In His Favorite Sundress [Leaf]

. Wildflower .

Friends with the monster under my bed ~
Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - She had stalked back to camp, the pep in her step stolen by harsh words, and her mind whirling.
Why did he care so much? He didn’t care about anything- even Wildflower’s nicest attempts to show him friendship had been met with a wary shrug.
❝ Ugh! ❞ She huffed as she slipped through the camps entrance, her head still bowed and her brows still furrowed. She just wanted to be alone.
It wasn’t until later that she had come out of the den, the earlier encounter still on replay in the back of her mind, but her mood much more simmered down to a mere quietness.
Gingerly she settled herself beside the camp entrance, dead set on refusing to think of it anymore. He had hurt her feelings, scared her… she just wanted to forget about it. Yet, as she got comfortable, a familiar pale and grey pelt shouldered it’s way through the entrance.
Her sage hues stay trained on him for a moment, as if she was on the fence of saying something, until icy hues meet her evergreen, and she quickly swivels her head away, ears flattening once more.

❝ Speech. ❞


Truthfully, Leafshade had felt a bit bad for how harshly his words had come out when he had confronted Wildflower earlier. He wondered if he should apologize, but he quickly shooed away the thought as if it were just a pesky fly. If Wildflower couldn't see that he had been angry out of concern then that was her problem.

Leafshade had walked away from that confrontation to be alone and hunt, so when he re-entered camp, a squirrel would hang limply from his jaws. He felt eyes on him as soon as he walked in, but when he turned his head he was slightly surprised to find the grey femme staring at him.

He raised a paw as if about to walk over to her, but the quick look away that she did only caused him to freeze. No. Of course, she was still angry at him for being 'mean' or whatever it was she had mistaken his anger for being. With a loud snort Leaf would turn away and drop off his catch into the fresh-kill pile before stalking over to a shaded spot and curling up as if to nap.

What was the point of caring for others when they only saw that bad in you?


✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Perhaps she had expected Leafshade to come up to her, to apologize for his harsh tone.
She waited for it, a whole five seconds she kept her head turned, until she heard receding paw steps and a snort.
Turning her head back, she felt her maw part in a silent gasp- he was… napping?
Wildflower could not help the frustrating prickle along her spine. Why did he have to press her buttons so? Why was he the only one who did?
She is walking over before she can think for a moment longer, her brow softly furrowed and a small frown tugging at her round features. ❝ Seriously? ❞ She huffed, plopping down right beside him. ❝ You… you have no right to tell me what to do, and to be so rude about it! You always brush me off anyhow, and look at me like I’m some mouse brain- which I am not. I’m actually incredibly smart, for your information! ❞ She continued on. She had never been so outwardly pissed, not even when that molly had tripped her into the mud, but this? This had her flustered. ❝ So… so you don’t get to just nap and ignore me -❞ she insisted, then aiming to place an ashen forepaw against his flank and give a delicate push, only adding enough pressure to catch his attention. ❝ Okay? ❞
❝ Speech. ❞


He should have known better. He heard her angry pawsteps before he scented her approach, and he would inwardly groan as the molly started to talk.

He would keep his eyes closed, ears flattening against his slim skull as she went on and on about how independent she was and blah blah blah. It would be her gentle push against his flank that would finally cause his gaze to half open and he would huff before lifting his head and turning to face her, "If it allows me to nap, then yes." His tail would lash as he rolled his eyes.

"I promise to never be concerned about you ever again, miss independent. But then I need a promise from you." He would lean in so that their muzzles were mere centimeters apart and glared into her dark veridian gaze, "Stop making stupid choices so I don't have to worry about you getting hurt again."


✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Her spiel is concluded, but his first reply almost makes her bare her teeth in indignation.
That is, until he is less than a mouse tail from her muzzle, and his icy gaze is burning into hers.
She suddenly cannot find words to retort with, and the burning in her cheeks only makes her more discontent.
His eyes are so intense.
Something so silly should be the last thing to cross her mind, but it does. His glare makes her heart beat skip for a moment.
For seconds on end she is speechless, and let’s him remain close. Yet, soon the moment is over and she reaches for him once more, yet this time her forepaw is now firmly pressed against his chest, and she pushes him back, or would at least try to. ❝ No one said you didn’t have to care, but you can be less harsh about it ❞ she insisted once more, her tone struggling to remain as firm as it was before with the tiny voice screaming for joy in the back of her skull.
He cares about me!
❝ Concern is an admirable thing, mister “I’m all cold and stoic,” but it’s how you express it that matters ❞ she finally continued, though it was a borderline retort. Perhaps if she wasn’t so flustered and frazzled, she would have expressed her inner thoughts, that she liked that he cared about her, that… for some strange reason it would have her elated for the upcoming days. She didn’t however, and only gave him another firm look, ❝ A-and stop glaring at me, it.. it doesn’t suit your features! ❞

❝ Speech. ❞