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Kindness has never come naturally to Betony.

She wants-- dearly, desperately, she wants to be liked, but is impeded by the constant thought that there is something inherent to her that is unlikable. When Betony finds herself with excess it is not her first thought to pass it onto another, as someone more generous may think. When she has the opportunity to be gentle in an often too-harsh world, she instead lets her worries work her up into silence. Betony balances on a too-thin branch that trembles beneath the weight of her thoughts, with no way to back herself onto more stable ground.

Hunting had been good, and under the predawn eggshell sky, the patrol that been burdened with Betony returns. Her ears burn, as while her clanmates carry with them a worthy haul, Betony only had a twiggy-legged rail to show for her efforts. If she could just prove herself-- she thinks, but then remembers with a certain harshness that there is nothing that she could prove worthy of herself that wouldn't be a lie.

Kindness is not her first thought: just another of her endless flaws. It is one of her older clanmates that suggests, speaking in a tone that implies that he is humoring Betony in some way, that she 'check on Dawn, will you? And maybe give him that bird of yours.'

So Betony does as she is told, she always does as she is told, and slinks her way over to Dawn, rail dangling from her mouth. Her face remains stone, even if internally she wishes the ground would swallow her whole. It's rough business, what happened to Dawn, and Betony doesn't want Dawn to think she finds him incapable of fetching his own meal. She drops it in front of him, head ducked and ready to back away.

"I brought you this," She says, as small as she can.​


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Kindness seemed to tbe the only thing shown to him lately, and he assumed it was all because of pity. Pity that he had a broken leg, pity that he was unable to walk around just yet, and he hated it. Dawn was still the young and capable cat he had been before his injruy! This wasn't going to slow him down, was it? While it was annoying to have Fire and Black around all the time, they where helping him exercise and learn to get around better, Dawn wished for more independence. More being able to fetch his own food, be a part of the clan in any way he could be- yet he felt so helpless.

Like a kitten without its mother, an elder without support. Dawn felt like he had receeded back to that cinnamon kitten that relied on Dusk and Eventide for everything. That meek little thing that got a cold from the slightest breeze, babied to death by Dusk at all hours of the day. He had to be more than that didn't he? Dawn wasn't that weak little scrap of fur anymore right? Self doubt crept up his throat like a spider along its web, sneaking hold of every thought as if a flie.

So when he was approached by another cat, Betony, Dawn took a moment to register what had happened. Blue eyes blinked a few times in surprise before looking to the rail then to the cat before him, seemed everyone wanted to bring him food today. Dawn wanted to be grateful, to apperciate the gesture, but the way she backed up from him, head low to the ground, made his fur bristle. Was he truly something worthy of such behavior? Did his leg make him seem that- weak?

The cinnamon mink point flexed his claws a bit into the dirt underneath him, and gritted his teeth a bit in frustation, "You don't have to act like I'm a fragile little kitten," He stated back rather apthetically, lashing his mottled tail behind him, "It just a broken leg, it'll get better," It had to get better right?