it'll be okay || plover

The cold molly had a warm spot for the youth. They were innocent and deserved to live their lives without worrying about dangers. Each kit and young cat she'd gotten to know, she silently viewed them as if she were their aunt. It was a selfish sentiment and one that no one would want any longer. No one would wish to associate with someone who had no dignity, no name, no home.

However, her selfishness wouldn't allow the molly to leave without saying goodbye to a bright soul she had grown fond of. "Plover, I'm sure you've heard by now that I am leaving. I.. I wanted to say goodbye to you before I did."


Plover would not label themself a coward—they have never been afraid of fighting, of violence. They simply cannot stand the thought of harming another living, breathing being. But the fighting that happened recently, the battle that Plover noticed many cats did not return from, struck something in the child. Perhaps they are a bit cowardly. But at least… at least, despite all the cats who never returned, the few that Plover felt truly close with did return.

Salamander, thankfully, had returned. She was kind and strong, and the child felt as though they could trust her. But it seemed that just as soon as she got back, she was leaving for good. Pale eyes flicked up as she approached, announcing her departure to them. "Leaving? Alone?" Though they attempted to keep a straight face, they couldn’t bring themself to meet the older cat’s eyes. Instead their gaze would dart everywhere else, from the trees to the sky and back to the ground. "Where will you go? Can I follow?" This couldn’t be goodbye for good, could it?
Her heart ached as Plover tried to make sense of the situation. "Can I follow?" Skies above, did she wish she could say yes. That she could whisk Plover away and take them to a safe location. But the lifeless bodies of Leaping Toad and Ash halted her. Plover wouldn't be safe with her. She couldn't trust herself to defend them from harm. How could she when she had proven unable? Though her views differed from the other marsh cats, she knew that the colony was still the safest place to be. At least, if the starry-pelted cats prevented the two groups from going at each other's throats again...

After a long pause, she finally shook her head, "I'm sorry, little one. It will not be safe for you. I can't have anything happen to you." Her heart couldn't take another tragedy, especially with her being the root cause of it all. She blamed Briar, pointed claws, but she knew she was just as bad. If she'd spoken louder... Or would that have simply gotten her scorned and attacked sooner?

"I am unwanted here and have committed crimes that I must pay for. I must go alone."

For the briefest moment, Plover held out hope that she would agree. That she would say yes, and take the child with her to wherever she would travel. But of course, that was an illogical hope. Plover knew that they were dead weight, unable to fight or hunt, and tagging along with her would only do more harm than good. Knowing that didn’t stop it from hurting, though.

"You are wanted here. By me," they stated, a frown tugging at their usually serene expression. What crimes could she have committed that would make the group send her away? Even during the fighting, hadn’t nearly everyone gotten blood on their paws? As much as Plover wanted to tell all the hostile cats in both groups that they were wrong, they could understand that sometimes there was no other choice but to fight. And if cats died, that was just something that happened. She shouldn’t have to go just because of what had happened.

The smoky blue feline blinked a few times, sniffling lightly. They weren’t going to start crying, not now. There was a pathetic air about the way they were speaking to her—not wanting her to go, begging for her to take them with her wherever she went. But they knew when a mind could not be changed, so Plover straightened themself up to their full height (which was still not that impressive) and leveled the older cat with an even look. "If you really have to go, just—don’t go forever, okay? Come back someday? I’ll miss you."
"You are wanted here. By me." Her fragile mind nearly broke down again. She breathed in sharply as she struggled to rein in her composure. No more scenes nor spectacles. The last thing the blue mink wanted was for everyone to witness her tears. For the most part, she'd been able to keep those private.. and instead replacing her sadness with anger.

Still, she didn't know what to say. Her mouth opened but the lump in her throat absorbed any words that attempted to escape. In the end, all she could do was attempt to bump her head light against Plover's.

"I'll always be around." Though not within the territories. But any unclaimed land would be free game and, hopefully, would allow her to receive any news of potential danger that threatened to hurt the remaining cats she cared about. "I'll.. I'll miss you, kid."

The blue smoke stared blankly up at the she-cat, wishing for her to change her mind but knowing that she wouldn’t. The child let out a sigh, flicked their tail. She didn’t even say anything else, only bumped her head against theirs. "Stay safe, wherever you go." They returned the gesture, rubbing their cheek against her chin for a moment, before taking a step backward. Everything will be okay.

"Goodbye," they murmured, blinking rapidly in an attempt to keep their eyes dry. This wouldn’t be the last time they saw her, Plover rationalized. Eventually, they’d see her again. This wasn’t a forever goodbye, like their goodbye to Grebe that day before he had disappeared. But in the moment—despite her saying she’d be around—it really felt like one.
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