jump in the deep end [weekly patrols]

Jul 20, 2022



Today was just one thing after another it seemed. The hunting patrol that had been sent out at dawn to gather breakfast had returned with a list as long as his tail of suspicious things out on the moors, meaning three separate patrol had to be sent out to investigate. On the bright side this would give some of the older apprentices a chance to experience something outside the norm, though Dusk knew there were still risks involved. Then again, risks were run everyday, and this was a lesson they might need for the future.

"Windclan, the dawn hunting patrol has returned with news of strange and dangerous things on the moors. Patrols are being sent out at once to investigate. Lead warriors, you are to handle these potential threats at your discretion." Sootstar had promoted them for a reason after all, and if they couldn't trust their judgment then there was no point in them holding their ranks. He trusted them to get it done, and he'd choose a competent cat for the extra patrol that could be relied on to get it done.

"Hyacinthbreath, the scent of a fox was detected near the border we share with Riverclan. Take Coldpaw, Wolfsnarl, and Heavysnow with you and make sure it isn't roaming our territory." he called, announcing the first group. The fox was the most obvious threat, the one that was confirmed to be a danger to the cats, and so he'd purposefully chosen cats he knew to be more aggressive in case they actually crossed paths with it and had to drive it out.

"Weaselclaw, your in charge of investigating the round twoleg objects that were seen moving across the hills in the west of our territory. They were reported to seem disinterested in the hunting patrol, but there were several. Take Owlpaw, Minkshade, and Moonshadow, with you." Weasels group was the medium-level threat, their patrol confronting multiple unknown objects that that seemed neutral to the cats.

"Brightshine, you'll be leading the third patrol. A twoleg thing has been found down by the river that separates us from Riverclan. Make sure its not a threat to our cats. Shrewpaw, Wormtail, and Inkylotus will accompany you." he called, knowing that Brightshine had been with the clan for some time now and was worthy of a turn to head a patrol of their own.

"Lastly, rabbit corpses were found scattered out in the territory today with no scent of fox, dog or other cat nearby. I'll be heading a patrol to investigate what this new threat is. Rosepaw, Ivoryflight, Pollenfur, Melonpaw, Kestraltalon, Dandelionpaw, Jaypaw and Mallowlark, your with me." he called. He didn't know what the thing was or if it was dangerous or not, but they would find out and deal with it if it was.

OOC- hey guys! so as you can see, these patrols are a little different from the border patrols we've been doing. Lead warriors will make the threads as usual but within our board, and I'll be popping in OOCly to control/reveal/rp the 'suspicious things' your patrols are going to encounter (so please tag my main account, Dizzy, in the thread). That being said, get out there and start investigating! <3

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Plenty of strange things discovered on the territory recently... many she suspected to be a twolegs doing. A shiver runs down her spine at the mere thought of them lurking on her land, she hates the fact they are an impossible foe to beat. She hopes these patrols remain safe.

"All of you be sure to report back your findings to me... and don't be stupid if you encounter something you cannot tackle without more numbers." She advises before any of them begin to depart.


"A twoleg thing huh...."

Those guys just can't keep their stuff to themselves, huh? This was shaping up to be an interesting day.

" Sounds like fun." He said, already thinking about what kind of vandalism he was going to commit. He had to admit, he was a little excited to see what it was. And a little worried.

This is why he hides in holes. Nothing to worry about down there.

Listening in for that day’s patrols, Ivoryflight would be surprised to hear that her apprentice was assigned to a different patrol than she was. Wondering what the reasoning could be, she knew better than to argue about it. On the plus side, it could do Shrewpaw some good to work with different warriors for a change. Perhaps different teaching styles could be beneficial? “Sure thing Duskfire! When do we head out?” Offering Shrewpaw a wave of her tail as she moved to join her patrol, she would refocus her attention on the deputy.
dark chocolate ears would perk at the call of her name among the others for the patrols, their set task was to investigate a strange item by the river which had golden eyes glimmer with interest. oh, a mysterious object waiting to be discovered? count her in! shrewpaw wasted no time bounding over towards her respective patrol group, glancing back to peer at her mentor with a grin.

"ooh, ah wonder wut it could be!! if it ain't dangerous ya think sootstar would let us bring it back?" the apprentice prattled, waiting till everyone was set to head out.
[ penned by cobi ]

Honeytwist is called out of the medicine den with tired eyes at Duskfires call, exhaustion flooding through her bones as she rises from another sleepless night. She shakes the moss out of her coat, not bothering to groom the wispy fur down and instead opts to slide towards Brightshine first. She wants to meet her in the eyes, wants to make eye contact but instead stares at Bright's chest. "Be careful," she'd speak softly, warmly towards her friend. "Twolegs are much more capable than you know. Come back safe, okay? All of you." she gives her a dip of the head before she walks past.

Her next victim is Pollenfur, another cat to avoid eye contact with, but this time she opts to brush her shoulder against Pollens, reveling in the comfort the other female brought. "Please be safe." her eyes slide to her daughter, who is finally walking to stand besides Pollen, before she finally looks Pollen in the face. She takes it in, shes worried- "Take care of Melonpaw and Dandelionpaw. I'll wait for your return, tell me all about it when you get back, okay? Au revoir, mon chéri." her chest squeezes as she searches the others eyes, a touch of sunburst warmth spreading. She has to tear her eyes away, or she'd be staring all day. She adds the last part, secretly, knows that no one knows what shes saying and she aims to give Pollen a nuzzle on the shoulder before she returns to the medicine den.