ITS A NEW WORLD, ITS A NEW START — first time inside camp


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Jul 12, 2022
The day had finally come, leaving Locust with some rather conflicting emotions. On one paw, the tom was excited to have somewhere to play and explore during the day. An opportunity for him to actually make some friends and enjoy himself rather than being alone in his housefolk's den the whole day alone. On the other paw, however, he was nervous. Almost regretting his decision to meet Blaize, he wondered if it was truly worth it. Paws anxiously shuffling under him, he would attempt to scent the air, looking for any sign of the nice cats he'd met a few sunrises ago. "B-Blaize?" Glancing around, Locust would search for the tom who he was supposed to be meeting. Was he regretting his decision? That had to be the reason he wasn't here. His tail which once was held high in a bright display of his excitement, now lay drooping upon the earth beneath his paws. Disappointment would show in his features as he decided to wait a few moments longer, trying to decide if he should return home.


*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ The young tom who had so bravely blundered into the pine forest away from his housefolk has returned. The flame point scents him again, that achingly familiar scent the gardens and the Twolegplace seem to part onto the pelts of the cats that live there, and he hears the soft jingle of the other's collar. It's matched by the tinny sound of his own.

With more grace than he'd possessed a moon ago and perhaps a tad more confidence, the sizeable pale tom moves through the dappled forest, paws brushing over pine needles sticky with sap. He bows his head in greeting to the young one. It seems he might have made his decision.

"I'm here, Locust." He looks down at the kittypet, wondering if he was making a mistake by potentially dragging an innocent pet into a world full of barbarism and blood.

But sometimes the heart makes the choice, he knows. It's why he's here. It's why he leads SkyClan now, despite being the most unlikely cat to do so. He tilts his head at Locust, waiting. Does he have an explanation? An excuse? He will let Locust speak for himself.

Blaise would not turn him away, but he does not know that.
Looking up as the older tom approached him, Locust would find himself feeling better about the situation. This had to be a good thing right? They both came after all. "You came!" Not even considering that Blaize may not have met him as intended, he'd find himself looking around as he tried to pick up on the scent of any of the other cats in the area. "Did you come by yourself?" He'd almost hoped that some of the others would have tagged along as well, but he supposed the two of them would be alright.

"Nope," The nonchalant answer comes from Harpy, the cream tabby perched atop a low-hanging branch. Of course, he hadn't intended to drop in on this important meeting. He'd been hunting in the area, evident in the blood stained upon his lips and the limp body of a squirrel beneath his claws, when he'd overheard the chattering of his leader and... someone else. Harpy had been quick to investigate. Icy eyes examine the stranger below him, his head tilting slowly. Blaise's new recruit, he's guessing. Although Harpy could not decipher the young tom's scent from his perch, he could tell that the newcomer was a kittypet by his well-fed appearance. "What's the craic? You leaving your housefolk behind, mate?" Despite his seemingly flippant attitude, there is weight behind his question. A hint of judgment staining his accented voice, his tail tip twitches idly behind him. He's never understood why some of his clanmates chose to leave their housefolk altogether, and he does not want to. Disloyal, they are. If they have no trouble abandoning their housefolk, how quickly would they abandon SkyClan?

Quicker than one could blink, if the gathering had been anything to go by.
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Okay so maybe following Blaise was the worst decision possible, but it was hard not too! The tom had left camp alone, seeming suspcious about it, and Bumble was just too curious for his own good! Though seemed he wasn't the only one to follow the idea of stalking Blaise as another cat spoke up from a perch in the trees. Bumble had found a hiding spot in a fern bush even though the white of his body was stark against the greenery of the bush. Still he had to be sleathy some what right?