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Jun 8, 2022

It's impossible for the large tom-cat to move in silence. Large paws crush fallen leaves and bend fallen grass as he awkwardly squeezes past a bramble bush, its points lightly brushing through his fur. In his maw was an obviously tick-filled mouse, the land beside his barn was having a bit of an issue with the blood-sucking parasites now that the earth had warmed again. Big Guy could only imagine how many he carried around with him... It didn't bother him though, once they had his share the plump ticks would just fall right off. Wasn't worth any amount of fuss in his eyes.

With long strides, it doesn't take him too much longer to get to the heart of the land, camp. The journey from the barn to the forest is a long one to do every day, but Big Guy doesn't mind it. It was a nice way to work off those extra mice he often had for breakfast! With his head held high and tail swinging about with glee, the first familiar cat he lays eyes on he aims to toss the mouse at playfully.

"Ya wanna mouse?!"


For a moment, its all Ember can do to blink in surprise as a mouse lands right in front of her. It's not every day that prey literally thrown right into your paws after all. She glances toward him at the larger tom's words, and soon a smile splits her face. "Awww, you big softie!" she exclaims, unable to hold back a giggle. Bounding over to him, she moves to rub up against him, eager to show her thanks.

"You shouldn't have! But I sure am glad you did anyway!" the molly told him joyfully, as she turned back to return her free food. She wasn't going to let this go to waste! Not that she was particularly hungry, but it was the gesture that she valued more than anything. Sure, she'd taken from the pile, but those were just for the clan as a whole. She hadn't had someone just hand her their kill straight to her like this. Well, not since her mother.

╰☆☆ Haze is lying nearby, giving his forepaws lazy tongue strokes and brushing them carelessly across his malformed whiskers. He has just shared a squirrel with another cat, and though he won't bother to groom the rest of his unkempt silver and white coat, he figures he shouldn't walk around with bits of meat and blood in his whiskers. Rain--and especially River--taught him better than that.

Dark yellow eyes flick to the big, fluffy cream-colored tom who strolls into camp clutching a mouse. With an animated gesture, he tosses it in Haze's direction with a "Ya wanna mouse?" His immediate response is about to be a resounding 'Yes!', but it does not land in front of him.

Haze looks sadly at Ember, who accepts the mouse with glee. The affectionate flame point even gets to her paws to rub against Big Guy before settling back down to her free meal. He clears his throat and gives Big Guy a fake glare. "Wow, way to leave your best friend out," he bemoans, flicking his tail to let them both know he's joking. Sorta. His eyes keep going back to the mouse.

Happily, Big Guy accepts the rub of gratitude with a hearty purr, "Of course, plenty ta spare at the barn. Mhm. At least I could do anyway for my favorite group of cats. Mhm." He nods. Of course, the other felines who roamed at the barn also greatly reduced the mouse population, but the vermin never seemed to stop appearing! Mice must have a lot of mouse kits to keep up.

He takes the joking meow from Haze who had missed out on his kill with a brief "HAha...". "Terribly sorry for that Haze, I couldn't possibly forget about you! Promise ya with a fresh mouse tomorrow, that be enough to forgive me?" He hopes so! "Or... maybe even by sundown," a playful wink, "If y'all are up to it, I think showin' you around my night home would be lotsa fun. There's plenty of mice to chase, plenty to bring back too after you fill your bellies."

"If ya both ain't too lazy to make the trip that is."

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Her grin only gets wider as Big Guy calls them his favorite group of cats. He is just too sweet. Before she can begin to enjoy her free meal, another voice cuts in. Her ears perk up at the words. "Aww, don't be too sad Haze!" She tells him with a laugh. "It's not your fault I'm just so likable!" The molly made a show of sticking her tongue out at him, giggling to herself all the while.

Ember's attention is stolen from her teasing, however, by the offer of more food. Her eyes wide at the paradise of the barn described to her. "Me, lazy? Never!" She scoffs, puffing up her chest proudly. Her gaze flickers toward Haze. "We could all go and hunt there together sometime! How about that?" She offered eagerly, practically bouncing on her paws at the thought.

╰☆☆ Haze chuckles at Big Guy's apology and promise to make it up to him. "I'll believe it when I see it. Or taste it," he says, giving a pretend huff and turn of his head. Ember giggles at his starvation! Says it's not her fault she's so likable!

"I was the most likable before you came around," he says, though this probably isn't true. He glances between the two of them with curiosity as Big Guy proposes they go and hunt at his home. Wasn't this his home? Haze has never really noticed him coming and leaving, but then again, he doesn't pay all that much attention to things like that.

"Your home? Is it far away?" He yawns, as if his body is protesting the idea immediately. Still, he's a bit curious to see where his friend lives when he's not throwing mice to Rain's cats. He glances at Ember and then shrugs amicably. "As long as my paws won't fall off on the way, I'd not mind," he says, grinning haphazardly within bent whiskers.

The all-too familiar copper tang of blood hit Tugger's nostrils as he approaches, his flat-face and angled eyes showing little emotion. Ticks. It was tick season, wasn't it. The time of blood-suckers and ungodly itchy patches of fur where the pests buried into your skin. Tugger shuddered at the very thought of those disgusting things crawling around his pelt. He took a step away from the mouse and the barn cat, a reflex more than anything.

"Use your heads if you're going across the farm-lands." The ginger man grumbles after a moment of taking in the conversation."Last thing anybody needs is to drag your sorry corpses off a horse's hooves.
✦ ★ ✦

He's happy to hear Ember's enthusiasm and Haze's agreement. His paws prick with excitement at the idea of at last getting to show them his home, it was only fitting as they welcomed Big Guy into theirs practically every day. In return, his barn would be their barn... he's not sure if Weasel and the other barn cats will be pleased... but he'll try to convince them!

"Oh it's quite a walk... but I promise I'll letcha take as many breaks needed. It'll be worth it! Promise." He gives a toothy and energetic grin to both felines. "If we get movin' we'll have plenty of time for a hunt, a nap, and then the walk back home." He flicks his tail to beckon them to follow him out, but not before Tugger grumbles a few words of warning. A purr of amusement rumbles in the large tom's throat, "Don't you worry Tugger, I'll keep an eye out on em! The horses are actually quite friendly too if ya ever wanna meet em." He informs, "And say, do you wanna come along? You're more than welcome to."

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