I'M NOT A GOOD GUY // intro & bullying




Blightpaw stood beside his so called 'friends' as he watched them bully one of the younger apprentices. One of thier typical targets. The poor idiot had finally captured thier first mouse and now his so called gang had taken the mouse away from them to tease and mock the apprentice. They cried and pleaded them to give it back which only resulted with the group laughting at them and getting a smack on thier head which only made the apprentice cry even more. Blightpaw didn't laugh along with the other apprentices though. He rarely took part in activities like this but he never did anything to stop it either so he was just as much part of the bullying like the group he usually hanged around with. Never had it crossed his mind to stop it not even when they gave him that look. Blightpaw stared down at the bullied apprentice as thier eyes meet.

Why did they always gave him that look? That pitiful look like they where pleading him to do something like he would actually help them. Tch. It was annoying. When had he ever helpt anyone?. This idiot needed to learn that the world were just as cruel as this. In the end of the day they only had themselves and nobody else. Even in a clan like this everyone cared more about themselves. Why try to be something he was not?. Blightpaw had from the very start given up to really achieve anything in life to even take his apprenticeship all to seriously. Instead he just did his own thing and often got into trouble for it. Causing mischief and trouble. Not the clans favorite that was for sure. If there ever were thorns in somebodys nest it was probably him who was the culprit behind it. If someone suddenly falls into a hole in the ground - it was this guy. Blightpaw really lived up to his name to be a disease to every living being and with that he meant to be a thorn in everyone's paw. It always made his day better when somebody else had a bad day.

Bullying was not what he would pick to do but his gang saw differently at it so why bother himself to stop them for?. They looked to be enjoying themselves as they now throw the mouse between each other while the younger apprentice tried to get it back from all of them. Suddenly, the mouse got thrown over at his direction. Weither it was on purpose or not it didn't really matter. Now it was in front of him, and as he glanced down on it looked up at the apprentice his gang had been bullying. Once again they looked at him with pleading eyes, and once again Blightpaw felt irritated by that look. I will not help you. By now they should all know he was not a good guy. The name itself should hint at it. He stept his paw on top of the mouse, giving a lazy grin to his gang and was about to say something but then...he saw the gang had turned as swiftly like lightening to run away from here. What?. Blightpaw blinked his eyes and felt a shadow fall over himf. Oh fuck...someone was standing behind him, huh?. Blightpaw turned his head around to see who it was and knew he was in trouble, again. After all it was not the first time he had been caught when his gang had been bullying another apprentice, sometimes even kits. He wonderd what sort of scolding he would get this time.

// if anyone wanna be the apprentice Blightpaw and his gang bullied feel free to! (: they have to be under 8 moons though!


She had finally done it! Even it had been an accident, a pounce gone awry that ended with her squishing some poor mouse to death, she had done it! Proudly, she had held the mouse between her jaws and trotted straight into camp, her route veering from the fresh-kill pile towards the medicine den. She’d earn the proud look Cinderfrost so solemnly wore, the one that had been displayed in her gaze that one morning- but this time it’d be directed towards her.
That is, at least, until she’s stopped. Met with the familiar harsh gazes of a small group of infamous apprentices- the ones compensating their own failures by often picking on others, her included.
She growled at first, attempting to dart under them to avoid them, but her mouse was swiped from her before she could make her escape, and it spiraled from there.
Her protests and cries were futile as she demanded them to stop, her high-pitched snarls and yells resembling cries more than anything. Her pride was snuffed out, melting down to embarrassment.
She snaps at one of them, which earns her a small smack against her ears, she teeters.
Despite the sudden ringing in her ears, her gaze locks onto the one not actively participating, something small hopes that he will step in, tell them to knock it off.
He doesn’t, and Roepaw’s gaze narrows in disgust, whipping around to face the one who had struck her.
"Do that again and I’ll make sure you won’t wake up with your paws still attached!" She defiantly challenged, ready to be hit again, only for the small group to turn tail and scatter.
Lifting a paw to rub her temple, she looks back over her shoulder, her heart dropping when she see’s the tail that poked from under Blightpaw’s foot, her tail subconsciously sweeping towards her, trying to conceal the frown that wanted to hang heavy on her maw. Luckily, however, the warrior behind Blightpaw would offer her some bittersweet satisfaction. "Prick." She bit his way, her tone hushed but still audible.


