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It was their first night back in camp after returning home from Riverclan. The dens were still laced with smoke, and the bedding was spread lightly throughout, for everyone to share. It was uncomfortable, but she was so tired that it didn't matter. She had helped gather materials for rebuilding dens all day, and in whatever time she had left, she would hunt her paws off. The fire had scared off most of the rodents, but hopefully within the next few days they would return just as they had. The tabby would lay down, and curl her fluffy tail over her nose, quickly falling asleep.

Cries of fear echoed around her. Everything was dark, she looked around frantically but she couldn't see anyone. "Hello?" she called out, her own voice riddled with panic. She could feel her heart racing in her throat. Suddenly, orange hued flames roared upwards, encapsulating everything around her. She could hear screams, but she couldn't see anyone. The screams became louder and louder....until the flames engulfed her too.

With a jolt, Flame burst her eyes open. She kept to her paws, sliding her claws out as she whipped her head around, checking the den for the flames that plagued her dreams.

It was amazing any of them managed to get any restful sleep given what had happened recently in camp. Flycatcher hadn't really been too troubled sleeping in RiverClan, perhaps because his mind had been elsewhere and for a change he had not thought too much about the fire as might have been expected for an overthinker like him. Instead, his thoughts had been on their temporary riverside home, and how they would adjust in the coming days. The fears and nerves regarding coming home had hit him more as he began to drift to sleep, the fears of potentially losing his friends and his home coming to the forefront of his mind, no longer held at bay by the menial tasks Flycatcher could distract himself with in the day.

He had been in a light sleep, when the movement of a nearby cat, stirred him from his light slumber. He blinked awake and looked around for the source of the movement, raising a brow when he saw Flame stood up, claws out, and head whipping around rapidly. "F-Flame?" He called out her name, any additional words cut off with a long yawn. Flycatcher rose to his paws slowly and padded over to ginger she-cat, hoping to flick a tail over her back in a comforting gesture. "Are you alright?"
( ) As Flycatcher began to rise from his slumber, the former loner flashed him a wild look, her eyes wide. He was so calm about waking, and everyone else was still sleeping. She paused, drawing in a breath. The den didn't smell like it had...there were no flames either. She felt his tail rest over her back, and her fur began to settle a bit. Her body was still tense, as she refused to relax just in case the den did burst into flames. "I...there was fire everywhere...the den was in fire and the screams.." she responded, her voice little more than a whisper.

Hesitantly, she forced herself to begin to relax. Everything was fine here, it must have been a dream. "I'm sorry to wake you...It was a bad dream I guess." she added, licking her chest fur embarrassedly. She glanced at her nest, the last thing she was right now was tired. That horrible nightmare had erased any chances of sleep she had for the night.

"Might I suggest a walk to help clear your mind?" Sunnyday lifted his head so he could look over at Flamewhisker. He was sympathetic to her current state, after all that had occurred recently he imagined that many were struggling to elude the resulting nightmares. He wasn't immune to trauma either, he had gone through plenty of it in his time and still found it striking him at the dead of night like a raw wound.

The lanky legged tom sat up in his nest and had a good stretch to help ease the stiffness from his aching joints. He was near enough that he didn't need to approach any closer, plus he didn't want to crowd Flamewhisker, not when Flycatcher was already offering her comfort.​


He nods somberly as Flame quietly explained what she had saw. Flycatcher notes that the memory of the fire was probably worse for her in particular, due to being one of several cats still trapped in the dens whilst the flames raged. "It's alright, don't apologise," Flycatcher tells her softly. "I wasn't really asleep anyway."

Another voice joins in the conversation, as Sunnyday suggests maybe going for a walk to clear her mind. Flycatcher glances at the older tom and nods his head in agreement. "Some fresh air might do you some good," He agrees, adding on to Sunnyday's suggestion.
( ) As another voice carried through the den, she shifted her unsettled gaze to the older tom. He suggested a walk, and she dipped her head in agreement. A walk sounded nice, and some fresh air sounded even better. “Do either of you want to come?” she asked quietly as she started to tip toe her way through the den, hoping to not tread on anyone’s tails. Flame would glance over shoulder to see if they had followed her, before carrying on.

The invitation to join the evening wander wasn't something that he would pass up, not now that he was awake. Carefully he began to pick his way past the slumbering bodies, his long legs proving advantageous for the task as he neared the den's exit. He entered the cooler evening air and watched his exhales wisp past his face like a gentle caress. Colder times were ahead, that much was for certain. At least the walk would help to warm him up. "I hope you don't mind me tagging along. But if I walk too slowly don't hesitate to leave me behind." His stamina just wasn't what it used to be and he was finding it harder to keep up with the younger warriors.​


Flame was quick to agree to the suggestion of going for a walk. Flycatcher hoped it would be good for her now that she had agreed to it; he couldn't imagine going back to sleep after such troubling dreams would be an easy alternative. She asks if the two would like to accompany her and Flycatcher waits to let Sunnyday respond first, before following suit with his own. "I will gladly accompany you both," He mews. "Lead on, Flame."