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Jun 30, 2022

He didn't trust her. How could he? After she had taken the first of Emberstar's lives, a life that could have been used for something far nobler. And yet here she was, welcomed with his leaders' open paws as a healer no less. Leafshade could scoff just thinking about it.

He trusted Emberstar, knew that beneath all that happy-go-lucky sunshine coming out of her butt was a cat that at least did think things through...most of the time. Besides, it was her life Cinderfrost had taken, so if Emberstar was willing to forgive then fine, but Leafshade would not forget.

Today he sat in a shadow of camp, watching with hostile and narrow steel blue eyes the den that the murderous she-cat had claimed as her own. Leafshade didn't want to just leave her unsupervised, Starclan blessed or not. So since she had returned to the moonstone the blue seal point had been following Cinderfrost around like her own forced shadow.

He sat back as he listened to cats whisper about her, throwing disgusted looks her way when she walked by and did nothing to stop them. She would either have to prove herself to them or get over it. Today it would seem he may have followed too close, and it wouldn't surprise any cat if the molly turned and snapped at him.

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Tired. The blue molly was sick and tired of being followed around by others, especially those who once walked by her side when she lived in the marshes. It stung that they trusted a dim-witted stranger over someone they had grown together with. They should know that she never did anything without a reason. Even if that reasoning had been flawed.

She knew she'd be watched and followed by those who didn't know her. However, Leafshade was a cat she knew. The tom had been a nasty fellow when they roamed the swamplands. Funny and hypocritical, then, when he was the one to keep a watchful eye on her. He stalked her shadow like a hunter - except, maybe not. He made his presence known far too well to be a hunter stalking his prey. Unless he thought her a fool.

Stress, guilt, annoyance, pressure, and more negative emotions ate away at what little remained of the skinny she-cat. She knew she should keep silent; take the high road and earn their trust. That's what her loved ones in the sky urged her to do. Their stares were wearing down her composure, though.

Tongue laced with venom, she addressed the tom without turning to look at him, "Surely you're aware that not only claws can kill. Words can have just as much, if not more, of an impact." Finally, she slowly turned around to face him with unblinking, cold eyes. "Or do you think that you are without your demons? That you managed to chase them away - starve them out with niceties - just as you did a worried queen." Her words lacked emotion but that didn't make them any less bone-chilling. It was clear she spoke of Dewdrop, the poor queen being told that her being nice to the other colony would not help her starving kittens.

Unlike Leafshade, she admitted to her wrongdoings and faced them. Had the tom even apologized to the kits left without their mother's guidance? He hadn't a single right to judge her given the circumstances. "You may think yourself above me yet I have acknowledged my faults and mistakes. Can you say you have done the same?" she kept her voice low so as to not draw the attention of the others. While it would be thrilling to reveal his dirty laundry to the clan, she kept the situation between herself and the hypocritical tom.

It had been expected that the she-cat would eventually lash out at Leafshade but, surely, this wasn't the way he had imagined the situation would go. Her face remained composed and passive - an ice sculpture chiseled into a never melting expression. ​
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He figured she would snap if he followed her around long enough, her words cutting into him deeper then he would allow her to see. His eyes would narrow, frigid cold optics that were unwavering as she slowly turned to face him. His jaw would clench and unclench as he fought the urge to spit venom back at her for even trying to compare mean words to claws on a throat.

But he would wait, remaining silent as Cinderfrost ripped into him. However once she was done, the tom would scowl and growl lowly.
"You're much more stupid then I remember you being, Cinderfrost."

He used her new name, not the one he had grown to know her as. Because she was no longer the molly he knew,
"Yes. What i said to Dewdrops was cruel. But I never struck her, never bared my claws or fangs to her after pledging to be a support to her. My words may have hurt her feelings, but i wasnt the one who took her life like you took Emberstars."

