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Perhaps he should've waited for a patrol to find him before he waltzed into the camp. He's no longer a member of SkyClan; he's a RiverClanner, his fate sealed by the stars. But he doesn't think that Blazestar would mind. After all, Blazestar doesn't seem to mind... anything.

Besides, he's much too eager to learn to wait. The incident with Bonejaw has imbued in him a newfound determination to never be caught so helpless by a lack of knowledge again.

With a particularly large trout in tow, Beesong trots into the SkyClan camp. He doesn't think about the possibility that SkyClan wouldn't enjoy a fish for a meal; prey is prey, and each opportunity to eat is a blessing. Especially now that Greenleaf is coming to it's end. "Heflo!" Their greeting is muffled by the fish, which they then proceed to drop onto the ground with a plop. "Uh, I'm here to see Val- Dawnglare. Medicine cat stuff and all." Beesong rises onto their tippy toes and glances around the clearing, looking for a familiar cinnamon pelt.

"...Oh, and I brought a trout. Enjoy," he tacks on absentmindedly, still searching for Dawnglare.

He knew the rules, perhaps far better than most kittens his age. He was astute, knew how the clan worked so far through observation and perhaps a little bit of nosiness. Snowkit knew that the cats who were able to get into camp were SkyClanners and if they weren't they were brought in by SkyClanners. Snowkit knew they had a bigger territory outside the camp, that he was too young to be allowed to see yet, but one day he would get to explore the entirety of it. Snowkit knew that the smell suddenly affronting his senses was not normal.
The ashen and snow little prince had been lounging outside the nursery, not tired enough for a nap but not energetic enough to go off and play, so he had settled down to do his favorite activity of camp watching, seeing what everyone else was up to and working on, when the scent struck him. His little black nose wrinkled, his ears fell flat, the immediate impulse to rush into the nursery to hide seized him briefly before he powered through it. Rising to stand he plodded over on heavy kitten steps to see an unfamiliar cat with an unfamiliar thing at his paws and an unfamiliar smell on both of them. It was both too strong and slightly inticing, he'd never seen a 'trout' before; he assumed that was the trout? The dappled gray kit wandered right up to Beesong, golden eyes wide and his nose still wrinkled as he examined the other.

"...why do you want to see him? And what's a trout? Who are you? What do you want? Why do you smell weird?"


The caution in her son's voice made her smile, Snowkit always seemed to be in the know when it came to the clan. Still- she'd rather that wariness towards strangers would deter him from interacting with them. Ah well, as it turned out the visitor wasn't so strange after all.

Rounding a ribbed fern, Daisy Flight let the curve of her jaw deepen. "Beesong! Welcome back." Truthfully she had been sad to see him go, strung along by the word of the stars like so many others. "Don't worry Snowkit, they're a friend. A previous skyclanner, good looking out though." The calico gave her son a not-so-subtle wink and a wiggle of her shoulders, hoping to lower his hackles with a little praise.

"As you can see, I've had my kits! But ah, Dawnglare... I imagine he's tucked away in that den of his. How've things been, with the official healing business and all?" After so many moons cloistered in the nursery it was nice to see a fresh face. And, of course, she was feeling nosy. Their medicine cat was rather unorthodox, it would be interesting to know how the other clans' fared.
Their angel has returned. Rejoice, rejoice ♪

"You've returned to us.” Dawnglare greets, warm. A sonorous form carefully drifts between Daisyflight and her kin, all - to - eager to pass her by. A pink tongue swipes across his maw as he circles their puny form. The world spins and spins, shines just a little bit brighter ♪ "Sea-beast can't keep you from home forever now, can he?” He adds, eyes narrowing into slits as a smile stretches wide and bright. He still has claim over him, it seems. Nose-wrinkling beast dragged sodden into their quarters. Pity...

And this dull little thing is full of questions, isn't he? Old and new, silly thing doesn't listen. "They just told you, hahahah -” Silly head, full of fluff, fluff. Does he let him eat the poison? Perhaps ... apt practice for their future lessons maybe, yes. Smart thing, Honeybee. They had their intentions... Certainly, they did...
Initially, Blazestar is alarmed. Fresh from sleep, he doesn't see the small scarred tabby waltz into their camp -- he only smells the wet, rivery smell of fish and panics briefly. Cicadastar has come to attack them, he thinks in his disoriented state. It makes no sense, especially since Sootstar is the one who killed Haze, but his sense is clouded by the scent alone.

