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Our world is full of all kinds of colors ✧
Ah Racc, what in the stars have you gotten us into? The thought was fearful, orange eyes where wide with rounded pupils. A body sat crouched by what was the beginnings of a den as pale paws carefully wove together some reeds and willow stalks. Trying to distact herself, trying to think of anything but what had transpired- but yet it nipped at her mine like a dog on her heels. Riverclan was this newly made place and it had so many cats in it already! It was such a shift from her little home with Raccoon, Buck and Carraway. So many new faces, so many names to remember and parts to play. She didn't like it at all, but had come here because of her sibling and their presistance.

Serenity, on the other paw, hadn't seen her sibling since they joined the group. Raccoon always seemed busy with greeting new cats, talking to others and with this she-cat named Frost. Bile of jealous bubbled up in her throat; Frost had taken her sibling from her. In Serenitys' eyes, that was what was happening and it only made this dislike of Riverclan to grow. Though she couldn't leave behind her littermate, not for anything in this world so it was just something she had to deal with. A soft sigh escaped a soft mouth as she looked down at the reeds before her in their half-made stage. It all felt so silly. Serenity hated change and her reasons felt silly to her, but what else could she do? Live on her own? She'd be picked off like a water vole on a hot summers day.

Much like today, it was warm with the forming humidity that suggest rain could be on the horizon. The sun beat down ruthlessly as the sky remained clear of any clouds; it was a nice day for a swim but Serenity wasn't a swimmer. She didn't have the strength her littermate did nor the love of the river like Raccoon did. She'd much rather prefer being on land that anything else, but suppose that was ironic. Living by the river her whole life, catching fish and the like, yet she disliked swimming and wasn't very good at it. The blue calico gave another sigh and shook her head to dislodge these thoughts from her mind. Getting to her paws, Serenity moved to go on the hunt for more reeds even though she didn't really need more- it was more so just to clear the mind and get away from the suffocating strangers in camp.


Spider had not enjoyed in the fruitless counts in joining Riverclan, but he did what he thought would be a good idea to tear down this group from the inside, rather than fight from the outside. Cause trouble and have them at each other's throats deciding perhaps that they have made a mistake coming to the river and soon will move back to the pinelands that they have came from (or so he had hoped). Frost, his little accomplice (again so he thought), had made friends with Buck and her kind and had been seen busying herself with that Raccoon character which made Spider roll his amber gaze. However, it did make him quite jealous that Raccoon had gained this new bounded interest that rose through his young companion, and oh how he hated it.

Though eventually through all his sulking and hiding the tom would spot Serenity, a face he had yet to see around in Riverclan, and his ears swerved in interest before following after the other, forcing a warm smile onto his lips as he caught up to walk by her side, his amber gaze dancing on the she-cat's flank quickly trying to figure out where he had seen her, not yet connecting her to being Raccoon's sister. "You must be new around here. The names Spider, might I ask what you are doing?" he asked smoothly in a charming and honeyed tone while he flashed the she-cat a rare but warm smile from his lips.

His dark fur blends almost easily in the shade while the only thing that seemed to stand out on the tom was his white heart-shaped patch that danced on his moving chest as he kept in ease pace with Serenity, wanting to hear what she was going to do, and hoping to offer up any company that he could provide to her since, it might be overwhelming to be apart of something quite new, and not knowing anyone (so he thought).

Our world is full of all kinds of colors ✧
Normally, most cats kept away from her and she was thankful for the resting bitch face she had in place. It was rather helpful to keep other cats at bay, but seemed it didn't work for with this cat tht jogged to catch up with her. Fur as black as the night sky with a small heart on his chest in snowy white, he had soft amber eyes and a warm smile across his mouth. Those large ears flattened against her head and she looked down at her paws as if they held answeres she didn't know. Serenity wasn't a talkative cat, painfully shy as well, so she didn't voice anything right off the bat. Just looked at the tomcat as he spoke, introducing himself as Spider, and the name seemed awfully familiar.

Ah, yes, this was the tom that came with Frost to the clan. Buck had spoken about it and she had snippets from Raccoon as they had rambled on about it. What made him decide to come talk to her? Didn't he have anything better to do than speak to a cat too shy to say anything in return? Spider asked what she was doing and Serenity gave the slightest of shrugs at his words; she didn't know. She just knew she wanted to get out of camp and 'collect reeds' but she knew that wasn't the only reason. Maybe Riverclan was just too much? The amount of new faces, loud noises and the like was just a lot.

Serenity allowed for Spider to walk alongside her for a moment before she slowed as they came to a cluster of reeds, gesturing with a paw at the bush. Maybe that would make sense? That she was out here to collect reeds, and if she didn't have to talk then she wasn't going too. The blue tortie swished her lion-like tail for a moment before finally mustering up some kind of courage to say, "Collecting reeds for wall," Her voice was meek, very soft and barely above a whisper. This was going to be difficult wasn't it?