His shoulders would bristle as he spoke, but one could tell he was battling to keep his composure. Taking a slow breath and with a lash of his tail he would continue,
"Do you even really realize why I follow you, you half-witted molly?" He would jerk his head to the npcs around them who were looking at the pair and whispering, "Yes. I don't trust you. You killed the leader Starclan ordered you to protect. But that's not the only reason. If you would stop feeling sorry for yourself for a single  moment you would realize that im actually helping you."

Leafshade knew she probably wouldn't believe him so before she could open her maw to argue he would push through,
"Barely any cats here trust you, Cinderfrost. It's going to take a long ass time before they do. But it'll help in the long run if you have a cat who vouches for you."

He would look down at his paws then, remembering the looks he recieved after Dewdrops death. The tom was a lot of things. Brash, cruel, hot tempered, but not stupid. He knew that Cinderfrost was right, he knew at least a small amount of what it was like to have cats whispering around you. His claws would dig into the dirt as he growled,
"So snap at me if you want. Claw my ears off for all i care. But im doing this for the good of you and Thunderclan in the long run."
"Being nice won't save your precious kits from starving." she recited. "What you said went something along these lines, correct?" A rhetorical question. They goth knew that her quote had been, more or less, correct. "Why do you think Dewdrop left with her little ones in tow? Because she was scared of the fighting? Possibly. Although I seem to recall your words having quite the effect on her." Dewdrop's children had been quick to come to their mother's defense.

Her tail curled around her paws as she sat, back straight and body poised elegantly despite her fragile state, "Did you even apologize to her children when they returned?" Fangs flashed as a bitter smile crept along her muzzle. "You claim you want to help me but when have your words ever helped anyone, Leaf? Open your eyes and see the blood on your own paws before lecturing me. You don't even know exactly what happened. I hadn't pledged a single word when that happened. I take my words seriously. Unlike you, a rotten brat, who drove out a worried member of the colony with sharp words when her well-being should have been placed before yours." But he didn't know how to be anything be selfish.

"Unless, of course, you view tearing apart a family to be a small inconvenience compared to the death of a she-cat you barely know. It's silly, isn't it? That you're trying to protect someone you've hardly met more than you did th members of the colony who helped raise you since you were born. Or is this is your way of projecting guilt?"

"A selfish coward who flees and denies their own involvement in the affairs of their past is not someone's who word matters." She didn't need him to vouch for her. She didn't need any of them. "Why run away to the forest if you had nothing to escape from back in the marshes?

The only apologies she truly owed were to Emberstar and the stars. And she'd already apologized to both. She said she would do her best and work on atonement. Leafshade, however, was blinded by arrogance.​
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Leaf grew more and more frustrated at Cinderfrosts response. She hadn't listened to a damn word he said and he simply rolled his eyes as she continued to throw old wounds in his face.

But it would be the last thing she said that would finally get a reaction from the tom. Quick as a viper he would stand before her, tall lanky legs taunt with rage as he quivered and loomed over the skinny molly, fighting his own impulses to draw his claws over her face.

"You know damn well," He would meow lowly and with an edge that even surprised himself, "That it wasn't my actions I was running from in the marshes."

He would snap away then, only growling back to her over his shoulder, "Fix this mess by yourself then. Try not to kill anyone else while you're at it." And with that he stalked away, he needed to get as far away from this stupid she cat as he possibly could.

Even in the face of danger, the blue molly didn't shirk away. She didn't flinch nor recoil when he tried to look tough and intimidating by towering over her. In fact, all she did was tilt her head to the side.

Go ahead. Attack me. a flick of her tail seemed to say. But he didn't. Perhaps he had grown some although that thought was quickly swatted away when he tried to get the last word in.

"I hope you'll do your best to avoid orphaning kits once again, Leaf. Emberstar still lives while Dewdrop must watch her kittens from the stars." Finally, her voice increased in volume so that others may hear. She was not the only villain in ThunderClan. While she was out in the open, others hid within the shadows.

Stretching, she turned back towards her den. And this is why I prefer the dark cavern to the open forest.

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