillfully avoids treading on any of her siblings as they wander outside, gawking at the great outdoors around them. "Hello!" Lily cooed, lowering her head to the nearest kit to give them a lick before addressing the four of them together. "What do you think of the outside? Pretty nice, right?"
Oh. My. Stars!” The tom explains, eyes gleaming with excitement as he spots the kits toddling out of the nursery behind a proud Mudpelt. It seems like only yesterday they were just born, and here they were, getting so big already!

Cascadesong trots over with a spring on his steps past Lily, exaggerating his cheerful movements for entertainment's sake. Pale paws lift and fall against the ground in the form of a prance. Upbeat steps eventually come harder and harder down on the ground, until he’s leaping through the air, coming to a stop just in front of Dark-kit so that he can crouch in front of him, wiggling his rump in the air as if about to pounce.

He wasn’t, though. He would never.

The cheerful chirp of a greeting is… maybe a little half-baked. He could appreciate the kit's effort, offering him a sweet smile. “Not quiiiite,” he says. “You forgot a sound, O! Like this–” Cas clears his throat before opening his mouth wide. “Oooooooo ♪ Hell-O

Paws too big for the spindly body they supported carried Fernkit's undersized form out of the mouth of the den, his sparse fur not aiding much in shielding his skin from the cold air. Well, it was hardly cold, but... the nursery was so well-padded, with plush moss and flowers and pretty shells. It felt so homely to the point where the tiny scrap had no idea why they'd ever want to leave to see the outside. Wasn't there a reason they had been in the nursery for so long? Wasn't there something they were being protected from?

Still unsure of every step he took, and unsteady in his disproportionate form, Fernkit's enormous blue eyes stared in sheer bewilderment at the bright world before him. It was so terrifying, so overwhelming that all he could do was stand close to his father's hulking hind leg, cowering as his rat-like tail curled around the circumference for comfort. So many big cats crouched down to talk to them, eyes the size of dog's jaws staring them right down, and as Lily asked her question only the tiniest squeak stumbled its way out of Fernkit's mouth.

All he could think to do was stare.
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Clayfur is excited when he spots Mudpelt leave the nursery, guiding four little scraps of fur. Hazel eyes widen with glee, and the tom trots over to join them quickly. Lily is already greeting her new siblings, as is Cascadesong, and the brown and white tabby is excited.

The first kit to greet their clanmates is Darkkit—and the child doesn’t quite seem to have a grasp on speech yet. He also seems to have latched onto a pebble. "Hell to you, too, kiddo," he chuckles, flicking his tail eagerly. He has half a mind to flick Cascadesong, tell the guy not to correct the kit because it’s so funny. But he also steals a quick glance at Mudpelt, tensing his shoulders. Getting whacked over his already-injured head wouldn’t be the best way to build his relationship with his sister’s children.

Steepkit is next, and seems much more talkative than her brother. She’s just absolutely adorable, Clay thinks, and has to stop himself from yelling. Yelling what? He’s not sure. All of his sister’s kits are just… so darned cute!! Especially when Steepkit attempts to pounce on a ladybug, seeming surprised that it flies away. "I’m sure you’re gonna be a great big catcher when you grow up," The tom greets her with a flick of his tail.

Then he catches sight of little Fernkit, and a grin breaks out across his maw. Now, Clay will be the first to admit that his nephew is kind of ugly. But it’s no big deal; he’s sure that Fernkit will eventually grow into his eyes and head and—well, everything. But the kid is also sort of cute in his own, special way. Clay can’t help but fawn over all of them. He’s an uncle!

Gently he settles into his stomach in the dirt, rolling over onto his side. Something about getting on the kits’ level, right? "Hey there, Fernie," he greets, tipping his head upside down to look at his goldfish-eyed nephew.
Iciclekit is the last to toddle after her littermate, kitten-blue eyes clouded with sleep. She'd not been particularly interested in leaving camp, but only because residual sleepiness still clung to her tiny frame like a second coat of fur.

Once she's outside, though, some of that fuzziness is zapped away. She angles her head around dramatically, taking in the new shapes, the new smells. She isn't sure what she's looking at, but the longer she stares at it, the more comfortable she is outside of the nursery. This is where her mother, father, uncles, and big sister Lilypaw go when they aren't visiting or cuddling with her. This is where the big cats live.

One of them creeps toward them now, an unfamiliar ginger cat who crouches in front of Dark-kit. Iciclekit stares passively, wondering if the big tom will pounce on her brother. Her brother who is, by the way, holding a pebble in his mouth.

She pads next to Steepkit and Fernkit, peers up into Clayfur's face. "You live here?" 'Here' is outside, of course, as her world is made up of 'inside' and 'outside' so far. It's big, and it doesn't look comfortable. She squints. "Where's your nest at?" Do big cats sleep without nests?


