IT’S A NEW START ❀ prompt response (hunting patrol)

Jul 12, 2022

Nervous didn’t even begin to cover it. She couldn’t possibly understand (nor believe) that Duskfire had asked her to lead a hunting patrol. Would cats be angry that she was leading it? Sootstar hadn’t even named her a lead warrior! Ivoryflight took a moment to catch a breath as she formed a plan in her mind. She could do this. Nobody would allow her to lead a hunting patrol for no reason. All she had to do was find a minimum of two warriors and their apprentices and head out. Simple enough right? They could start by heading towards the abandoned badger set, then work their way towards outlook rock. Surely they’d find something around there.

If anyone would like to accompany me on a hunting patrol, I’ve been instructed to gather two warriors and their apprentices! Anyone else interested is more than welcome to accompany us as well!” She could explain in detail where they were going on their way outside camp. For now, she’d wait to go into further detail until everyone gathered as to not repeat herself. Hopefully, she’d have a good turnout to have a successful patrol.

// for this week’s old prompt ivoryflight is leading a hunting patrol of 2 warriors and their apprentices!! the following tagged accounts have already volunteered to attend but I’m allowing anyone else to join as well! @hyacinthbreath && @Coldpaw | Coldkill + @PEBBLENOSE && @MOLEPAW


The sound of Ivoryflight's nervous voice causes Hyacinth to lift her head from the nest she was currently napping in, her apprentice dead asleep not far from her. She moves her back leg out, lazily shoving her apprentice with a tiny paw as she grumbles a simple "Get up." before she rises to her paws. Shaking out her fur, she hobbles over to the warrior she'd taken to.

"It's nerve-wracking, isn't it? Leading a patrol?" Hyacinth questions teasingly, a tired grin on her face as she moves to stand by the molly. Despite her being higher in rank than Ivory, Hyacinth found no reason to be hostile. If something were to go wrong, she would just take over and get everyone to safety. Until there was a threat, though, Hyacinth would enjoy the freedom of just following behind instead of being in charge of the patrol.

"Where are we venturing this time? With leaf-bare coming, hunting might be a bit harder if we're not going for rabbits."