into a fantasy || jackdaw

Jun 8, 2022

  • JACKDAW — named for his black pelt
    34 moons — ages every 5th
    male — he/him
    thunderclan — warrior, former resident of the marsh group

    appearance — Jackdawflight is an all black and longhaired tom with
    pale grassy green eyes. He is very small of stature and has a scar across his left eye.

  • a delicate flower — he's always been small and with that, rather shy and introverted. He is not the most verbal of his family, but he stands strong when he needs to.
    come fly with me — despite being an introvert, he does enjoy the thrill of a good hunt - preferably alone!
    eyes like a magpie — a collector at heart, Jackdawflight always has the shiniest trinkets.
    small but mighty — he might be small, but still ferocious, being a better fighter than hunter by many fox lengths!

  • GRAY WOLF x HOWLING WIND — generation TEXT
    brother to Hollow Tree, Little Wolf, Cobwebtail, Lily Pad, Graystorm, Raccoonstripe, and Berryheart
    partner of n/a
    father to n/a

  • before — he lived with his family in the marsh group.

    after — died protecting his clanmates from the claws of some wolves.

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