RiverClan's first litter certainly had high expecations on them from the beginning. The youth were one of the most important aspects of building a society that could grow and prosper. He had briefly popped his head into the den to take a look at them once the crowd had died down and the parents were resting, not wanting to intrude but not wanting to be crowded about as he gave them a glance over. They certainly had quite the big litter, he watched quietly from nearby as the kittens began to wander and roam. Had it been a moon already? Time certainly passed by quickly with so much to do and so many things happening. Smokethroat settled his head on his paws to observe the little furballs in their first experience being out in the camp among their clanmates. He didn't attempt to engage, unsure of how to act with young cats outside his usual stern and authoritative manner, and not wanting to scare them because...well, being honest: he was a rather scary cat. His voice was deep, his words sharp, his face scarred and his form large. The dark tom knew he was intimidating and the last thing he wanted was to go accidentally spooking a child because he spoke and his natural growl of a voice sent them scurrying for cover. It would be embarrassing, first of all.
Clayfur seemed good with kittens, he watched the tom before realizing these were....these were his kin weren't they? A natural affinity for bonding with younger cats seemed to come natural to the tom but being family helped.
Maybe he should ask for...tips...on how to talk to kittens without scaring them.

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The fourth kit of the litter comes toddling over to stand in front of him, and Clayfur takes in her appearance with wide hazel eyes. She looks a lot like Icesparkle, he thinks. Icicle is a fitting name for her. She stares at him with bright blue eyes, much more normally sized than her brother’s, and squints as she starts asking questions. "Yeah, I live here. And so do you!" He grins at the kit, hoping to keep his expression calm despite the pure glee bubbling up through his chest. He’s never gonna let these kids get hurt. He said the same thing about Lily before, but she’s become pretty independent as of late, he thinks. "My nest is somewhere around here," he says brightly. Not admitting that he’s been sleeping much closer to the nursery than he needs to. Good move.

He catches sight of a certain lead warrior hovering off to the side, not saying anything but definitely watching. Clayfur frowns, lifting his head from where he lies on his side. "Smoky, dude, c’mon," he calls to the dark-furred tom with a flick of his tail. "Don’t be a stranger, say hi to my nieces and nephews!" He just hopes the other warrior doesn’t frighten them with that way-too-serious look on his face.
Mudpelt can only beam, his grin spreading from ear to ear as Clayfur, Lilybloom, and Cascadesong approach to greet the kits. Clayfur utters a certain word back to Dark-kit, and Mudpelt's grin momentarily disappears as its replaced with a warning frown. It was cute when a one-moon-old kit did it, but not when it was said back! The annoyance was gone in a second, however, as Steepkit toddled forward to giggle at her brother who continued to hold a pebble in his mouth. Fernkit seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all, and Iciclekit was already taking to squeaking out some questions. His grin is right back to its former glory as Clayfur and Cascadesong goof off with the kits, and the former is then calling Smokethroat over. Ears pricking, he stands taller. He'd be honored to have the lead warrior come meet his little family!

Once he figured out what 'dude' meant he was going to have words with the other for being called out like this. The dark tom's ears pricked upward at his name (or some of his name, what was the point of these new names if they shortened them anyways-why didn't he just stay Ember then?) but did not move immediately. Smokethroat stifly rose to stand, taking a moment to lower his head somewhat so he wasn't towering as he walked over with the most restrained steps he could possibly muster; not a sound from the stealthy inkspill of a tom as he approached, looking not unlike he was stalking prey-and when he realized he shifted his posture somewhat to be more relaxed.
"I-" His ears went back, tail up as he fumbled for a proper greeting in a tone deliberately kept in a low growl. It was hard to mask how naturally aggressive his voice was with his rasp but he tried, "Hello, little ones."
A quick sweep over the kits as he tried to recollect the names he'd heard granted them upon their birth. Darkkit, Steepkit-his eyes moved over Fernkit who he remembered by name entirely because of Beesong's slightly hilarious outburst (needed to talk to them about uh...tact.) and then Iciclekit. Most of them had some degree of brown earthen coats-looking close to their father and his eyes briefly flickered over to Mudpelt to compare. Steepkit was by far the most varied of the kittens with the spotted flecks of blue and Iciclekit had a brand of fire marring her mottled pelt-making her look quite unlike an actual icicle. "One moon old already?" He asked, glancing to the three older cats for brief confirmation, "Time flies." Time was an everpresent foe for them to face but never quite defeat. These kits would get to enjoy being kits for a while at least, he mused quietly to himself if he would have been different being allowed to age like a proper kit surrounded by those to protect and love. Maybe he'd be better at socializing.
"A wonderful litter-all healthy. I'm glad to see. Is this your first outing?" Or had he missed one. It reminded him to ask Buckgait about doublechecking the dens for any harsh weather and rising water now that they had little furballs about. She had a better eye for it than he.