just a kid who's four || fernpaw

Aug 1, 2022


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Oh stars, this poor little kid.

Clearsight vehemently chokes back his laughter at the sight that lies before him. He doesn't know how Fernpaw managed to get himself up a tree but it is painfully clear that the kitten is not getting himself down.

Apprentice, he corrects himself, shaking his head as he bounds closer. Fernpaw's an apprentice now. Clearsight has quickly discovered how adamant the kids are about that distinction.

"Fernpaw," he calls up to the bobble-headed boy, putting in enormous effort to not sound frantic or amused-- stay casual, stay completely casual-- "how are you doing up there? Need any help?"

The answer is clearly yes, he thinks, and valiantly continues to not laugh. The little ginger tom is clinging to the branch for dear life, nearly dangling off of it, big eyes bulging-- stars, Mudpelt would be out of his mind.



He couldn't remember why he had thought this was important. They weren't even watching anymore. Boisterous and bigger than him, a group of apprentices had dared him- if he was as tough as he said, which he was- to climb as high as he could. And he knew he could, so he had- but boy, it was harder than it looked! At least they'd thought it was funny, though it was kind of mean of them just to leave him here. He'd gotten to a branch, having heard that it was safer to perch upon them, but for the life of him he could not swing his tiny body at the right angle. Flailing like this was beginning to grow tiring, and through his struggling he almost lost balance when he heard a voice behind him, friendly with not much else behind it. Or, at least, not much else Fernpaw currently cared to attempt to decipher.

"N-no, 'm okay!!" he chimed, words as fumbling as his paws. Again, he tried to heave himself higher- but there was a fatigued ache in his shoulder and side, he figured hubris was not fuel. At least, not today. "Maybe a, uh, bit... actually..."
( penned by pin )