Isn’t it Lovely? [Cinderfrost]


Roekit would die on the hill of Cinderfrost’s innocence, that much the kit knew.
Yet, what was that uneasy feeling creaking in her chest? What was that pull in her stomach as she shouldered her way into the medicine den, and walked into Cinderfrost’s side, cinnamon paws wrapping against one of her bigger front legs?
Uncertainty. Anxiety. Even after just a taste, Roekit knew she couldn’t stand it.
Even if Cinderfrost had tried to pry the kit away, Roekit’s gaze would be set forwards, her lip slightly trembling in the moment of awkward silence.
"What did you do to Emberstar?" The question was barely a whisper at first, and Roekit still wasn’t budging as she tightly held onto the ashen molly. "You… you have to be honest with me, now. You just have to" she insisted. She had to know, perhaps her answer could solve many of Roekit’s blossoming questions and realizations.


This conversation had been inevitable. All actions had consequences. Teal eyes looked down upon the kit that clung to her leg: a very precious child that she never wanted to harm. She should have distanced herself better- warned her to stay away. She'd been selfish.

"I claimed her first life." There was no point in beating around the bush. And, even if she were to deny it, there were numerous cats who'd vouch against her.

The she-cat had always planned to tell Roekit why dirty glances were directed her way and why they worried for the kitten's safety. Not like this, though.

But maybe this was for the best.

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Roekit finds solace in the fact that her face was hidden from Cinderfrost’s line of vision when the molly finally replied. Large eyes are squeezed shut for a moment.
I claimed her first life.
I killed her.

Words got twisted up inside her brain, and puzzle pieces connected. Yet, Roekit couldn’t find it in herself to think of Cinderfrost as a killer, not as she clutched to the Molly’s foreleg like she was a frightened kit seeking comfort from their mother. "Okay." She murmured in response. "Are they gonna take me away from you?" The mere question terrified Roekit, more than anything Cinderfrost had done could. "I..I don’t care what… what happened in the past. Just don’t let them take me away from you."

"Roe, I can't promise you'll be safe with me. Everyone I've ever loved, everyone I interact with, has either ended up dead or hurt because of my actions." But she had a selfish heart: it melted and wrapped itself around Roekit's little claw. She wanted to be there for Roe. She wanted to watch her grow - an opportunity stolen from her in regard to her nephews. However, she refused to "promise". In the past, her promises had been empty. Actions spoke louder than words, though. "I will fight 'til my last breath for your safety."

And if you're safer without me then... I will do what is best for you.