Named for her pelt's resemblance to sunlight filtering through trees; -shade for her stealthiness
Previously names: Forest, Forestpaw
27 moons; aging realistically on the 17th of each month
ShadowClan lead warrior
Cisgender female; pansexual demiromantic
Single; previous secret fling with Vulturemask

a fluffy, stout torbie she-cat with mossy green eyes
Forestshade is stocky and sturdy, standing on powerful legs. As a kit, she was small and short, but that didn't stop her from always attempting to bowl over her littermate with her strength. However, there is something keeping this bad-mouthing, temperamental she-cat from becoming an unstoppable fighter, and that is her lack of sight. She was born with blind green eyes that resemble the gloomy pine forest. They sit upon a feminine, tufted head patched with ginger and black-striped brown. This coloring continues down her fluffy body, swirling and mixing throughout her long fur. She has long, abundant white whiskers and a pink nose that matches her paw pads, outlined in black. She would actually be considered quite a pretty cat, if only she took grooming more seriously.
Blind since birth in both eyes
Genetics: LH torbie (carrying point, dilute, and solid)

Due to her blindness, Forestshade was sheltered by her parents excessively, and was worried over much more than her littermate was. However, this didn't stop her adventurous personality. She is an independent, confident, and tough molly who will let the whole world know when she is displeased. Forestshade is fierce, sarcastic, direct, stubborn, and confrontational. She has a carefree and adventurous personality and acts very tomboyish. She will come to take great pride in her hunting skills, yet may still attempt to scuffle when someone rubs her the wrong way. She is eager to prove that she is as strong as anyone who can see and faces all of her problems head-on. Her independence will come to cause some issues with how she interacts with others. Eager to prove herself, she will mistake simple friendly gestures as others taking pity on her for her blindness. She is sure that she can carry her own weight in the clan, but while once was unwilling to accept help, she has since learned she can allow others to care for and about her because they love her, not because they take pity on her. Forestshade is brutally honest and often verbally critical of others, especially those she feels comfortable around. She is vocal about her opinions on others regardless of their status or age.
ISTP "The Virtuoso"
Chaotic Good

hard to form platonic relationships
hard to form romantic relationships; easy to have flings with
Crushing on nobody
Mother of Briarthorn, Sweetpaw and Screechstorm (father ICly unknown; secretly sired by Vulturemask)
Berry (NPC) x Fang (NPC); Gen 1
Mentoring Stryker, Flintpaw, and Thornpaw; previously mentored Orchidbloom and Sweetpaw
Mentored by Chilledstar; previously mentored by Briarstar
Friends with Sharpshadow, Chilledstar, Starlingheart

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