i've struggled for years - cicadastar

Since her arrival in Riverclan, Emberstar's life had become uneventful, uncomfortably so. At least, compared to the constant bustle of managing her clan every day. Here, she was occasionally expected to check in with patrols that had been scent to fix her camp, but mostly she was just expected to rest. She had taken in a lot of smoke, after all, and lost a life. Cicadastar handled the daily affairs of his clan, not her, and while her clanmates were in his camp they were under his watch. It left her with altogether too much time that she was supposed to just spend sitting around, recovering.

Well, not today. She was going to do something. Sitting around made her all fidgety and restless and gave her altogether too much time to think and there was only so much of that she could take. If anyone asked though, she was going to say she was just making sure she kept in shape. She even had a fun idea for how she wanted to do it.

"Hey Cicadastar!" she called out eagerly, giving him a little wave with her tail and a big grin. She hoped he wasn't too busy. "I was wondering if you'd be interested in a little sparring? Just the two of us?" The idea of testing her mettle against another leader was an exciting one, at least to her. The terrible memory of the battle still hung over her, of course, but sparring was not that. At least not to her. She still held the fond associations of sparring with her mother as a child close to her heart.

Besides, it was an area where she was certain of her own skill. When sparring she felt capable, and that was something she needed right now.

✦ ★ ✦