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I Just Wanna Fly
Sep 21, 2022

Hunger could drive good people to do crazy things. Though in Crawlingroach's case it could hardly be considered a mind-numbing starvation, but more of a tummy tingling need to nibble on something. Which was likely why he had taken himself down to the river in order to sate his desire for food. Slipping into the water he seemed to melt into the flow like an inky eel as his slim figure cut through with surprising speed. Already his mouth was beginning to water at the mere thought of sinking his teeth into a meaty fish or two. Now he simply had to catch his quarry.

Sucking in a deep breath he then dove down below the surface and searched for a target. However, his efforts were fruitless. That is until he turned round and saw what was coming upstream towards him. Salmon, a horde of them! Excitement rapidly warped into feelings of terror as the large fish swarmed past him, battering his sides with their solid heads and powerful tails, forcing the air from his lungs. With scrambling, flailing paws, he managed to breach the surface of the water and suck in desperate gulps of air. The horrific ordeal had lasted mere seconds but to the young warrior it might as well have been hours!

Aching both physically and in pride, Crawlingroach made the slow swim back to the safety of the shore where he hauled himself out so he could flop down on his side on the sandy bank. So much for getting himself some lunch, that had been a complete disaster! "Well... today can't get any worse, right?"


Frostpaw had been out stretching her legs while silently practicing simple small moves that Smokethroat had shown her, wanting to keep in shape sort to speak when she notice the whole ordeal with Crawlingroach. Poor tom seemed to of become some sort of fish play thing for a bit and for a second she wondered if she should leave the tom alone or check on him. Standing there watching for a bit she would sigh and make her way over towards the tom.

"Never in my life would I have thought I'd meet someone worse at hunting than Poppysplash, you almost became fish food, also are you alright?" the girl remarked as she began to examine the other, attempting to bap Crawlingroach on his forehead in an attempt to check and see if he was alive, hints of amusement glittering in her bi-colored eyes

Having left Frostpaw to her own devices to deal with another matter entirely, he arrived in time to watch the nonsensical display of a cat being battered by passing fish as they made their way upriver. His expression did not change from its indifferent scowl of neutrality but when his apprentice spoke he could not refrain the small smirk and huff of a laugh that escaped him; they needed to work on her brutal honesty some.
"Frostpaw don't be rude..." The dark tom rasped out with some amusement, " one is as bad at hunting as Poppysplash." There was no point in bullying the tom, he was already horribly defeated as it were and rubbing salt in the wound would accomplish nothing.
"Would you like company in continuing your hunting venture?" He could have Frostpaw practice her fishing technique to see if they needed to bother continuing with it before moving onto something else.


"Heh... hey Frostpaw. Do you mind? That's my face." Crawlingroach replied with a soft sigh as he stared up at the youth from where he was currently laying. As if his pride wasn't aching enough, but now comparisons to Poppysplash was being brought into the mix? Ouch! "Meanie! It's not my fault that the salmon are swimming in droves right now." He defended with a playful huff.

Feeling a little better he then rolled himself over onto his paws before sitting up, water dripping from his black fur. "Yeah, I'm fine. Bruised, but okay. And thank you, Smokey-Stokey-Tickity-Tokey! I'm bad, but not that bad. Heh!" His pride had been spared by a small margin at least, something he'd take and ride with for the time being. At the offer of gaining some assistance with another round of hunting he simply couldn't bring himself to say no, not when his stomach ached with hunger. "Only if you're not busy. In fact, with the three of us I bet we could force a couple of those fish to beach themselves, making the hunt easy. Might even get a couple spare to bring home for the others."