Once he stumbles from his den and lays eyes on Beesong, he visibly sags with relief. "Oh, it's you," he says. There's no warmth in his tone, but he can't help but offer the RiverClan medicine cat a tired smile. "Sure. I don't mind if you're here to see Dawnglare."

He focuses on Daisyflight and Snowkit. Her little son bristles with curiosity and questions, and he smiles, reminded that these kits have only known SkyClan. "This is Beesong. He's RiverClan's medicine cat. He does what Dawnglare does, but in another Clan," he explains.

He's surprised to see that Dawnglare actually seems happy to see Beesong. The cinnamon and white tom is hard to predict, admittedly. He gives the RiverClan cat a small nod. "Well. If you're here for medicine cat business, I'll leave you to it," he murmurs. With an almost apologetic glance in Daisyflight's direction, he disappears back into his den. He's not ready to face the rest of the Clan yet. Still not ready. May never be ready.


Snowkit leaned into the side of his mother's leg as she arrived, contemplating this new knowledge he had just learned. You could leave SkyClan? That was allowed? He'd never thought about doing so, didn't think anything was better than being here, but the idea cats could just go somewhere else was interesting all the same. Dawnglare's approach was met with a steely stare, unblinking golden eyes watching the medicine cat with wariness. Blazestar had insisted that the sun spackled tom was their healer and here to help but quite honestly he was leaning more and more in favor of his mother's dismissal of it all. He'd continue going to her for anything, their medicine cat made his fur prickle and he was not keen on delivering himself under those microscopic hues for any ailment. Shifting about to sit, his ears pricked up at Blazestar's tired approach and useful information. He knew the clan names but had never really seen another clan cat before. Was this what RiverClanner's always smelled like? Dreadful. Why would you go there when SkyClan's scent was so much sweeter? Beesong had made a poor choice in his opinion.
It was Blazestar's remark of 'he does what Dawnglare does' that made him shake his little head in dismay. "I'd hope not..." One Dawnglare was enough.


A stranger stood there, all smiles, and staring with no ouse os suspicion did all the adults stand. There was something he was missing, some stray puzzle piece, and he finally managed to shove it into place when Blazestar spoke to Snowkit. RiverClan's medicine cat- though he came bearing gifts, and did not bear the glaring over-expression that was constantly branded upon Dawnglare's face. Something on the ground lay before them- something they called a trout, with eyes glassy-glazed and void filled, dead as a doornail. It looked sick, all green and bruise like- he didn't trust it, and the way it smelled. It looked like the sort of thing that would get you sick.

Resolved to keep his distance, Twitchkit still took brave steps forward, unsure of what it was he really wanted. That thing that Bee-something had slapped on the groud- well, he'd set it really, quite nicely- it was weird and looked as if it might go for his throat any moment, yet it was meant to be a gift. It was...

He stared, eyelid twitching slightly, tram clamped shut. He'd let the grown-ups carry on- he needed to keep an eye on that thing. When it sprang to life and started trying to kill them all, he'd get a head start.
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The ginger and white tom barrels towards the river-scented tom, towards where his mother and sibling stand. If so many others are gathering around the new face, and don't look angry, and if Daisyflight isn't trying to hide Snowkit away from him, then the intruder must be a nice intruder!

Greenkit skids to a stop in front of the stranger, and the weird gift he brings.

"Hi! I'm Greenkit!" he squeaks, before sniffing at the intruder's gift. Maybe he was here for show-and-tell? Was this his discovery? "Who are you? What is this?"

Blazestar speaks instead, and the kit learns that the newcomer's name is Beesong. And that he's from RiverClan. He's never met a RiverClanner before! At first he's excited, but then Blazestar says he does what Dawnglare does, and suddenly, Greenkit finds himself backing up from the odd object before him, sticking closer to Daisyflight and Snowkit. Do RiverClan kits have to fear their teeth will be stolen too?
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