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Jul 21, 2022



Ice couldn't say he was thrilled about what had happened at the gathering. When Briar had come back and told them all that not only were they losing most of their territory, but that some of their cats had decided to up and leave, he'd been unhappy. After all, it wasn't fun to lose friends or family or even land that had been a part of your life for so long. In a way, it felt like Ice had lost some of his freedom. He'd never be able to explore the moors or hunt in the oak forest again, and it didn't exactly seem fair to the young tom.

He wasn't taking it personally, though. It was pretty obvious that something bigger was going on here if they were dealing with ghost cats and prophecies, and he was willing to put his faith in Briar and the others. Besides, he had things other than politics to occupy his attention for now. The clan had suffered some heavy losses, and Briar had made it pretty clear that she wanted everyone stepping it up a notch.

Which was why- right after he was done eating this mouse- he would probably be out for most of the day doing patrols along the borders or hunting for the group. He didn't mind it, really. Ice liked keeping busy, and he was sure h could rope a few other cats into coming along to keep things from getting too dull.

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Ice wasn't the only one who was unhappy about the mess they were in. Black hated the idea that they'd lost so much. One part of him was pissed that they no longer had their territory and that their numbers had been cut in half, and the other was an endless ball of stress regarding the reprecussions of those things.

Black had been out for most of the morning with a hunting patrol, but the pickings weren't as good in the marshes as it was in the territories they'd lost, and he'd only been able to find a lizard to bring back. He'd probably skip lunch, leave it for someone else and just catch more later. He wasn't all that hungry anyways.

After having dropped his meager offerings atop the kill pile, the inky tom woud catch sight of his brother. A frown would tug at his lips before making his way over, aiming a lazy swat at the others ears and a disapproving huff.

"Have you even been out yet? We're stretched thin enough as it is without you sitting in camp all day." he berrated, taking a seat beside them.

To be fair, he knew that Ice wasn't lazy by nature. More often than not the other tom could be found on his feet doing something, which was the only reason he'd kept his claws sheathed just now. As annoying as it was, his brother probably had a perfectly reasonable explenation for being in camp right now. ​

tom - 10 months - shadowclan apprentice - homosexual - polyromantic - single

Dawn ✧ he/they ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░

It had become the next day, and everything still felt stifling. The new groups had begun to settle down into their respective territories, and it was becoming glaringly obvious that no one had any idea of what they where doing. So, they had new leaders or well Shadowclan had Briar still as leader, but what came next? Borders? Rules? Other positions? What could come next after a whole ordeal like that? What more could be thrown their way to throw everything off balance? It was already like everything was titering on collapsing and it was just going to take a few more things end it all. Or well that is how Dawn felt like it was going to be.

The golden mink had been sleeping in his nest that was outside a den, the ones Fire and himself had made together, and lifted his head drowsily. Two voices had stirred him from his sleep and he gave a small, annoyed, lash of his tail. Then again the sun has risen so it made sense for cats to be out and about, and he did decide that sleeping outside was a good idea. With a big yawn, his pink tongue and sharp fangs coming out with said gesture, Dawn moved to force himself up. His chest felt tighter today that it did yesterday, and he wasn't sure why that was. Though as he got up it felt easier to breathe like he was clearing out gunk from his chest with movement, good to know.

Blue eyes looked around the camp for a moment before landing on a grey and white pelt of Ice, followed by black and white of Black. The brothers had been here as long as Dawn, Eventide and Dusk have been- yet he seemed to never recall talking to the two. Then again, it wasn't like Dawn was a sociable cat anyway so it should come as no surprise. Still, with everything changing and cats leaving- would it be so difficult to try to make more than just Fire as a friend? The ruddy she-cat though more so forced her friendship upon him than anything else.

Still, as Dawn shifted in his nest with his lame leg sticking out behind him, he gave a small grumbling noise before speaking up, "Could you two be any louder? I don't think the moors heard you," He gave a lash of his tail and pushed himself to stand. Limping his way over to them and flopping down on the otherside of Ice with a huff, "Sleeping outside wasn't my brightest idea,"
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Briar had made her laws clear. Ties with the other Clans were to be severed. No more bickering with Soot over prey. No more lashing kittypets with Cicada and Pumpkin.

It stings, and she's bitter. She feels she hardly knows the cats in her own camp any longer, and the resentment that's been building after Moth's death has become white-hot and raging.

Flicker's light has gone up in flames.

The dark tortoiseshell stalks her way over to the three younger cats. Flame-colored eyes flick first from each brother and then land on Dawn, unfortunately for him. "Well, yer up now, aren't ya? Time to do some work." She looks at Ice and Black expectantly. "All of us can go do something useful. Sittin' around here is just gonna get us a tail-chewin' from Briar. And I could do without that." She lashes her tail twice in annoyance.
Her Clanmates weren't the only ones dissatisfied with what had happened the other night at the first Gathering. Briar had lost what she had considered her forest for moons, watched as it was split into fifths by friends and foes alike. It was her own damn fault she was too proud to give up the marshes and reclaim more substantial territory, but here she was, hiding in her guilt and the shadows of the willow trees and swamp fog. Ever since the war, since the Gathering, she'd felt a disconnect from her group - like they doubted her, distrusted her, To be fair, she didn't have faith in herself. After all, this was her fault - at least, she kept blaming herself for it, blaming herself for the deaths of friends, family, loved ones. Amber was dead because of her. Moth, Ash... all the marsh cats who had perished on the battlefield. She had given the warcry, so their deaths were on her paws and she knew she wasn't the only one who blamed herself.

To take her mind off of the thoughts that plagued her, Briar was just about to head out for the day when her name drew her attention to a conversation nearby between Ice, Black, and Flicker, who insisted the trio find something to do before she got onto them about lazing around camp. She couldn't exactly get on to them if she had yet to do anything productive for the day, so she padded over, pretending that she hadn't heard Flicker's comment. "Are you three heading out? Mind if I join?"
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Dawn ✧ he/they ✧ Marsh Group. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░
At the tone of Flickers' voice, Dawn couldn't stop the inward groan that came from him. Why did she have to be so bossy? What was the point? Black had already been hunting, Ice he wasn't sure if he had done anything and Dawn was just trying to wake up from his rest. Couldn't Flicker give a few moments of silence for a change? Seemingly not. Blue eyes glared at Flicker for a moment as he forced himself to sit up from his spot beside Ice and Black, "Fine, fine, we'll go hunting or something," Dawn concided with a lash of his golden tail.

Though as Briar approached, Dawn felt his heart sink just a bit. Was Flickers words true and she was going to come yell at them for simply sitting here? The cinnamon mink bristled at the thought and was ready to get defensive about the situation, he had just lost a leg so it would be a bit harder for him to get the day started, but instead Briar didn't come with tongues blazing. Instead the black cat simply asked if she could join in on their little excursion.

Those blue eyes of Dawns' flicked to the other two young cats beside him before he gave a small shrug, "I suppose it wouldn't be a problem, Briar," He responded back to his leader, but felt overwhelming nervousness.Would Briar be judgemental over Dawns ability to hunt? The cinnamon tom hadn't been able to get use enough to his lame leg to be able to hunt efficently. Would that cause Briar to kick him out of the clan? He hoped no, he didn't know what he'd do if he where exhiled just because of a spine injury.