I'm Not Going To Write You A Love Song // Inkylotus

Jun 7, 2022

Tunneler of Windclan
— Inky; for his ghost tabby black coat // lotus; for his calm demeanor
— 18 months // Ages every 18th // Created on Tabby Tales; 7/14/2022
— AFAB Agender Masculine // he/they pronouns
— Demisexual Panromantic Polyam
— Mentored by no one
— Mentoring no one
— Echoingsong (NPC) x Gerald (NPC)
— Sibling to Beautifuldream, Blazingglory and Ruddytongue​

A sleek, black cat with anophthalmia
— Inkylotus is a rather average cat; standing about 8 inches and weighing in about 7lbs. He has very sleek, smooth black fur that has hints of him carrying tabby via ghostly tabby stripes. Inkylotus has a narrow head with large, rounded ears and he adorns a white paw on his right foot. He has sharp cheek bones, a very skinny body that his ribs stick out sickenly, and a long, lion-like tail. His paw pads and nose are a deep grey color, but he has no eyes. If he had eyes, they would be a soft, mossy green.
Has anophthalmia
— Carries dilute, chocolate, point and anophthalmia

INFP // Hufflepuff // Lawful Good
( + ) positive traits
( / ) neutral traits
( - ) negative traits
— other extra personality quirks​
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