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war is hunger.
Jun 8, 2022
❝  This place has not been all that she had thought it to be. They had meant to make something new of this battleground– a home, a place to begin again in the dark. Instead, they have been consumed by it. Too many of them could not let go of who they had once been. Or perhaps it is only Cinder. Her concern for the molly does indeed outweigh most other things in this new clan. It is why she shifts herself from silent sentinel to a clear presence, however faint. She will speak to them, guide them, do what she can to coax away this oppressive history. And if they are to ever heal, she will begin it with Cinder. It was no difficulty to find her den. The true test of her skill will be in the rest of this. She comes carrying a squirrel and a sprig of white flowers, small and delicate clusters that smell fresh and comforting, despite all of the trouble that comes with them.

Yarrow sets them down gently outside of the new medic's chosen den, and peers in with calm, thoughtful eyes. "You have been in there far too long," the older molly observes, firmly but not unkind. "Come. It's time to enjoy the sunshine again. Share a meal with me, and I will tell you of my namesake. Perhaps it will help you decide your own fate."

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  • ──── yarrow, eventually yarrowtongue.  cis female,  she - her pronouns.
    ──── approximately five years old,  though age unknown. ages the first.
    ──── sexuality unknown, presumed to be wholly disinterested in others.
    ──── lilac silver ticked tabby with curly fur  and deep,  muted olive eyes.

    a quiet soul without the meekness– yarrow is calm, stable, and above all else unknowable. she is always there with advice or a quiet presence to spill your pain to. but she is not someone you can get close to. as intensely as you may rely on her, you do not know her. not truly. yarrow carries a long and difficult past, not all of it being good, or kind, or palatable. she is more than you would think, and less kind than you would hope.
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A razor-sharp, cutting gaze turned to (hopefully) scare the intruder -

Oh, Yarrow.

Raised fur immediately settled down as she morphed from a "scary witch" into a sheepish and shy kitten. "I failed in my hunt." her weary voice admitted. She was too frail to properly hunt. "I cannot eat until I've contributed." Especially now that she heard the gossip on the wind - that she was using ThunderClan's resources despite being a menace to society. It irritated the she-cat who struggled to hold onto her remaining honor. She refused to provide evidence to support their dirty glances and insulting whispers.

However... the opportunity to learn more about the mysterious molly definitely grabbed her curious attention. And, and it would be nice to spend time with her old friend. Wait, were they still friends? Originally, Yarrow had been thought to be dead when she disappeared from the marshes. Finding her that day had been like seeing an actual ghost, except with all the stars real ghouls apparently possessed.

"I will join you but I will not eat."