Sometimes it was nice to know he'd never been bullied as a child, but then again he needed to be socializing to even give anyone the chance to do so. Living in a cage most his life had kept him sheltered, soft, but had also spared him the strife of growing up in a place that might have belittled him for his missing forelimb and clumsiness. Then again he also missed out on formative years and even now was struggling to learn, to overcome his inabilities.
His hunting had gotten better but his combat training...well, the less said of it the better. So when he strode forward to stand behind the perched young tom and watch the accomplices scatter like the very mice that was being used as a means to tease he knew they were not running because they knew him.
If they did they would have stayed and laughed. Sunfreckle was not a dangerous cat, but he did look the part.

What he lacked in actual skill regarding combat, he made up for by being big, imposing, large and in charge. The red tabby was a hefty tom, built like a powerhouse despite his three legs and easily towering over apprentices despite his generally likable demeanor and dislike of fighting at all. But a bluff was a bluff and he set his maw into a proper scowl at the scene before him. He had learned to reign in his temper, not even realizing he had one until he had nearly taken a swing at Wildpaw in his fury, but now that he was aware of it it was a little easier to manage. Didn't make him any less annoyed at the brutish display of bullying toward who he deemed a perfectly undeserving vicitm, Roepaw was a little sweetheart and he wasn't going to stand for this.
"Blightpaw...I do believe that mouse belongs to Roepaw." There was a warning to his tone despite its lightness, an edge to his smile that was far sharper than his claws could ever be.


Stars, what was happening to the youth of this clan recently? It was not so long ago that Wildpaw had snapped at Dewkit, promptly got his head bitten off by Sunfreckle, and was appropriately punished by Howling Wind and Emberstar.

Flycatcher had heard rumbles of Blightpaw and his little gaggle of fellow apprentices' actions before, but had never seen it himself. He heard the yelling and quickly padded over, curious to know what had caused such uproar. He was surprised to find Roepaw in the middle of it with Blightpaw and the other apprentices. A quick glance at the assembled cat, and the mouse beneath Blightpaw foot, gives him a clear vision of what had transpired. He comes to stand with Sunfreckle, watching as the majority of the apprentices scatter, leaving only Blightpaw to face the punishment. Whilst Sunfreckle's words had an air of lightness to them, Flycatcher's did not. A serious expression creased his features as he spoke to Blightpaw, the disrespect shown to his apprentice urging him on. "This isn't the first time something like this has happened, has it Blightpaw?" Flycatcher mews. It is less of a question and more of an outright statement. "I would advice you return the mouse to Roepaw and be on your way. If I hear or see you or your friends bullying any of your fellow apprentices, make no mistake, I will bring word of this to Emberstar and Howling Wind."

Oh great, it was Sunfreckle and Flycatcher here to rescue Roepaw. He guess it could have been far more troublesome warriors to deal with unless of course Sunfreckle was gonna live up to thier previous threat to put him into the ground. Yeah, he had heared about what had happend. Good thing it was Roepaw and not one of his brats then, right?. Blightpaw did not seem to react all too much beside giving an uncaring shrug of thier very much true accusation of him. Not did he wish to deal with these longer then he necessery needed to though. It would give him an headache if he needed to deal with this forever. So he decided to be a good lil apprentice and stept away from the mouse before kicking it back over to Roepaw again. He had never been interested in that mouse to begin with. The fact she called him for a prick didn't even bring one single emotion to his face.

" There, happy now?." It was directed to Sunfreckle as he looked boredly over to them, and then of course it was time to deal with Flycatcher, the one who had actually bothered themself to give him a lecture of thier wrong doings. How many times hadn't he heared this before already?. Too many times. Blightpaw guess he had to give it to them for being so persistent like anything they ever told him actually would reach him.

Blightpaw would give a loose grin when Flycatcher mentioned thier very leader. Hah, like Emberstar even was a threat. She had made her own killer to thier medicine cat. If she could forgive and give a blind eye to something like that to trust a killer to save thier lives then surely he was safe with his pranks and bully involvement with his gang. What he did was a piece of cake in compare to something like that. So no, he was not afried of that threat, of thier own leader. Howling Wind on the other hand...Blightpaw had to admit at the very least the Deputy's temper was something he prefered to avoid if he could.

" Alright cool, may i leave now?." Was all he said because once again he didn't really care.

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Flycatcher watched Blightpaw's reaction carefully. The younger tom did eventually give the mouse back to Roepaw, though seemed rather flippant about the whole thing. He did not even seem to care about Flycatcher's warning about mentioning his behaviour to Emberstar or Howling Wing. The lead warrior would narrow his eyes a little at this, but said nothing and continued to watch the tom carefully. "Go," Flycatcher told him, gesturing with a cock of his head for him to vacate the area when Blightpaw pressed the two about leaving. "And don't let me catch you doing this again," He warned.