pafp IN THE GLOAMING ⋆⁺₊ ☾ ⁺₊⋆ nestmaking

⋆⁺₊ ☾ ⁺₊⋆  Poppyglow is quite the fitting name, Swansong thinks. Fitting for the warmth that alights in her chest at the sight of the younger warrior, fitting for the radiance of their blissful smile and everwide eyes. Poppyglow. Bright and lovely. They cannot help but beam as they look upon her.

Luckily for the lovestruck molly, she will be spending plenty of time with Poppyglow from now on. The two of them weave a new nest together, taken from scraps of the old. A rebirth of sorts. "This spot is nice and quiet, I have made certain of it," she murmurs, soft and rambling. Right next to her own nest, tucked in a peaceable corner of the warriors' den - and watched over by a glinting gifted rat's skull. They two can sleep side by side from now on, the younger following the older like a little phantom from den to den. This shall be the last change for the foreseeable future, and so they endeavor to make it pleasant. A memory floats up, and they move to shuffle about their own nest-makings. "And... ah!" A bundle of treasures are plucked from the weavings, presented to their companion.

"Here... I have, um - I've gathered some flowers for you...! Poppies, I do believe..." Red as blood, red as life. They will look wonderful woven into the threads of Poppyglow's nest.

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  • SWANSONG ⋆⁺₊ ⁺₊⋆ she / they, warrior of shadowclan, fourteen moons.
    a pale, silky-furred cream tabby with tired blue eyes.
    dreamy and detached, known for her perpetual sleepiness.
    halfshade x smogmaw, littermate to applejaw, garlicheart, & ashenfall.
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking
    penned by SATURNID ↛ saturnids on discord, feel free to dm for plots.