Earth-green eyes open to an impossibly blue sky, golden sunlight filtering through full leafed trees and bathing her in its warm glow. Above her, birds flit effortlessly from tree to tree, pausing on branches to call out to one another. The grass beneath her is soft and instantly recognizable. She puts a paw out and touches it, it feels real. It all looks real. She must’ve fallen asleep because when she wakes up she’s right in the place her heart always yearns to be. Their secret meeting spot. A clearing tucked away in the forest, perfectly on the border between their two clans. Here they came and they talked about anything and everything. Their pasts, their futures. Their hopes and their dreams. They whispered secrets and laughed so loudly it felt like she would burst apart at the seems.

The best part? When she turns around she is tucked against cream colored fur. Sky-blue eyes look back at her and a smile dances on her lips. "I must’ve dozed off" she says, her voice betraying the sleepiness she still feels. "I hope I wasn’t out for too long, I was having such a weird dream" it had felt so real too.


Little Wolf had drifted away into sleep, and Blazestar has only been watching her. Not intensely. He's drunk in every part of her, from the uneven breaths of her dream, the oak leaf scent laced into her short black fur, the way her eyelids flicker and betray the forest-green gems behind them. She's so small next to him -- he could lose her in the piles of his pale fur, and yet he doesn't. He gets to revel in the warmth of her pressed into his body. He gets to admire how lovely she is, even in repose -- vulnerable as she's always been to him.

When she awakens, Blazestar meets her gaze and leans closer to lick the space between her ears. "You must've been tired from all of those patrols you've picked up, not to mention training two apprentices," he says softly. "But it's paying off. Morningpaw and Howlpaw are shaping up to be fine huntresses, just like their mother."

He rests the flame-colored crest of his face into the soft ebony fur at the back of her neck. He inhales her scent, thanking StarClan again and again for bringing her to him, for having her join SkyClan when he'd become leader. "What were you dreaming about, my love?"


Morningpaw. The name would've knocked her off her feet if she hadn't already been laying down and she feels herself sway a little. Her daughter, alive and apprenticed to her. Her daughter was here, she was okay, and everything was okay. Little Wolf closes her eyes and lets herself believe it, leans closer to her mate, and relaxes. Everything that had happened was all just a bad dream, it had to be because this felt so real and so good. "Another life, but it's not important." she says simply, waving it off. The dream would only make him sad too, if she told him the details so she would spare him from thinking of what-ifs. Horrible things that could've happened but didn't. The stuff of nightmares. Their was good things too, like the birth of Duskkit and Skykit, sunshine-filled naps next to her brother, and reconnecting with her litter-mate but if Morningpaw was alive in this world and her whole family was together, this was the one she would choose every time, no questions asked.

The sun is getting low in the sky, making a quick descent and she lets out a sad sigh. Leaving was always the hardest part. "I better get going home soon, you know our kits, if I'm gone too long..." she lets out a soft laugh but she cannot bring herself to stand. Her legs don't want to put that weight underneath her to aide her up and bring her away. She did not want to lose him like she had in her dream. Perhaps it had been a warning from the stars, a way to guide her on the path that would lead to the least amount of tragedy.