Jul 27, 2022
ugh. look at her. she thinks she is so much better than me. well she's not. tch.

poppy laid down with her head propped up on her paw, watching a fellow clanmate as she walked by, head held high as she scanned around. poppy only rolled her eyes, tail sweeping across the floor.

"hey, poppy! did'ya wanna go huntin' with me? we could use the prey!"

the feline asked, as poppy tilted her head with a huff.

is she serious? this cat must think i'm fuckin' looney if she thinks for one second i'll go hunting with her! she only wants to prove just how much better she is than i am at it!

"tch. whatever. hurry up then."

she's quick to roll her eyes, standing up with a huff. she hadn't even meant to agree! this was a waste of her time! she couldn't hunt and as much as she turned up her nose and said she was better than everyone, it was a mask.

she's gonna fucking rub it in my face.

"perfect! anyone else wanna join in!?"

the last think we need is more people to see me fail. oh, i'm going to tear her throat out.

The brown and white tom was bored out of his mind. Exploring every nook and cranny of RiverClan’s new camp could only entertain him for so long, and his attention span really wasn’t that great anyway. And he felt like he was wasting his time, hanging around camp so much. But it wasn’t his fault that he was bad at almost everything the clan needed right now!

Catching the tail end of the conversation between a couple of unfamiliar cats, Clay’s interest was piqued. He trotted over to the two with a broad grin, butting in with an enthusiastic, "Hey, can I join too? I’m really bad at hunting, but maybe a I can help find prey anyway!" He didn’t think he knew either of them, but surely it couldn’t be that bad? Anything would be better than lying around in camp, feeling like he was slowly losing his mind, for another second. "Also, I’m Clay! I don’t think we’ve met yet," he would add after a moment, realizing that he hadn’t even introduced himself.


Frost had been busying herself with helping the other apprentices with the dens when she overheard the call to a hunting patrol, curled ears twitching the young she-cat let the others know she was going to do something else before abandoning what she was doing and approaching. The first to agree, she looked to be an angry she-cat who looked annoyed, and the second to join, Clay seemed a bit too cheerful and eager. Well, she knew right away that this would be quite an amusing hunting party.

"I'll tag along too! I should get in all the practice I need if I am to help Riverclan survive" the young she-cat piped up, the first to offer seemed uppity but wanting to help, Poppy seemed angry and a fool but perhaps she'll soon learn the opposite of the other she-cat, and Clay? Well as she has mentioned many times, he was quite fish-brained and clumsy but, he does mean well and a gentle light-spirited cat that was quite fun to be around despite him lacking a few... logics in that head of his.